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2012 Course Planning

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2012 Course Planning

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2012 Course Planning

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  1. 2012 Course Planning Grades 9 moving to Grade 10

  2. Purpose of the visit . . . • Outline BC Ministry of Education Graduation Requirements – what you need between now and gr. 12 • Learn which courses are required and which are choices • Review ONLINE COURSE SELECTION • Answer any general questions

  3. Important Dates • Feb. 6 – 9 classroom visits • Tues. Feb. 21 Parent Information Evening • Wed. Feb. 22 SYSTEM OPENS • Wed. Feb 29 SYSTEM CLOSES • April 5-11 Course Selection Verification

  4. Graduation Requirement vs. Required Course for Post Sec. Admission • There are a number of classes that the Ministry of Education REQUIRES you to take in order to graduate – these are known as the Graduation Requirements – ie. Math 11 (but Math 12 is NOT required, it’s an ‘elective’ choice) • There are certain courses that a university may REQUIRE you to have taken (that may NOT have been required for high school graduation) in order to be admitted to your program of interest: these are known as Admission Requirements – i.e. Math 12 if you want to enter Science programs

  5. What are the B.C. Required Courses for Graduation (each course is worth 4 credits) • Social Studies • Social Studies 10 • Social Studies or Civics 11 (+Provincial Exam) (FNS 12) • Science • Science 10 (+ Provincial Exam) • Any Science 11 • Math • Pre Calc. & Foundations 10 or Apprenticeship and Workplace 10 (+Provincial Exam) • Pre Cal. 11, Foundations 11 or Apprenticeship and Workplace 11 • Language Arts: • English 10, or Transitions English 10 (+Provincial Exam) • English 11, or Communications 11 • English 12, or Communications 12 (+Provincial )

  6. Required Courses Cont. • Min. ONE Fine Arts or Applied Skills (10, 11, 12) • Planning 10 • Grad Transitions 12 • PE 10 = 52 credits • ELECTIVES (academic or other): another 28 credits (7 classes) at the gr. 11 and 12 level where min. FOUR must be at the gr. 12 level = 80 credits

  7. 1. English 10 (or Transition English/ESL – by recommendation) 2. Social Studies 10 (or Challenge – self select) 3. Math 10 (Pre-Calc., Challenge, or Apprenticeship/Workplace) 4. Science 10 5. Planning 10 6. PE 10 (or PE 10 Leadership - by application only) 7 . & 8 2 electives of student’s choice SpecificCourses Required for Grade 10 (6)

  8. A Note about Provincial Exams • Required for Graduation • Written only in JUNE at Seaquam (Jan./June at semester schools) • Students MUST write all 3 gr. 10 exams • Science • Math • English In addition to the 3 students write in gr. 10, there are 2 more – SS 11 and English 12 ALL OTHER PROVINCIAL EXAMS HAVE BEEN DISCONTINUED.

  9. What are the Provincials ‘worth’? • The Provincial Exam Marks for Sc. 10, Math 10 and English 10 are worth 20% of the FINAL grade • TheGrade 10 Provincial Exam marks are now used to determine SCHOLARSHIP marks (students who earn high marks are eligible for money towards Post Secondary ) • The Provincial Exam Mark for SS 11 is 20% of your final mark • The Provincial Exam Mark for Eng. 12 is 40% of your final mark

  10. Planning 10 Options Planning 10 is a REQUIRED course that involves topics such as career exploration, education planning, personal health, etc. • IN-SCHOOL ONLINE (Blended) where students’ attend scheduled class but work at their own pace online • ONLINE - done on your own, in addition to the other 8 classes ; not in the timetable (gives the student room for one extra elective choice); on the course selection this would be a 9th choice • Spring of grade 9 option – register THIS March (see Mrs.Costin) 35 spots; April-Aug. ONLINE ONLY

  11. The Math Question – which one? • If a student is a C or higher, and plans to attend an academic post secondary program, they may want to consider Pre-Calculus 10 as the best option • If a student has ALWAYS been a C,C- student in math, and does not plan to attend an academic post secondary program, consider Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 10 • If the student used to be ok at math but slacked off this year and got a less than 55%, but plans to consider an academic post secondary program, consider a tutor and take Pre-Calculus 10

