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ECUreader 3.90

ECUreader 3.90. Autodiagnostic 3 of 4 Year 2006. Welcome The Update from 3.80 to 3.90 Cars / Bikes Trucks Technical Bulletin New Adapters Special Procedures Q&A. Summary. UPDATE 3.90. ECUreader 3.90. Update 3.90. Total amount of items: 13840. NEW ENTRIES.

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ECUreader 3.90

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  1. ECUreader 3.90 Autodiagnostic 3 of 4 Year 2006

  2. Welcome The Update from 3.80 to 3.90 Cars / Bikes Trucks Technical Bulletin New Adapters Special Procedures Q&A Summary

  3. UPDATE 3.90

  4. ECUreader 3.90 Update 3.90 Total amount of items: 13840

  5. NEW ENTRIES A3 Beam Setting (03 - …) 3 Series (E36) Engine Management Siemens 316i MS46 (98 - …) 3 Series (E46) Engine Management Siemens 316i MS46 (98 - …) X5 (E53) Clima (Klimautomatik) (00 - …) X5 (E53) Engine Management Bosch EDC DDE 5 (00 - …) X5 (E53) Traction Control (ABS+DSC) (00 - …) X5 (E53) Service Reset (00 - …) 5 Series (E60-E61) Service Reset (04 - …) 7 Series (E65-E66) Service Reset (04 - …) X3 (E83) Service Reset (04 - …) Z4 (E85) Service Reset (04 - …)

  6. NEW ENTRIES Doblò Engine Management 1.6 16V Metatron Bipower (06 - …) Multipla 02 Abs Bosch 5.3 Abs + Traction control Bosch Abs/Vdc 5.7 Airbag Breed My97 Airbag Breed My99 Door Locking system VAS 97/3-4 Engine Management Marelli 49/59F EOBD Engine Management Bosch Common Rail EDC16 Immobilizer + Keys Prog. Marelli Code2 Service reset - -

  7. NEW ENTRIES Punto 03 Engine Management Metatron 6A0 Punto 05 Airbag TRW SRS EP Body Network Delphi Body Computer Dashboard M.Marelli Service Reset M.Marelli 600 Electric Power Steering NSK EPS

  8. NEW ENTRIES Tucson Body Network Body Computer (05 - …) Clima Klimautomatik (05 - …) Picanto Engine ManagementEFI Immobilizer Sorento Immobilizer Sportage Body Network Body Computer ETACS Clima Klimautomatik Pajero Airbag Takata SRS (…- 05) Engine Management 2.5 TD Mitsubishi EDC (…- 05) Engine Management 3.2 DID Mitsubishi EDC (…- 05)

  9. NEW ENTRIES Mazda 6 Abs + Traction Control ABS + DSC Airbag Takata SRS Dashboard Kombi Engine Management Denso Common Rail RF5P Astra-H Airbag Temic MRSZ (04 - …) Dashboard (04 - …) Immobilizer Valeo CIM (04 - …) Engine Management 1.9 8V 1.9 16V Bosch Zafira-B Airbag Temic MRSZ (04 - …) Quadro di Bordo (04 - …) Immobilizer Valeo CIM (04 - …) Engine Management 1.9 8V 1.9 16V Bosch

  10. NEW ENTRIES 406 /Coupè Engine Management Marelli 4.8P Nouvelle 406 Engine Management Marelli 4.8P 9-3 Engine Management 1.9 8V 120cv Bosch EDC 16 Engine Management 1.9 16V 150cv Bosch EDC 16 Grand Vitara Electronic 4WD 4WD ABS ATE ABS Body Network Body Computer BCM Clima Header Klima Manual HVAC Traction Control Ate Esp 2WD Traction Control Ate Esp 4WD

  11. NEW ENTRIES Golf Plus Headlights setting (04 – 05) Headlights setting (05 – 06) Jetta (NEW) Headlights setting (05 – …) Passat /Variant Headlights setting (04 – 05) Headlights setting (05 – 06) Immobilizer (04 – 06)

  12. NEW ENTRIES 10 ABS Bosch ABS 8 (… - 03) Airbag TRW MY 97 Airbag TRW MY 99 Body Network Body Computer Delphi/Marelli Body Network CAN Info Delphi/Marelli Body Network Proxy Alignement Delphi/Marelli Dashboard Marelli Comfort Electric Power Steering Delphi Engine Management Marelli 5AF Keys coding Delphi/Marelli Code Body Computer Service Reset Marelli Florida Engine Management Bosch Motronic M 7.4.4 Koral Engine Management Bosch Motronic M 7.4.4

  13. NEW ENTRIES Pegaso 650 Engine Management Sagem MC 650 Sport 750 Engine Management Marelli IAW 1.6M Baby Speed 600 Engine Management Sagem MC 1000

