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A Tour of Physical Therapy

A Tour of Physical Therapy. Jenny Morcelo Aspiring Physical Therapy Students. A PHYSICAL THERAPIST CAN SPECIALIZE IN:. Sports/Orthopedic Physical Therapy Pediatrics Geriatrics. Neurological Cardio/Pulmonary Women’s Health. Sports/Orthopedics. What is it?.

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A Tour of Physical Therapy

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  1. A Tour of Physical Therapy Jenny Morcelo Aspiring Physical Therapy Students

  2. A PHYSICAL THERAPIST CAN SPECIALIZE IN: • Sports/Orthopedic Physical Therapy • Pediatrics • Geriatrics • Neurological • Cardio/Pulmonary • Women’s Health

  3. Sports/Orthopedics What is it? Concerned with musculoskeletal injuries arising from sporting activities.

  4. For Who? • Assist athletically-active individuals in preventing injuries. • If injured assist in evaluating, treating, and Rehabilitation.

  5. Where? • Outpatient Clinics • Schools • Directly with Sports teams

  6. Pediatrics • Work with children and their families to: • Assist child in reaching max potential of independence • Promote active participation at home, school, and community What is it?

  7. For Who? • Children with: • Cerebral Palsy • Spinal Bifida • Developmental Delay • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) • Down Syndrome • Muscular Dystrophy Among Other Disorders in Children

  8. Where? • Hospitals • Clinics • Schools • Patient’s Homes • Nature Environments/ Rec Centers

  9. Geriatrics • Focuses on older adults from every level of physical ability. • Will help older adults: • Improve balance • Improve Strength • Build Confidence • Remain Active What is it?

  10. Older Adults With: • Osteoporosis • Arthritis • Alzheimer’s • Cancer • Joint Replacement • Hip Replacement With Who?

  11. Where? • Rehabilitation Hospitals • Acute Care Hospitals • Outpatient Clinics • Home Services • Nursing Homes

  12. Neurological What is it? Focuses on working with people who have a neurological (Brain & Spinal Cord) disorder or disease.

  13. With Who? • People Who Suffer With: • ALS • Alzheimer’s • Cerebral Palsy • Multiple Sclerosis • Stroke • Neuropathy • Traumatic Brain Injury • Parkinson’s Disease

  14. Where? • Rehabilitation Hospitals • Outpatient Clinics • Home Services

  15. Cardio/Pulmonary What is it? Help Patients regain function in their cardiac and respiratory systems following debilitating injury or illness.

  16. With Who? • Patients With: • Post myocardial infarction • Post coronary bypass surgery • Coronary Stent Placement • Hearth Valve Replacement • Pulmonary Fibrosis

  17. Where? • Acute Care Hospitals • Rehabilitation Hospitals • Outpatient Clinics • Nursing Homes

  18. Women’s Health What is it? • Trained to evaluate and treat female patients, promoting and enhancing health through the life span. • Bettering a women’s quality of life and fitness

  19. With Who? • Women With: • Lymphedema • Osteoporosis • Pelvic Pain • Prenatal & Postpartum Periods • Urinary Incontinence

  20. Where? • Outpatient Clinics • Acute care Hospitals • Rehabilitation Hospitals

  21. Get Information/Tips from actual Physical Therapists! Thank You! References

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