  12. Elective Choices Gr. 10 Languages: French 10, 10 Ch., French 11 Jap. 10 (if you did 9) , Intro. Japanese 11 Intro. Spanish 11 (IF the stduent took Fr. 9; otherwise must wait until Grade 11 ) Is A 2nd Language REQUIRED? NO. . .not for graduation BUT it is often an admission requirement for post secondary – UBC, SFU, UVIC etc. -check specific institution websites for details

  13. Second Language? Is it really needed ? Do your research • there is no single answer to this question – it depends where the student may want to attend post secondary. . .and this is subject to change • If the student wishes to apply to UBC? - Fr. or other language 11 (currently) • If the student wishes to apply to SFU? – Intro. Fr. or other language 11 will do it (currently) • IF the student wishes to apply to UVIC? – only in Arts will you need the Fr. or other lang. 11 (currently) • Kwantlen? No. UNBC? No. VCC? No Langara? No. Douglas? No.

  14. What if the student opts out of a second language now? Will it be too late if they realize they need it later? • Students can pick up Intro. Spanish or Intro. Japanese 11 or Intro. Spanish 11 and Japanese 11 or Spanish 11 in their grade 11 and 12 years at Seaquam • Students can pick up an online Intro. language course in the summer of grade 10 or 11, and complete the 2nd required 11 level online in grade 11 and/or 12 • Students can start at college without a language in a university transfer program and transfer to university after 2 years without the 2nd language • If the student already has a 2nd language they may be able to earn credit by taking the Language Challenge Exam

  15. Language Challenge Exams • An option for students who can speak and read/write fluently in another language (Mandarin, Korean, German, Spanish, Japanese, Punjabi) • Students can take the gr. 11 exam in gr. 10 and the 12 in gr. 11 • Application is in November; a meeting is called in October at Seaquam to provide info. • Exams are written in late Jan, early Feb NOTE: Second Language 11 or 12 credit (4) is given, however some universities may NOT accept these marks as one of the 4 top grades they consider for their admission average (GPA)

  16. Non-Academic Elective Choices: Fine Arts • Theatre • Film & Tel. /Video • Media Arts 10 (Animation) • Drama 10 • Theatre Production 11 (stagecraft) • Art • Visual Art 10 • Studio Arts 11 (fabric and fiber) • Graphic Arts 10 • Photo 10 • Music • Band, Jazz Band, Choir • Guitar 10 • Dance 10 (new!!)

  17. If you are a jazz band student - • please note that when jazz band stduents fill out the online registration they will actually have one EXTRA selection ...they will have: • 6 required courses • 2 electives • 3 alternates • The Jazz band . . .so you’ll end up with 11 instead of the usual 11

  18. Non-Academic Elective Choices: Applied Skills • Information Communications Technology 10 (ICT – computers) • Technology Courses • Wood 10 • Mechanics 10 • Metal 10 • Tec. Ed. 10 –Basic Engineering • Tec Ed. 10 – Drafting & Design • Home Economics • Textiles 10 (sewing) • Foods 10 • Caf. (Cook Training) 10

  19. Student Support Classes (elective) • ESL (beginner, intermediate, Composition, Literature) • Learning Assistance (SP410, SP411) • Grad Quest 10 (GQ400) NOTE: THESE COURSES ARE NOT TO BE SELECTED WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE CURRENT LAC/ESL TEACHER. They are NOT to be selected unless the student already has these classes

  20. What if the student fails something? • Elective? Do not need to repeat it • PE? MUST repeat it next year – register for gr. 9 again – no summer school ; it is a required course • French? – need to repeat it if the student is going on in French – not offered in Summer School in Delta (is offered in Surrey)

  21. Failures in: • Math • English • Social Studies • Science REGISTER FOR SUMMER SCHOOL: 4 weeks (July); Registration is in late May, ONLINE, through the school district website. Held at NDSS or DSS. What should the student put on their Course Selection for Next Year? The assumption will be that the student either WILL pass or WILL do SUMMER SCHOOL so register for the grade 10 level on the course selection

  22. District Academies- Info. And Registration is Through the School Board Office • Softball (Seaquam) – Girls • Baseball(Sands) - Boys • Hockey (S. Delta, Burnsview) • Soccer (S. Delta) • Dance (DSS) • Film Production /Acting (Delta Manor) • Lacrosse (new) (DSS) • Sustainable Earth (new) (S. Delta)

