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Week Seven

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Week Seven

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  1. Week Seven English III 10-3-2011 through 10-14-2011

  2. October 3, 2011Bell Assignment • Complete the context clue worksheet for Voc. Unit 6.

  3. Context Clues – with student responses • Sarah looked at Vanessa with contempt because Vanessa was wearing Sarah’s ex-boyfriend’s jacket. __hatred, jealous, envy, anger, nasty look, scowl, malevolence______________ • Many pastors must go to seminary to study religion. They take many theology courses. __study of religion, theory__________________________ • When Jimmy stole Janice’s lunch, he was remorseless about eating her delicious ham and cheese sandwich because last week she stole HIS lunch. This was payback and he did not regret his actions! ____no regret, guiltless, no hesitation, not sorry, doesn’t care, payback, vengeance_______________________ • As the group walked through the haunted house, Sally swore she saw an apparition floating through the hallway!_______ghost, spirit, light of an unknown substance__________________________ • He’s definitely a manipulative, smooth-talker who is full of guile. People will believe anything he says because he is such a cunning trickster. ____lies, junk, bull, story-telling_______________

  4. The little brother mimicked his older brother by wearing the same color clothes and using the same slang vocabulary. ___copied, imitated, made fun of________________________ • The criminal received reprievefrom his scheduled execution. The judge decided to postpone it while more evidence was investigated. ___a break, time out, extra time, postpone, amnesty____________________ • Many people believe the conspiracy that Area 51 is a secret bunker that holds evidence of extraterrestrial life. It’s just a theory, but people still believe it’s true! ____rumor, story, theory, mystery, thought __________________________ • After the holidays, my mother purges the house of all holiday decorations, including the lights, tinsel, wrapping paper, and wintergreen-scented candles. We don’t see them again until the next December! ___expels, gets rid off, stores, cleanses, sanitize, remove__________________________ • When the little girl was caught cheating on her test, she demonstrated penitence by apologizing again and again and promised to never cheat on any other tests. ___forgiveness, repentance, remorse, sorrow for being caught________________________

  5. Voc. Unit 6 Definitions • Contempt (n) – strong disrespect; hate • Theology (n) – the study of religion • Remorseless (adj) – with no sorrow or regrets • Apparition (n) – a ghost • Guile (n) – trickery; cunning words or actions

  6. 6. Mimic (v) – to imitate 7. Reprieve (n) – the postponement of an execution 8. Conspiracy (n) – a theory or plan accepted by a group of people 9. Purge (v) – to cleanse 10. Penitence (n) – sorrow for wrongdoing

  7. The Crucible • Pg. 830 • What do you remember from our reading last week? • Betty is “sick” • Tituba is Parris’s slave from Barbados • Danced around the fire and sang • Abigail Williams – witchcraft (dancing in the woods); 7 months ago she lost her job at the Proctor’s house; name is stained

  8. Character Chart • On a sheet of paper, create a bubble map of the character names we’ve learned. • Connect them with BRANCHES and on the branches, write how the characters are ASSOCIATED.

  9. Homework Tonight • Voc. Unit 6 boxes

  10. October 4, 2011Bell Assignment • Have your VOCABULARY BOXES out on your desk for a grade. • Pick up a literature book and turn to pg. 835

  11. Voc. Unit 6 Definitions – with student associations • Contempt (n) – strong disrespect; hate • Bullies, terrorists, family disputes, sibling rivalry, lying • Theology (n) – the study of religion • Priests, bible school, pope, church, Protestant (denominations), universities/seminary • Remorseless (adj) – with no sorrow or regrets • Serial killers, sociopaths, abusers, war • Apparition (n) – a ghost • Halloween, haunted, Bloody Mary, Ghostbusters, Ghost hunters, Paranormal Activity, exorcism, Scooby Doo, schizophrenics • Guile (n) – trickery; cunning words or actions • Stonefish, Puffer fish, Jelly fish, Comedians, Jeff Dunham, Slick guys, Slick ladies

  12. …with student associations 6. Mimic (v) – to imitate • monkeys, siblings, little kids, mimes, parrots, tourists, chameleons, stonefish 7. Reprieve (n) – the postponement of an execution • The Green Mile, Tookie Williams, Law Abiding Citizen, Amnesty, Inception 8. Conspiracy (n) – a theory or plan accepted by a group of people • Area 51, Illuminati, Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, 2012, Creation Theories, Big Bang, Government conspiracy, Aliens 9. Purge (v) – to cleanse • throw up, bleach, crawfish, shrimp, oysters, fish, spring cleaning, Christmas decorations, Ginger 10. Penitence (n) – sorrow for wrongdoing • Apologies, siblings, crying

  13. Reverend Parris • Betty • Abigail • Ann Putnam, Mr. Putnam • Ruth • Mercy • Mary Warren • John Proctor, Goody Proctor

  14. Abigail and John Proctor – had an affair (seven months) • Tituba, Ruth, Abigail, Betty, Mercy, Mary Warren – they were “dancing” in the woods; Mercy was the naked one running; Abigail drank blood as a curse toward Goody Proctor; conjured Ruth’s dead sisters (7) • Crowd outside – witchcraft (mob)

  15. October 5, 2011 • Pick up a literature book and turn to pg. 842.

  16. Study Questions Worksheet • Worth 25 points • Answer LEGIBLY and FULLY to receive credit

  17. Act One • Mr. Hale – “witch” doctor; he is in Salem to rid them of their “witches” • A kettle – a frog • Abigail blames Tituba • Tituba says she saw the devil with 4 women • Bridget Bishop, Sarah Good, Sarah Osborn,

  18. October 6, 2011 • Get a literature book. Open to pg. 850. • FIVE minutes to finish worksheet from yesterday! • REMINDER: Voc. 6 Quiz tomorrow!

  19. October 7, 2011Bell Assignment • STUDY Voc. 6 words/definitions for 3 minutes to prepare for your QUIZ.

  20. The Crucible – Act II