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Cold War Quiz Review Game PowerPoint Presentation
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Cold War Quiz Review Game

Cold War Quiz Review Game

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Cold War Quiz Review Game

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  1. Cold War Quiz Review Game

  2. The Cold War was an era of distrust & hostility between the _____ & ____ from 1945-1991 • USA & USSR

  3. The USA promoted ________ while the USSRtriedtospread ________. • Democracy /Capitalism

  4. United Nations Headquarters is in what city? • New York City

  5. The development of the atomic bomb gave the USA a _________ on nuclear weapons. • Monopoly

  6. Eastern European nations turned to Communism & became Soviet _______ nations influenced by the USSR. • Satellite nations /Eastern bloc

  7. In a speech about the dangers of the spread of communism Churchill dubbed the divide between western democracies and eastern communist states as…? • The Iron Curtain

  8. In 1947, Truman began a policy to stop the spread of Communism by the USSR. What was this policy called? • Containment

  9. The U.S. created the _______ _____: offered $13 billion to help rebuild post-war Europe. Thus, communism never took root in Europe. • Marshall Plan

  10. In 1949, the USA formed the _____ ______ ______ ___________,a military alliance among democratic countries • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

  11. In 1948, the USSR responded to Containment by cutting off all traffic to Berlin in East Germany . In response, the USA began the _____ _______to bring food, fuel, & supplies to keep West Berlin from turning to Communism. • Berlin Airlift

  12. In 1952, the U.S. tested the 1st _________ bomb (1,000 times more powerful than the a-bomb). • Hydrogen bomb (Soviets responded with their own test in 1953)

  13. In 1949, _____ ______ gained control & turned China to communism. • Mao Zedong

  14. T or F: Americans blamed President Truman for “losing China”. • True

  15. In 1950, which country crossed the 38° (parallel) & attacked South Korea? • North Korea

  16. What General was fired for advocating using nuclear weapons against China and going to the media about it? • Douglas MacArthur.

  17. The U.S.-Soviet atomic arms race led to fears of a nuclear attack .The discovery of Soviet spies in the U.S. led to a new ___ ______. • Red Scare

  18. What was created to investigate & dismiss “disloyal” gov’t employees. • Loyalty Review Board

  19. What married couple was convicted & executed for passing atomicbombsecretstotheUSSR? Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

  20. What anti-communistic Wisconsin senator emerged as the “leader” of the fight against communism in the U.S. govt, attacked Truman for being weak on communism, and used public trials to make unsupported accusations against suspected communists in the State Dept & the U.S. military? • Joseph McCarthy

  21. What was Dwight D. Eisenhower’s policy of using veiled threats of nuclear war in order to deter nuclear war itself? • Brinksmanship

  22. According to Eisenhower, In case of a Soviet attack, the U.S. would use _____ _________,thus making the use of nuclear weapons unlikely on either side. • “massive retaliation”

  23. What does “M.A.D.” stand for in the context of the cold war? • Mutually Assured Destruction

  24. What is the doctrine that says we will assist any European country to resist the spread communism? • Truman Doctrine

  25. In response to the threat of a Soviet nuclear attack, Eisenhower pushed Congress to create what in 1956 which created 41,000 miles of divided highway to connect major U.S. cities? • Interstate Highway System

  26. The CIA was successful in leading coups in which countries? • Iran and Guatemala

  27. In 1957, the president issued the Eisenhower Doctrine, which pledged what ? • the USA to protect the Middle East from Communism

  28. After Stalin’s death in 1953, new Soviet leader _______ _______ began to challenge U.S. influence. • Nikita Khrushchev

  29. In 1957, the USSR launched the 1st space satellite called…..? • Sputnik I

  30. What agency was formed in 1958 because people had feared we lost our competitive edge over the communists to catch up to the Soviets? • NASA

  31. What happened in 1960 that embarrassed the Eisenhower administration and weakened America’s position in the cold war? • In 1960, an American U-2 plane was shot down over the USSR proving we were spying on Russia

  32. What was Kennedy’s approach to wining the cold war? • Flexible response and first strike capability

  33. What event in Cuba was a huge fiasco, embarrassment to the Kennedy administration and further emboldened the U.S.S.R.? • Bay of Pigs

  34. President Kennedy’s vision for America was called the…? • “New Frontier”

  35. In JFK’s first year in office, Soviet leader Khrushchev threatened to cut off access to West Berlin. Rather than blockade the city, Communist leaders built the ____ _______in 1961 to keep EastGermansoutofWest Berlin. • Berlin Wall

  36. What crisis occurred involving the U.S., U.S.S.R., and Cuba that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war? • Cuban Missile Crisis