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Certified Translation Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Certified Translation Services

Certified Translation Services

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Certified Translation Services

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  1. Certification Translation Services Presentation, Feb 2015

  2. The Translation Market in London Small • 70% are one-person businesses • Largest ones have around 50 employees • No market entry barriers, anyone can register for a business license and offer translation services

  3. The Translation Market in London Professional Organizations • Membership in Chamber of Commerce obligatory if provider has a business. Business license required if service is provided on a commercial basis, i.e., freelancers are exempt if they perform the services themselves (no subcontracting) • Association of university graduates • Association of literary translators

  4. What is a Standard? Standard: • A standard is a document that has been defined in consensus and has been acknowledged by a recognized body. It defines rules, guidelines or criteria that apply generally to an activity or the outcome of an activity that can be repeated.

  5. What is Quality? • Quality is not an absolute value but varies by • context • purpose • Quality refers to product quality, service quality and process quality

  6. What is Certification? Certification: • Certification is a process or the outcome of a process which confirms that a company or person complies with the requirements of a standard.

  7. Benefits for the Translation Service Provider • The certification process is an opportunity to analyze, standardize and make your work processes more efficient • Introduce quality management: quality assurance and quality control procedures

  8. Overview of Relevant Standards in UK

  9. Basic qualifications • Translating competence: Translating competence includes the ability to professionally translate texts. It also comprises the ability to correctly assess problems of text comprehension and text production as well as the ability to render the target text in accordance with service specifications and to explain the reasons for choices made.

  10. Basic qualifications • Linguistic and textual competence in the source language(s) and the target language(s): Linguistic and textual competence includes the ability to understand and use the source language and target languages as appropriate to specific situations. Textual competence requires knowledge of text type conventions for as wide a range of standard-language and specialised texts as possible and includes the ability to apply this knowledge in the production of texts.

  11. Basic qualifications • Research competence, information acquisition and processing: Research competence includes the ability to efficiently acquire the additional linguistic and specialised knowledge necessary to understand the source text and to produce the target text. It also comprises the ability to acquire implied knowledge, to assess one’s own knowledge in a self-critical way, to eliminate any existing knowledge gaps and to integrate new information with existing knowledge.

  12. Basic qualifications • Research competence also requires experience in the use of research tools and the ability to develop suitable strategies for the efficient utilisation of the information sources available.

  13. Basic qualifications • Cultural competence: Cultural competence includes the ability to make use of information about the knowledge base, behavioural standards and value systems that characterise the source and target cultures.

  14. Basic qualifications • Technical competence: Technical competence comprises the abilities and skills required for professional preparation and production of translations. A minimum requirement shall be the ability to use word processing programs and terminology collections.

  15. About Certified Translation Services • The Certified Translation team prepares professional translation services of academic, legal, technical, businessand medical documents from and into a wide variety of languages. We follow our clients’ guidelines to create top quality translations in one language or multiple languages.

  16. Contact Us • Telephone: +44 (0)20 8249 6330 • Telephone (Out of office hours): +44 (0)7903 127423 • Fax: +44 (0)20 8711 3434 • Email: •