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Certified Translation Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Certified Translation Services

Certified Translation Services

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Certified Translation Services

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  1. We are the Trusted Partner We are recognized as a trusted partner for both individuals as well as companies. No other company can match our breadth, depth or length of expertise. Serving our Clients We are into developing quality language solutions which meet the needs of the organization which offers critical services which impact wealth, health, commerce and fundamental rights. We assist in offering solutions, in order to overcome language as well as a cultural barrier whenever companies or individuals face challenges. Field Personnel Written documents & forms E-learning/training IVR recordings Multimedia/video Multicultural marketing Web sites Ecommerce/global business Govt sector Software/apps Business meetings Secure and professional Language services We always ensure that our language translators are ready to assist whenever you require their assistance with regards to translation. We also ensure to offer ongoing quality assurance and ensure your communication is accurate, concise and secure. Why Translation is significant? Nearing to 10% of the world speaks English and the rest of the world speak other languages. Hence there exists a large opportunity to reach out to varied markets other than English speaking ones, with our help. Many companies are going digital and the trend is increasing. People are opting to buy online more than ever. Thus, it has become even more important than ever to translate the web content in other languages. Many developing markets,which includes Mexico, Brazil and China have little business communication in English. People in these nations, continue to communicate in their own language. Translation helps in cutting across language barriers and it also helps to interact with people belonging to these nations. We find literary texts, books as well as novels required to be translated into numerous languages so that they can be read by numerous people belonging to varied nations.

  2. Advantages of Translation Reach a wider Audience : Why you should stay local when your products as well as services can meet the needs of the larger audience. Translation helps your business open up to the markets which you thought did not exist before. Internet commerce : Operating a business online is not uncommon. Even if your website is targeted towards a particular set of people in a nation, you would often see people from varied corners of the world visiting your website. Translating the content from different website into different language will help the visitors from all over the world to understand your offering better and it will help increase your sales revenue. Technical Translation : Numerous companies have technical text as well as specific jargons which require to be translated. This is usually seen in product brochures and technical manuals. Translation does help convert technical documentation into numerous languages. Thus, it helps the users in diverse location understand the jargons better in their own language. Do you wish to avail our Interpretation Services? Do you wish to avail our Professional Interpreter services, who not only have in-depth knowledge, but also have interpersonal skills and experience to convey information accurately along with cultural sensitivity. Simply dial +44 (0) 800 2425 125 or alternatively you can email us at