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CO2 Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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CO2 Workshop

CO2 Workshop

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CO2 Workshop

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  1. CO2 Workshop Preparing the service sector for the introduction of alternative refrigerants

  2. Identification Diagnosis Leak detection Recovery/Recycling Repair Recharge Considerations, procedures, tools in A/C service environment

  3. Refrigerantidentificationcritical beforeservice begins Mobile air conditioning systems may contain CFC-12, HFC-134a, any of a number of blends, hydrocarbons, or a mixture of any of the above. ?

  4. System diagnosis System pressures are normally a starting point for diagnosis of mobile A/C system problems.

  5. Electronic leak detection Detection and repair of air conditioning system leaks can prevent further system damage.

  6. Recovery/Recycling Complete refrigerant recovery is important in critical charge systems.

  7. Systemrepair

  8. But it’s just a simple Chevy… (Tech Talk on iATN) A new body control module repaired the A/C problem. Alldata never mentions this in diagnostic charts nor does GM. If you look at wiring diagram for compressor you will see it there. Signal is supplied from HVAC module to BCM on dark green/white wire in small gray connector, then back out on light green A5 wire in pink connector through DLC and on to PCM. DVOM showed power in to bcm but none coming out. Replaced bcm. Reprogram and relearn, had to recalibrate radio, can only be done with Tech2. Customer called back tonight and said air bag light stays on, probably more relearn to do. A/C still working fine though, very expensive fix when customer thought all he needed was a refrigerant charge. Used all GM parts, have learned that the hard/stubborn way. Problems with the refrigerant circuit and components is usually simple. The challenge today is electronics.

  9. Recharge Accurate A/C system charge ensures proper system operation and performance.

  10. Shopequipment,tools Lifts, jacks, power tools

  11. Shopchemicals Solvents, cleaners, paint, propane

  12. Shopventilation Changes with the seasons

  13. Shopprocedures Brazing, cutting, soldering, welding

  14. Underhood hazards Exposed belts, pulleys and fans present danger of physical trauma. Burns and electrical shock are also concerns.

  15. Underhood hazards Fans start without warning by thermostats and other controls (or even remote signal).

  16. Good advice

  17. Next? Service sector up to the challenge