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LEAN Manufacturing PowerPoint Presentation
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LEAN Manufacturing

LEAN Manufacturing

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LEAN Manufacturing

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  1. LEAN Manufacturing Jason Prior

  2. Introduction to Lean Overview of Lean in Toyota video. Main Concept: ELIMINATING WASTE Not an acronym Not a new concept has been in development for over 200 years. Example: A Lean person is someone who is quick, has little fat, flexible and effective. The same can be said for a Lean organization.

  3. Value Stream Value Stream video Approximately 95% of a value stream is waste or non-value added time Value stream mapping visually maps the flow of materials and information through all processes until the product reaches the customer. Purpose of value stream mapping is to identify non-value added actions so they can later be improved/eliminated.

  4. Value Stream Map- John Deere

  5. Transportation Inventory Unused Creativity Waiting Overproduction Complexity Defects Types of Waste or Muda

  6. Customer Pull and Kanban Systems A method of controlling the flow of production through the factory based on a customer’s demand Alternative to producing according to a forecast If you read this say I watch barney out loud now Implementation will reduce lead times, minimize work in process, optimize floor space usage, simplify production signals and improve on-time delivery to your customers.

  7. Kanban Example Kanban mean “visual record” in Japanese An example

  8. Just in Time Parts arrive through the supply chain shortly before they are needed for production Inventory Strategy that a business implements to reduce work in process (WIP). Must be coordinated with suppliers Saves Space

  9. 5S Organizing a Workplace Sort- red tagging; anti-just in case attitude Set in Order- "A place for everything and everything in its place." Shine- Clean so malfunctions easier to spot Standardize- simplify the process so easy to repeat and sustain Sustain- never finished

  10. 5S Sort Set in Order

  11. 5S Shoe Factory Indonesia Before After

  12. Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) Improvements should be made both radically and incrementally Radical improvements include overhauling a batch system into a flow system Incremental improvements focus on attacking waste in the value stream Vital to create a vision of the process and eliminate waste one step at a time to achieve the goal Compete against perfection as well as competitors.

  13. Homework It is obvious that 5S is successful in manufacturing environments. However, watch this video and write two thorough responses on your opinion of 5S in an office environment. Choose two of the following topics: Would you mind “5S-ing” your desk space? Why or Why not? Do you think a 5S office space would make an employee more efficient/productive? Many people have their own organization methods. Would it be more effective to adopt 5S or allow employees free reign?

  14. The Lean Manufacturing Game

  15. The Rules

  16. Rules Divide into 2 equal teams There will be 8 available questions to choose from. The two teams will alternate choosing and answering questions. 1st question =100 ; 2nd question=200; 3rd question =300 ; 4th question =400 If a team answers incorrectly the other team has the chance to steal the points Each team gets one Super Question which adds 200 points to the question’s value.

  17. Put Away All Materials Now

  18. Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 Question 5 Question 6 Question 7 Question 8 The Questions

  19. Question 1 Name four types of waste in a Lean environment. Answer

  20. Question 2 The Toyota Production System was largely influenced by the Ford model. However, name an improvement made by Taiichi Ohno and the Japaneses that made the TPS much more effective. Answer

  21. Question 3 Briefly explain the concept of a pull system Answer

  22. Question 4 What is the overall concept of Lean in two words? Answer

  23. Question 5 Name the person accredited for perfecting interchangeable parts. Answer

  24. Question 6 What is the purpose of mapping a value stream? Answer

  25. Question 7 What is the definition of value added? Answer

  26. Question 8 Name all 5 S’s in order Answer

  27. Answer Question 1 Transportation Inventory Unused Creativity Waiting Overproduction Complexity Defects Main Questions

  28. Answer Question 2 JIT Working conditions Team development Cellular manufacturing Flexibility Kanban systems Quality circles Main Questions

  29. Answer Question 3 A method of controlling the flow of production through the factory based on a customer’s demand Main Questions

  30. Answer Question 4 Eliminate Waste Main Questions

  31. Answer Question 5 Eli Whitney Main Questions

  32. Answer Question 6 To identify non-value added actions so they can later be improved/eliminated. Main Questions

  33. Answer Question 7 Something the customer is willing to pay for. Main Questions

  34. Answer Question 8 Sort Set in Order Shine Standardize Sustain Main Questions