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eFolio Minnesota SignUp Process: Create Your Educator Profile

Follow the steps on efoliominnesota.com to sign up, create your educator profile, and start building your electronic portfolio. Remember to keep track of your login information and access online assistance for a successful portfolio.

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eFolio Minnesota SignUp Process: Create Your Educator Profile

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  1. Go to http://efoliominnesota.com Click the “SignUp” option.

  2. Read the paragraphs on this screen. Click the “SignMeUp” button.

  3. Read the paragraphs on this screen. Click the “Traditional” link.

  4. Make note of the steps listed on the screen. Click the “Next” button.

  5. Read the Terms of Use Agreement. Add your  to the checkbox. Click the “Next” button.

  6. Select the “Educator” profile. Add “profdev” to the design code field. Click the “Next” button.

  7. Complete the fields on this form. Use your real information as it is used to create your identity and your site URL. Use the form on the next page to track your decisions for future reference…especially if you do not have access to your email account via the Web. Then, Click the “Next” button ONLYONCE …be patient as your account is created. Your account will be created unless a conflict with a duplicate first and last name from another account is discovered. In that case, try using a middle initial or a 1 or 2 in your First or Last Name fields (no spaces).

  8. Keep track of your settings: • My username is ____________________ • My password is ____________________ • To begin building your new site, go to: • http://firstlast.efoliomn.com/admin/ • Once you have logged in, you can start building your site. Keep the confirmation e-mail you receive for future reference. • To view your live site, go to: http://firstlast.efoliomn.com • Important Information: • Remember that only eligible users, as defined in the terms of use, can legally use this technology. • Ineligible sites will be deleted. • Please remember not to share your passwords. Do not reply to this e-mail or forward it to anyone else. • The login screen will be a place to watch for future announcements. • The preferred browser to administer your eFolioWorld / Minnesota site is Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. You may also use Firefox (version 2 or 3). Replace “firstlast” with your first and last name --- as you provided during sign-up. (example: johnsmith.efoliomn.com/admin or johnsmith.efoliomn.com ) efoliomn.com, efoliomn1.com, and efoliomn2.com are older domains. They have been simplified to efoliomn.com domain but be sure to check your personal email confirmation message to know for sure!

  9. When this message appears, you have successfully created your site. The tutorials will help you get started at building it out. You did it! Additional help is available at http://efolio.custhelp.com --- including a toll-free number! Refer to the 5 steps on the next page to start planning your eFolio content.

  10. …before you begin! Follow the Five Steps listed below for a successful electronic portfolio. As you work on adding your site content using the electronic portfolio tool, you can easily access online assistance and Quick Tips. • Reflect: Reflect on what you’ve accomplished in school and in your career, and how it fits with your goals. • Collect: Collect the information for your electronic portfolio. To learn more about what to include, read below. • Select: Select those documents that are most pertinent to your goals and keep them handy as you work on your electronic portfolio. • Build: Build your site using the electronic portfolio tool. For ideas on what you can do with your electronic portfolio, see the Gallery. • Publish: Publish your portfolio. You can let others read all, or parts of, your site. Targeting viewers through the security settings is helpful for instructional access and, later, if you have multiple skills and are open to a number of different employment options.

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