  14. Truck Diagnostic

  15. NEW ENTRIES ACTROS Network - Chassis side Base Module Front Module Vario ABS Dashboard

  16. NEW ENTRIES TG-A Network – Chassis Side VDO Client Module (…05) Electronic Gearbox ZF ASTRONIC LITE (05…) Brake Management WABCO EBS2 (05…) Network – Chassis Side BERIFORS Doors module (05…) Engine Management BOSCH EDC 7 (05…)

  17. New Adapters

  18. NEW ! SL31391 Universal CAN switch, to use with following adapters: SL31390 EOBD adapter J1962-B SL31385 KNORR TRAILERS adapter Some new vehicle (cars and trucks) are using a new CAN technology, and due to that also the diagnostic needs to be improved with new features. The most important feature is to be able to comunicate with more than 2 diagnostic lines at the same time. Now it is possible with SL31191, that expands our tool’s diagnostic possibilities.

  19. NEW ! SL31391 Just a short technical example: Looking at the diagram below, that shows connections of all ECUs in a CAN network, it’s possible to see the diagnostic terminals in the “DIA” plug ( DIA= DIAGNOSTIC). In this particular situation, the comunication must be managed between the CAN lines and the standard BUS lines, all of them present in the DIA. Moreover, the new SL31191 is able also to manage the different communication protocols (EOBD, ISO-9141, PWM, and so on). SL31391

  20. New Adapters SL31390 SL31390 This adapter (J1962-B) allows connection between the new universal switch (when required by the tool) and the EOBD diagnostic connector on board (only vehicles mentioned in the previous page).

  21. New Adapters SL31385 SL31385 This adapter is needed to diagnose TRAILERS with EBS by KNORR with new CAN technology (as shown before). Fault codes reading & clearing and Live data reading are the feature included in the diagnostic software.

  22. Technical Bulletin

  23. “ how to “ FIAT PUNTO ‘05 – Dashboard MARELLI Headlights levelling control Settings This function allows to set the ZERO line in the headlights levelling system. This must be done each time a manual adjustment must be done to set properly the beam level of headlights.

  24. “ how to “ Driven Km/Mileage Counter Reset If the car was driven less than 200 km or 125 miles, it is possible to set the counter back to ZERO through this function. Safety belts Warning You can set ON or OFF the acoustic alarm concerning belts not fastened.

  25. “ how to “ FIAT PUNTO ‘05 - SERVICE INDICATIONS Service Reset Allows to set intervals ( time / driven miles) for the next service. Just run the function, and the ECU in the dash will set new values automatically. N.B.: Each time this will be done, an internal counter will be increased. This counter is available at “live data” section, named “ # of services” . Max value = 6.

  26. “ how to “ Door’s lock/unlock: Blinks On/Off You can set on or off the blinks made by the emergency lights when you lock or unlock doors through the remote control. Car Alarm : country setting Depending on the country, you can set the strategy of the alarm management, because some specific law. When the function is selected, a window will appear, with a list of countries: select the appropriate one. ENERGY SAVING In some cases a function can be disabled to “save” the car’s battery. Using this function you can set ON those functions like internal lights, radio, A/C, and so on.

  27. “ how to “ Engine management 3.0 D DDE 5 BMW X5 Idle Setting Through this function you can set the idle rpm. Some preset “ steps” are available, due to the ECU’s strategy. The final value will be stored during the next cranking phase. Injection quantity while cranking Depending on the climatic situation in some particular countries, or due to the mechanical usury conditions of the engine parts, you can modify the amount of fuel injected during the cranking phase, increasing or decreasing the standard value. This procedure needs the value introduced manually by the operator, who will confirm it. The ECU will consider the new value starting from the next cranking phase.

  28. “ how to “ Engine management 3.0 D DDE 5 BMW X5 EGR desired value setting Through this function it’s possible to modify the desired value of EGR. Multifunction Steering wheel/ AC system The standard features in the engine ECU are usually include the multifunction steering weel and A/C system as installed in the car. If not like this, you can make disable those functions, that will not consider faults coming from the mentioned systems. To check the STATUS of them, 2 items are available in the live data list.

  29. “ how to “ Engine management 3.0 D DDE 5 BMW X5 MAF adaptation The ECU has a function able to “learn” the engine’s components status, and to react in order to that. Replacing some component with a new one, the “learnt value” must be reset. In this case, replacing the MAF sensor, the learnt values must be reset through this function. The function is totally automatic, and available any time. The ECU will learn new values referring to the new MAF.

  30. “ how to “ OPEL ASTRA-H 1.9 BOSCH EDC 16 COMMON RAIL Idle Setting Through this function you can set the idle rpm. Some preset “ steps” are available, due to the ECU’s strategy. The final value will be stored during the next cranking phase Rail Pressure Sensor In case of sensor replacing, the new one can be adapted. To do it, it is sufficient to run the procedure.

