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Yoonla Affiliate Program

Yoonla Affiliate Program

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Yoonla Affiliate Program

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  1. Yoonla Affiliate Program Who is the Creator of Yoonla? Reno Van Boven is the creator of Yoonla. He is a New Zealand based internet businessman as well as he started his first internet business back in 2006. So What exactly is Yoonla? Have you ever heard about anything called Yoonla? With Yoonla, you’ll get paid when leads opt-in and also activate with just a name and their e-mail address. All you need to do is to give them high-quality training which they can have access to when they activate their 100% free membership. No need to sell to get commission with this. In a nutshell, it is a customized funnel set up that you will get free of charge. You don’t need to do anything special as an online coach. I understand that the technical stuff with creating a funnel is one thing that many people don’t understand how to do. With Yoonla, you don’t need to bother about any of this. They are going to do all the tough part from setting up the lead, capture page as well as auto-responder, they as well even launch a small marketing campaign to enable you to get started. Who is Yoonla For? Yoonla is a great choice for those who are looking to develop a career in CPA affiliate marketing. It gives them a chance to access free tools as well as training materials to enhance their experience with CPA affiliate marketing. Additionally, it is a good income opportunity to those who prefer making money from an online-based job. What is new about Yoonla Yoonla Evolve- Newly lunched Yoonla Evolve is a kind of re-launch of Yoonla, that’s why it’s regarded as Yoonla’s Phase 2. Yoonla Evolve, is a two-tiered CPA based program where you earn money once anyone of the two actions are carried out: If anybody sign up for Yoonla Evolve (making use of your affiliate link). You are going to receive $2- $4 commission per lead. If a person upgrades to VIP membership plan, you will receive an additional $60 commission. What will you get when you become a member of Yoonla? Listed are few of the things you will get whenever you join Yoonla • You will have unlimited access to Yoonla Foundation System. • Digital done-for-you info products which you can promote as well as earn CPA commissions. • Integration of the digital marketing system with the Yoonla CPA affiliate program so that you can earn as much as $5 or even more per membership lead. • You are going to get a free access to Yoonla VIP Marketers group on Facebook where you will connect with some other top digital marketers. • Yoonla Foundation software program installed on your own personal personalized domain.

  2. Are there any other bonuses attached to Yoonla? Yes, there are, but you can acquire those bonuses when you sign-up using my affiliate link Internet Entrepreneur