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Charujewels histroy of earring

Get the history of earring of charujewels that how it come in market as well as online portal for everone.

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Charujewels histroy of earring

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  1. Turning pages to “History of Earrings”

  2. The Saga of Earrings One of the oldest type of body modification, Ear Piercing was performed as a part of tradition which is still in continuation. Estimated to be originated in early 3000 B.C, earrings were usually considered as a sign of indicating a particular caste, tribe or religion. They were worn by men in the beginning and were made of metals that can be bent easily into different shapes and can be twisted and moulded into hoops too. Slaves of some civilizations were made to wear particular sort of earrings to depict themselves as lower cast people. When women started piercing their ear-lobes, their facial beauty have become more recognized. Initially, these women used to carry larger sized earrings which were heavy in weight and were made of gold. This used to indicate women of wealthy family and their high standard of living. The size of these earrings became smaller with time, but the importance of wearing them never changed. These earrings revolutionised into small and intricate art pieces, studded with top-notch elements like diamonds, pearls, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and many more precious elements spangled around silver, gold and platinum and have found place in the luxurious wardrobe of women. Earrings were the bijouterie gifted by most civilizations which are now a fashion statement in 21st century. The personalities are mapped with the Jewellery they choose to wear. Earrings have become an inseparable part of women’s life. With changing roles of women, they too change their forms. From regular wear and work wear earrings to party wear and heavy pair of earrings, loads of varieties are available in today’s Jewellery world. The art is depicted in the form of flowers which delicately express the beauty of women and the geometric designs of earrings attracting contemporary mind set are available with a fantastic ethno-modern designs. Above all, diamonds have remained successful with magnetic shimmer for women to buy them in any form, whether it is to choose earring or any other Jewellery.

  3. Studs, Chandeliers, Drops and Hoops Diamond Earrings are a fascination for women. Modernizing Earrings into Designer Jewelry, Charu Jewels redefines the trend setter range of Diamond Earrings for Women. Hoops and studs are a daily wear choice of women. They are simple and sober as well as classy and catchy at the same time. Diamonds embedded at appropriate points bring out the beauty of studs. This ear-lobe jewel never gets unnoticed due to its excellent designs that we tailor perfectly to fulfil your needs. These are the tiny plush and comfy chunks. Fabricating earring designs with two tone pure 18k gold make these designs a center of attraction and buying them is irresistible for you.

  4. Party Popper Chandeliers by Charu Diamonds, when studded in earrings, sparkles the face of the wearer. Dressing up for party is very exciting for women. Make it yet interesting by wearing no Jewelry but Couture Designer Earrings. Specially designed for making an impacting impression, Couture Jewelry is one-time Jewelry which exhibits fashion at its extreme. Be party ready with the beautiful trinkets which disperses the colour of power and passion in rich vogue.

  5. Gem-Studded Diamond Earrings for Women Gems, in different shapes and sizes, when bejewelled in Jewelry designs, make them appear more realistic. Earrings with coloured stones and gems match perfectly with similar shade ensemble as if they are made for each other. The light pearls hanging below the earrings are the cutest element of Jewelry. Couture Designer Earrings are the handpicked ones which makes the world fade away in front of the beaming diamonds glowing through your face.

  6. Mesmerising Couture Designer Earring Collection Add a dash of glamour to your attire by selecting designer diamond earrings from Charu Jewels. For more information you can content us. (www.charujewelsonline.com)

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