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Commitment to GS1net Justin Hansen PowerPoint Presentation
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Commitment to GS1net Justin Hansen

Commitment to GS1net Justin Hansen

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Commitment to GS1net Justin Hansen

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  1. Commitment to GS1net Justin Hansen

  2. OfficeMax Overview 2

  3. The Numbers that Count • Over 40 years operating in Australia. • Over 50% of annual sales are transacted online. • Over 23,000 cartons delivered daily. • Over 2,200 calls taken per day by our National Contact Centre. • Over 500,000 school students supplied each Back-to-School season. • Over 35,000 customers trading electronically with OfficeMax. • Over 55,000 product lines in our Stock Master file. 3

  4. Participation in OSGaG • OfficeMax was a foundation member of the OSGaG group. • OfficeMax sat on the OSGaG Steering Committee that provided the governance and direction for this industry initiative. • OfficeMax participated in the working parties that help get this project to the pilot phase. • OfficeMax struggled with its Operational deliverables versus Strategic deliverables during the later stages Pilot phase but was adamant that we continue being included in this project. 4

  5. Why? • Common and Consistent approach to data synchronization • Being part of an industry group focused on stream-lining our supply chain process, gave us the ability to have our contributions known. • The experience, expertise and tools available through GS1 will allow OfficeMax to expedite our on-boarding of suppliers which give us the ability to meet the needs of our customers. • OfficeMax knows as both a supplier and a retailer of Office Supplies, that this is an imperative to deliver the efficiencies we need to remain competitive within our industry. 5

  6. Suppliers OfficeMax engage with electronically • 3M (PO) Chair Solutions (PO/POA)     • Acco (PO)   DDK (PO/POA) • Alliance Dist (PO)    Faber Castell (PO/POA) • Aussemble (PO)    Synnex (PO/POA) • Bizwear (PO)   Profile (PO/POA) • Bostik (PO)   Ingram (PO/POA) • Crayola (PO)   Edgar Edmonson (PO/POA) • Dalton (PO)   Kimberly Clark (PO) • Energizer (PO)   UHU (PO) • Fellowes (PO)   Lexmark (PO) • Henkel (PO)   Staedler (PO) • HP  (PO)   Starmaid (PO) • Imation (PO) Newell Rubbermaid (PO) • Verbatim (PO) SCA Hygiene (PO) 6

  7. Challenges • External • Every OfficeMax / Supplier integration has required a separate master file synchronization exercise. • Validating inventory master data is time consuming and costly when there is a better method available for managing this process. • Incomplete data leads to down stream issues delivering product data to our integrated customers. • Extensive resources deployed within our Merchandizing groups to collect and collate inventory master data. • Internal • Gaining and coordinating initial Internal Stakeholder commitment. • Working on a strategic project which will lead to operational efficiencies, is difficult when faced with day to day operational deliverables. 7

  8. Partnering with OfficeMax • You are our Strategic Partners. • We will align ourselves with our partners who share our vision, our values and our commitment to succeed. • We will continue to support your businesses. • We look forward to your support in helping us take OfficeMax to the next level.

  9. OfficeMax aligning with Tier 1 & 2 Brands 9

  10. The Way Forward • OfficeMax has built a dedicated Australian / New Zealand eBusiness Group to work with both Customers and Suppliers in streamlining our total end-to-end supply chain. • OfficeMax has made supplier side electronic integrations a priority over the last year in order to increase the efficiency of trading with our suppliers. • OfficeMax has added into our strategic plan, a $2 million commitment in on-boarding our Supplier network. • OfficeMax has planned to have 80% of its supply network fully integrated by 2013 • OfficeMax currently send purchase orders documents with our EDI suppliers and will be expanding this to include implementing Advanced Shipping Notices and Invoicing in 2011. • OfficeMax will be using GS1net as our primary master data set which will be pivotal to realizing these objectives. 10