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Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

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Affiliate Program

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  1. Affiliate Program

  2. Provide Marriage Proposal and Romantic Event Planning. • Work with Clients to help them plan dream proposals. • Create proposal concepts, book vendors and venues, and act as full service day-of-coordinators. The Heart Bandits

  3. Sells jewelry in many stores across the United States. • Pride themselves on their beautiful engagement rings. • Acts as a personal jeweler to customers. Ben Bridge Jeweler

  4. Ben Bridge customers may need help planning the perfect marriage proposal. • Ben Bridge associates will refer them to experts that can ensure an amazing proposal. • Ben Bridge refers the customer to The Heart Bandits. • Ben Bridge customers received much more than just an engagement ring. They were provided an experience. How We Can Help Each Other

  5. Commission. Every time one of the clients you refer to us purchases a service, you will receive a 3% commission on the first sale. • Differentiation. How many jewelry stores actually help men figure out how to propose or how to plan a romantic date? You would stand out from your competition because you will be offering them a service that not many others do, if any! • Incentive for Employees. It is your choice on how you would like to distribute the commission, but if you provide your employees with an opportunity to receive some extra money, it would make for some happy employees! What is in it for Ben Bridges?

  6. Customers in need of our services! What is in it for The Heart Bandits?

  7. Meet Marvin! Marvin is getting ready to propose to his girlfriend. He goes in to Ben Bridge to purchase his engagement ring. The sales associate is very friendly and to his surprise, asks Marvin how he plans on proposing. An Example of How it Works

  8. Marvin answers that he has no idea, that so far he has only worked on the engagement ring part. • The sales associate tells Marvin that she knows of a company that plans marriage proposals and would be happy to give him a card. • Marvin eagerly accepts and the sales associate says, “Please tell them Ben Bridge referred you, they will take extra good care of you.” An Example of How it Works

  9. Marvin goes to as soon as he gets home and calls to schedule his free consultation. • Together, he and The Heart Bandits plan a marriage proposal in a hot air balloon ride over Temecula. • It costs Marvin $5000. Marvin makes his initial payment. An Example of How it Works

  10. No later than 60 days from the date that Marvin made his initial payment, Ben Bridge receives a check for $150. • Marvin recommends Ben Bridge and The Heart Bandits to his friends because he received total marriage proposal service. An Example of How it Works