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Money Matters PowerPoint Presentation
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Money Matters

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Money Matters

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Money Matters

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  1. Money Matters A Power Point Presentation by Barbara Lindquist

  2. Money, Money, Money Many people spend a great deal of time thinking and worrying about whether they have enough and how to get more... Oh, Honey, I just don’t know how we are going to pay the bills this month.

  3. There are lots of different feelings about money. Money isn’t dirty or wonderful or magic. It’s really just a an easy way for us to trade one thing for another. The fact is without money, we would all be in a terrible mess...

  4. Before there was money, people would Barter That means they would trade for what they wanted ….

  5. I’ll trade you this weaner pig and two chickens for that cow…. Throw in two rounds of goat cheese and it’s a deal.

  6. As people began to move and explore new places, it became more difficult to barter. It’s hard, and messy, to carry a chicken in your pocket... So …people began to experiment with other ways…..

  7. Money Facts • The first coins were thought to be made in 600 B.C in an area which is in modern Turkey. • The Chinese were the first to use paper money in 600 A.D. • The first paper money in North America consisted of playing cards (1685).

  8. I've Been Rich, I've Been Poor, Rich is Better This is the title of a book by Judy Resnick and Gene Stone. Most people would probably agree with the authors. There are lots of books and magazine, videos, web sites and audio tapes that talk about money…. …how to make it, how to spend it and how to save it.

  9. Successful Money Managers • Plan a budget for their money. • Make a priority list of things they need and things they want. • Think before they buy. • Know the vocabulary of money. • Don’t spend more than they earn.

  10. Credit Debit Loan APR Account Believe it or not--money has a pretty specialized vocabulary and smart money managers learn to “talk” money as well as spend it…. ATM Withdrawal Deposit Interest

  11. In the next few weeks we will be exploring money and while you probably won’t become rich, at least not overnight-- --you will learn ways that you can be a more successful money manager because…..

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