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Rotary Youth Exchange

Rotary International District 9970 Inc. Rotary Youth Exchange. Which countries do we exchange with ?. Mexico. Belgium. Canada. Denmark. Switzerland. Finland. Germany. Argentina. Sweden. France. What is the Rotary Youth Exchange Program?. Commenced in 1929 (Rotary Club of Copenhagen)

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Rotary Youth Exchange

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  1. Rotary International District 9970 Inc Rotary Youth Exchange

  2. Which countries do we exchange with ?

  3. Mexico Belgium Canada Denmark Switzerland Finland Germany Argentina Sweden France

  4. What is the Rotary Youth Exchange Program? • Commenced in 1929 (Rotary Club of Copenhagen) • 80 countries, 8000 students each year • A wonderful opportunity to further international goodwill & understanding by enabling students to experience first hand, life in a country different to their own • Live with & meet people of different cultures & backgrounds • Cope with day to day living in an environment completely different from their home environment • The opportunity to be an overseas ambassador • To have a year that will never be forgotten

  5. What is an exchange “ For me this exchange is something that will take me a whole life to understand. I would not know where to start, if I was asked “in what way did you change on your exchange”. It is a time in your life where you are in control the whole time and you learn to take every moment as a gift that could change you to be the best you can be. An exchange cannot be explained for someone to truly understand. The experience has to be felt to truly understand what it is like.It is about learning that your mum and dad do have the answers sometimes.”

  6. What is an exchange “. I feel a great rush of emotions when I think back to my exchange year. It was for me the best year of my life. I made friendships and bonds, which will never be broken or forgotten. I was given the great opportunity to leave the confines of my hometown in Canada to live in, and become a part of another culture. I made friends with every member in my Rotary Club and will forever hold a place for them in my heart. I am truly grateful to all Rotarians for making that year possible” Darlene Sly – Exchange Student

  7. Who is eligible….. • Aged between 16 – 17.5 years on January 1 in the year of departure • Academically above average • Articulate, demonstrate leadership • Capable of being an excellent ambassador • New Zealand Citizen • Reside in 9970 district • May be children of Rotarians • Outbound Applications close 15 April (You do not need to sponsor the applicant)

  8. 9970 District RYE Committee • Selection • Orientation Weekend & Orientation Program (3) • Queenstown Experience & Milford Track • Rainbow to Awaroa (proposed) • North Island Trip • Support Material • Exchange Handbook • Presentation • Public Speaking • Health & Wellbeing • On going support & contact

  9. Rotary Clubs can Sponsor an Outbound Student…... • Cost $550 for Blazer, name badge, visitor cards, administration • Appoint a Counsellor • maintain contact with your student. Report news to club. Include in bulletin • Student attends your club meeting & present blazer • Guest Speaker on return and recount their years experience

  10. Rotary Clubs can Host an Inbound Student • Provide a Counsellor • oversee the students arrangements • a regular point of contact • Arrange school attendance • Cost approx $2000-$2500 weekly Rotary meal, adninistration • Attend conference (plus cost if any) • Provide 4 host families • 3 months each • Consider co-hosting with a neighbouring rotary club

  11. What you will get out of it • Insight into another culture • Meet an interesting & outstanding young person • Make contact with students family & meet young people from around the world • Fun, good times (& perhaps not so good times) • A life time of experiences & memories & on going contact • The satisfaction of helping a young adult

  12. Enrich your club …… …... • Welcome members to meeting & present badges • Take a turn as Sergeant • Guest speaker (present themselves & their country/ Review their year in NZ) • Weekly activity with a club member (Dinner, visit etc) • Contribute to your bulletin each month • Mix and mingle at meeting meal • Celebrate their birthday and any customs, festivals from their country • Get to know them!

  13. Host Families - an integral part of the program • The host family is central to the students experience of another country and culture • The student is expected to become part of the family and respect and abide by the host’s rules • It is a wonderful opportunity for the host family to provide a window and insight into New Zealand. Often it is the experience of the everyday that we take for granted that is the real “Kiwi” experience.

  14. Initial Host Reactions • We don’t have children of a similar age • We are too young/ too old • What will it cost ? • Will the student speak English ? • What if it doesn’t work out ? • We are too busy • It’s too intense and will disrupt our household

  15. What are you expected to give • An opportunity to experience everyday life in a variety of New Zealand homes • Everyday Life • Food, BBQ, Language, Slang, Daily Life, Sport • Your lifestyle, your rules • Ambassador for your community, city, country

  16. Being a Host Family ….. “ Rotary Exchange is about giving and getting an experience of another culture. It gives you a perspective  of a different part of the world - Its people, its geography and language It opens your home and family to other peoples ideas, habits and feelings. It gives life long friendships with young adults that you don't get in any other way. For your own family it gives the chance to experience another sibling - teaching tolerance and understanding. Having an exchange student is not all positive but after having four students the joy and fun you have with them far out weighs any negatives.” Wendy Milne- Host Mother

  17. The value of Host Families… “The most important part of my exchange year, and what makes the difference in any exchange year is the host family. Some of my families had children, and some of my families had grandchildren, while some of my families had no children at all. These people not only opened their homes for me to stay, but were my family, and have opened their hearts to me as much as their homes” Darlene Sly – Exchange Student

  18. What can we do …… • Nominate a student by 15 April • Your club can sponsor an outbound student • Talk to your partner, get more information, and consider being a host family • Tell people about the program & our website

  19. Rotary International District 9970 • Outbound Applications • Murray Butler – District Chair • Rotary Club of Nelson West • Ph 03 548 4860 • Inbound Hosting • Barry Robertson – Inbound Co-ordinator • Rotary Club of Ferrymead • Ph 03 384 4020 • Youth Exchange Website Rotary Youth Exchange www.rotary9970.org.nz/rye.htm

  20. Rotary Youth Exchange …When The World Comes To Your Place!

  21. Rotary Youth Exchange …When The World Comes To Your Place!

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