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  1. Effort This is what it took in order to get just one man on the moon. President John F. Kennedy made the decision to go to the moon public on May 25th, 1961. Neil Armstrong arrived on the moon on June 20th, 1969. At the height of the Apollo program, there were over 400,000 people working at 21,000 different companies and organizations. NASA spent $20 billion dollars during this time for research, development and implementation. *Was all the effort that was put into this goal worth it? You decide *Write a response and send it to Mr. Sheng to have your opinion displayed. *What is something else that takes great amounts of effort?

  2. Empathy Empathy is a part of our nature and usually comes naturally. When we see someone crying, we feel sad. When others around us are pumped up and excited, we become excited as well. If someone raises their voice, we are likely to raise our voice and shout back at them. Empathy is useful. It lets us connect to one another without having to say even a single word. On the other hand, when not used correctly, empathy can have a negative effect. Can you think of some situations in which empathy would be beneficial? How about a situation in which empathy could harm a relationship? *Write a response and send it to Mr. Sheng to have your thoughts displayed.