  23. IB – how can the student apply? (seaquamib.ca) • IB application happens in early Feb. of your grade 10 year (so FEB. 2013) and starts in grade 11 • Students interested in IB will be asked to attend and information meeting in Jan. 2013 with their parents; there is a formal application process • IB is NOT for the faint of heart! It is a rigorous program and students are expected to demonstrate through their gr. 10 year not only academic potential, but also the ability to manage a heavy workload while maintaining a balanced lifestyle (see the IB website for full details)

  24. The importance of ALTERNATES . . . Please note that the student will be asked to select THREE alternates in elective areas which will be ranked, by NUMBER. Choose WISELY as there is a strong chance the student will be placed in an alternate. What if the student gets an alternate in their timetable? Can they come in for a course change in Sept. ? No. It isn’t an ‘error’. It means there was no room in the student’s first choice(s). Therefore, the alternate is their selection. Coming in during Sept. to request that a change be made because the student no longer wants it will not be grounds for a course change, so be sure the student really thinks about those choices!

  25. Looking Ahead: Scholarships, Bursaries, University Entrance There is more to being an ‘A’ student than marks! Many Post Secondary Institutions are looking for well rounded students who have more than just strong grades! • Seaquam and Community Clubs • Seaquam Student Council • Seaquam and Community Societies Volunteering at School: parent teacher nights, awards night, grad, post secondary eve., tournaments, Seafast, Fashion show, school musical, grade 7 visits Volunteering In the Community : library, Sr’s homes, food bank, community events (Sun Run, etc.) Hospital, SPCA, Parks and Rec, Tournaments and competitions (sports/dance) Deltassist.com (youth volunteer directory)

  26. Showing Initiative/Building Leadership Skills • Music – perform a benefit concert; be part of ‘Seaquam has talent’ etc. • Artistic Design – design a t-shirt/tote bag and sell it to raise $ for a charity • People Skills – Solutions Society, LINK , Operation Green etc. GET INVOLVED! Take what you ‘do’ and do something with it! See need? Fill it!! See Seaquam.ca for clubs; See Ms. G in the Career Centre during your grade 10 year for more ideas

  27. Online Registration : Opens Wed. Feb. 22 • Registration is NOT first come, first served. Whether a student goes online on day one or day seven it will not affect who gets a course and who doesn’t • PASSWORDS: Remember – the office will NOT give a student a parent’s Parent Connect password; the parent must come in or phone in themselves to get it – check early to avoid frustration! • Yes – the selection can be done on Student Connect – it carries over to Parent Connect - but only on PARENT connect can it be SAVED!

  28. What if I want to learn more about particular course? • COURSE SELECTION GUIDE (Catalogue) – this is found under Seaquam.ca (online) under ‘for students’; use the table of contents at the front of the guide to navigate and read course descriptions • Encourage students to speak to the teacher that runs the course or speak to students who have taken the course before • A FULL LIST OF GRADE 10 COURSE CHOICES CAN BE FOUND ON PAGE 3 OF THE ONLINE COURSE SELECTION GUIDE

  29. Steps for Online Registration:step by step instructions will be posted on seaquam.ca under for students/parents: counselling Go to seaquam.ca • Students Click on Student Connect found under“for students” on the menu bar • Parents Click on Parent Connect found under “for Parents” on the menu bar • Login – your password and your parents under the parent’s password info. • Select ‘pick courses’ tab at the top of the page READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY

  30. Online Reg. Cont. - Saving • SAVE CHOICES (for in progress) ; this allows you to save whatever stage of selection you’ve gotten to; you can still make changes • On PARENT CONNECT - The box reading: TO SUBMIT FINAL, NO FURTHER CHANGES ALLOWED – put the check in this box THEN click SAVE - this locks in your final selections (note: if you lock your selection, and need to make a change you will need to contact Mr. Wong to ‘unlock’ the page) .

  31. Questions? • Contact Mrs. Costin by email at msalmon@deltasd.bc.ca • phone or email to make an appt. to see me • Attend Parent Night – Feb. 21 • Review this presentation ONLINE under Seaquam.ca – For Parents , under Parent Connect