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Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome. 753 BC. “Rome is the conqueror of the root conqueror”. Geography. Located on Italian Peninsula Midway between Alps and tip of Italy. Governments of Rome. MR. ED Monarchy Republic Empire Decline. So what is Rome known for?. - Government/ law - Architecture

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Ancient Rome

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  1. Ancient Rome 753 BC “Rome is the conqueror of the root conqueror”

  2. Geography • Located on Italian Peninsula • Midway between Alps and tip of Italy

  3. Governments of Rome • MR. ED • Monarchy • Republic • Empire • Decline

  4. So what is Rome known for? • - Government/ law • - Architecture • - Christianity

  5. Government: • Rome was republic • -Power rests in citizens • o Only males could vote DENIED

  6. What is the difference between a republic and a Direct Democracy?

  7. Organization of Government: • Consuls (2) – controlled army • Senate – created law and policies • Dictator- only in case of emergency, one ruler with absolute power

  8. Social Classes: 1)Patricians • a. Wealthy landowners • b. Most power 2)Plebeians • a. Common farmer, artist, merchant • b.Majority of population • c. Could not hold high government offices • i.Created Tribunes or assembly to protect rights

  9. Law: • Written Law: 12 Tables

  10. Law (12 Tables)- • system of Law, equality under law, rights of the accused ( Codified Laws) • (12 Tables)

  11. Military: • All males that own land must serve military

  12. Spreading Rome: • Eventually took over whole Italian peninsula • Mediterranean Sea allowed for commercial network to grow increase influence and power create new enemies • Carthage: African Empire

  13. Punic Wars: 264 BC • War started over Carthage attempting to control all of Sicily • Rome fights Empire of Carthage in North Africa • - Hannibal of Carthage • - Roman Triumph • o Complete control of West Mediterranean

  14. End of the Republic Republic had spread all across Mediterranean region • Battle between rich and poor created problems • High taxes had lead to numerous rebellions throughout the republic • They had to be stopped or republic would fall

  15. Triumvirate - 3 major leaders of Council will select a dictator • Julius Caesar, • Marcus Licinius Crassus, • Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (Pompey)

  16. Famous Leader • Julius Caesar- military genius and future dictator of Rome • became a dictator with ABSOLUTE POWER

  17. As said in the DARK KNIGHT • Bruce: Exactly. Who elected the Batman? • Harvey: We did. All of us who let scum like Maroni take over our city. • Natasha: But, this is a democracy. • Harvey: When their enemies were at the gates, the Romans would suspend democracy and appoint one man to protect the city. And it wasn’t considered an honor, it was considered a public service. • Rachel: Harvey, the last person the Romans elected to protect the city was named Caesar, and he never gave up his power.

  18. Caesar’s power threatened power of Senate had him assassinated in 44 BC. • Civil war followed

  19. “Die the hero, or live long enough to become the villain”

  20. Who will come out on top?

  21. 2nd Triumvirate :Octavian vsMarc Anthony vs Marcus Aemilius Lepidus

  22. Beginning of the Roman Empire • Augustus Caesar (Octavian)- 1st emperor • Pax Romana – “Roman Peace” – 207 years of peace from 27 BC. To 180 ad • o Why did this happen? • Stable government

  23. Economy: • Most were tradesman or farmers • 90% were farmers

  24. Slavery: • Remember the movie Gladiator? • Most were conquered people • Made up one third of empire

  25. Eventually Empire becomes too big to manage Emperor Diocletian splits empire in to 2 parts: East and West

  26. The Growth of Christianity • Founder: Jesus of Nazareth • Sect of Judaism • Preached salvation for all (not just Hebrews) • Holy Bible = (Torah (old testament) + Teaching of Jesus (new testament) • Follow the 10 commandments

  27. Religion: Before Christianity hit Rome they were polytheistic Gods such as Jupiter, Lares

  28. Christianity • For years Jew, Pagans, and Christians fought over religion in Rome • -

  29. Edict of Milan – 313 ad As Christianity grew, the traditional Pagan Romans and Christians clashed In order to save his empire, Constantine proclaimed religious tolerance

  30. Emperor Constantine declared it an acceptable religion of Roman Empire • o Would eventually become official religion of Rome • -Constantine moves capital to Constantinople (Modern day Turkey)

  31. Arguments begin between east and West • At one time there was 3 popes!

  32. Decline of the Empire • Over time, soldier became less loyal to Rome and more to commanders • Empire was too big to control and monitor • Government had become corrupt - Food Shortages/ bad harvests • Gap between rich and poor • Western half of Empire falls to Germanic invasions in 476 AD • Eastern half will eventually become Byzantine Empire

  33. Legacy: • Arts- Realistic sculptures

  34. Language – Latin

  35. Architecture- • Roads “ All ROADS lead to ROME!”

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