  31. “ how to “ VW Group: Headlights level setting • On vehicles equipped with XENON lights, there is an electronic system able to detect and correct the headlight level. This device runs automatically when lights are on, but if an adjustement is needed ( for example when an headlight group is replaced) each intervention on the manual adjustment will be compensated by the electric devices. • Due to that, if anyway headlights need to be set properly, the electronic intervention must be “ blocked”, and the electronic devices must be stopped at the BASIC position. That’s what this function permits to do. • Please be careful in respecting the following steps BEFORE running the function: • Stop the vehicle in a flat position • Handbrake RELEASED • Gearbox in Neutral position • - Steering wheel in the middle • Absolutely anyone or any LOAD in/on the vehicle, due to the fact that level sensors will be reset during the procedure • Obviously, lights must be ON

  32. “ how to “ VW Group: Headlights level setting WARNING Don’t move the vehicle during the adjustment. To set the appropriate level, check the value and move the screws as described in the owner’s manual.

  33. “ how to “ SUZUKI VITARA ESP Steering Wheel Sensor Calibration To do it in the appropriate way, please respect the following steps: 1) Vehicle must be parked on a flat site 2) Don’t move it during the procedure 3) Wheels aligned, sterring wheel in the middle 4) don’t move the steering wheel if not prompted by the tool 5) Run the procedure To check if the procedure has been done succesfully, test the car on the road (max speed 30 km/h – 18 mph), move the steering full left/full right and check if it will return to middle position by itself ( tolerance +/- 20 degrees). ESP ON/OFF With this feature you can set the ESP function on or off. Just run it and follow the instructions shown by the tool.

  34. “ how to “ Engine ManagementTRIUMPH SAGEM MC 1000 MIXTURE ADJUSTMENT With this function it is possible to adjust the mixture, engine at idle rpm. To do it in the right way, a gas analyzer must be connected BEFORE the Catalitic converter. Once the procedure will run, with engine at the operating temperature, change the value increasing or decreasing it using the arrows, until % CO reading value will be between 1 and 1.5. N.B.: It’s important, before making any adjustment, to check the STEPPER position looking at the appropriate live data’s item; it MUST BE between 30 and 40 ! If not like that, please proceed to set it using the dedicated function in the ADJUSTMENTS page (explications in the next page). TPS idle Setting Through this function it is possible to store the idle position of TPS ( each time throttle will be cleaned or the group will be replaced). Please check the accelerator handle grip fully RELEASED ( idle).

  35. “ how to “ Engine Management TRIUMPH SAGEM MC 1000 TPS learnt values reset In case of disassembly or replacing the throttle unit, it’s suggested to reset all the learnt values in the ecu’s memory. This function could be used also to fix some idle problems. Please remember, after this, to set the idle position as explained in the previous page of this presentation (TPS idle setting). Idle Stepper Setting The stepper is always controlled and managed by the ECU, to optimize the idle condition of the engine. The optimal position must be between 30 and 40 steps (gas shot then release and check the value at the Live data’s page when engine will run at idle). In case of wrong value, use this function to set it properly. Warning: changing the stepper position will cause emissions variation. So, as explained on the previous page, in case you will set the stepper’s value, please remember to proceed with mixture adjustment too.

  36. “ how to “ Engine Management APRILIA PEGASO 650 • IDLE & MIXTURE SETTINGS • Here you can find all the steps to set properly idle and emissions, also in case of engine stops while idle. • Two registry screws are available: the first one on the throttle group to set the idle position, the second one on the ECU to set the mixture (CO trimmer). • First set the throttle in this way: • The throttle registry must be completely unscrewed,then checking the throttle position in the live data item increase the shown value of 1% ( example from 14.5% to 15.5% ).Take A NOTE about the value to remember it! • Check the CO trimmer value looking at the proper live data item, and set it around –15 • Now check the Value “ Throttle position signal”, and subtract 3.2 from the value noted before and set it in that way. (Example 15.5 – 3.2= 13.3). • All the described steps are to set basically idle and mixture. After that, you need to proceed with the fine adjustments, as following steps • Warm the engine until engine temp between 82°C and 94°C, then set the idle at 1350rpm. • Set mixture to obtaine a CO value around 2.5% (check it with a gas analyzer). • Please mind that changing the mixture can change idle rpm , and the opposite too. • The follow values can be used as reference: • Idle rpm 1350 • Throttle position signal = Throttle position – 3.2 • Timing 5 degrees

  37. “ how to “ Engine Management APRILIA PEGASO 650 TPS Adaptation This function allows the ecu to learn the TPS signal in different conditions ( min-med-max) in case of dismounting or replacing it, or when fixing problems at the idle conditions or during accelerations. Marelli ECU: the unit will do it automatically, all you need to do is to follow the messages shown by the tool. TPS idle Setting Through this function it is possible to store the idle position of TPS ( each time throttle will be cleaned or the group will be replaced). Please check the accelerator handle grip fully RELEASED ( idle).

  38. Domande Q & A

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