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CO2 Cars

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CO2 Cars

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  1. CO2 Cars A Short Term WebQuestProject Created By: Mrs. Caitlin Bowen Introduction to Technology Grade 8 Genesee Valley MiddleSchool Created for Professor Yang’s EDU 505 Spring 2012

  2. Quick Link Page • Introduction • Task • Process • Process Continued • Resources • Evaluation • Conclusion • Teacher Page

  3. Introduction • Using the technical problem solving system, you will be given the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills and begin to thing about solutions to problems that are beyond the obvious. After this unit you will be able to start “thinking outside of the box”. Back to Quick Links Page

  4. Task • Each student will be designing, building, and testing a CO2 car. The goal is to have the fastest and best looking car. To test the cars we will be taking the best time of three races. To choose the best looking car we will be having a voting day where students and teachers will coming in to vote. Back to Quick Links Page

  5. Process • Each student will be carrying out the following problem solving steps in the order that they are listed to complete the project. • Identify the “real” problem. • You will be building the best looking and fastest CO2 car. • Set goals and know your limitations/requirements. • Use the links on the resource page to gather your information. • Develop alternatives solutions (“Brainstorm”). • Sketch at least three different designs in both a top and right side view for each. Back to Quick Links Page

  6. Process Continued • Select the “Best Solution”. • Choose the best solution from your alternate solutions. • Implement your solution (“Put your plan in to action”). • Build your CO2 car. • Test the solution to find out if it works. • Race and participate in voting competition. • Evaluate the solution. Does it meet the goals? If not, go back and make changes, then retest. • Assess yourself using the grading rubric on the evaluation page and submit to Mrs. Bowen. Back to Quick Links Page

  7. Resources • Look at the following links to gather the necessary information for your project: • Basic Dimensions • Use this link to find the definitions of the below terms: • Aerodynamics • Force • Friction • Turbulence • Drag • Thrust • Mass • Momentum Back to Quick Links Page

  8. Evaluation Back to Quick Links Page

  9. Conclusion • Answer the following questions through an open discussion: • How successful was your CO2? • What do you consider to be success in this project? • What went well with the process of this project? • What didn’t go so well? • If you did this project again, what would you do differently? Back to Quick Links Page

  10. Teacher Page • Standards • Math, Science, and Technology Standards • ITEA Standards for Technological Literacy • Teacher Notes • What is CO2? • How to set up a race track • Student Work • Google Image Search of CO2 Cars Back to Quick Links Page