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Rotary District 9790 Youth Exchange PowerPoint Presentation
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Rotary District 9790 Youth Exchange

Rotary District 9790 Youth Exchange

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Rotary District 9790 Youth Exchange

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  1. Rotary District 9790Youth Exchange Protection Briefing 4 August 2012

  2. Code of Conduct for Working with Youth “Rotary International is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all participants in Rotary activities. It is the duty of all Rotarians, Rotarians’ spouses, partners and other volunteers to safeguard to the best of their ability the welfare of and to prevent the physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children and young people with whom they come into contact.”

  3. Abuse and harassment • “Most sexual abuse and harassment is committed by strangers” • Most abuse is committed by someone the victim knows – 90%

  4. If an adult gets along well with young people, it’s very unlikely that he or she is a sexual offender. • Offenders often cultivate an image of being good with young people in order to gain their trust and the trust of the community

  5. Teenage victims of sexual abuse and harassment often try to keep it a secret because they may feel responsible for what’s happening • True – social stigma about sexuality contribute to a feeling of shame

  6. Sexual harassment • any unwanted physical, verbal or emotional conduct that offends, humiliates and/or intimidates

  7. Sexual harassment can involve: • Unwelcome touching, hugging or kissing • Staring or leering • Sexually explicit pictures, posters, internet sites • Continued unwanted invitations • Insults or taunts based upon your gender • ‘sexting’ • Obscene communications • Insults or taunts based on gender

  8. Sexual abuse • is the sexual exploitation of both male and female children and young people • can be committed by any person irrespective of age or gender

  9. Sexual abuse can involve: • Strong physical offences • Indecent exposure • Stalking • Showing pornographic books/videos • Asking young people to be involved in the taking of such photos and/or making such videos

  10. Sexual harassment and sexual abuse • Sexual harassment may be illegal e.g. leaving lying around pornographic books, magazines or videos is not illegal but it can offend and humiliate – it can also lead to abuse • Sexual abuse is illegal

  11. Other forms of harassment and abuse • Harassment includes repeated comments about a student’s social background, home country, language, culture, personal appearance or other characteristics. • Abuse includes the way in which a child or young person is treated in the home e.g. with insufficient/inadequate food and meals

  12. Where does harassment and abuse occur? • Schools • Sporting groups • Community organisations • The work place • Homes – it can and it does • In transit In short, abuse and harassment occurs everywhere

  13. How to deal with harassment if it occurs • If you can, make the person stop. If need be, speak to your Host Club Counsellor or your host family; • If not resolved, contact your Host District Coordinator or Chairman • If not resolved, express your concerns to the Host District Governor • Should you feel unable to discuss your concerns with any of the above, immediately contact US

  14. How to deal with sexual abuse if it occurs This is potentially a serious crime and requires immediate action. • Immediately report the matter to someone you trust in the Host Club, host family or Host District Committee; • The matter shall then be referred to the District Committee for investigation; • Where a potential criminal offence has occurred, it shall be reported to the police for investigation. It is not our position to be judgmental. From this point, it is a matter entirely for the police. • If it is determined no criminal offence has occurred, the District Committee will liaise with the Host Club to resolve the matter • If it is deemed that an offence has been committed, it is a matter for the authorities

  15. It’s not easy • You must speak out against any form of abuse or harassment • You owe it to others; you owe it to yourself • It may be very hard, it may have repercussions

  16. An adult volunteer making comment about a female student’s figure is sexual harassment • Yes • Gender of the person making the comment is irrelevant

  17. Male students can be sexually abused by females Yes

  18. An adult host brother leaving pornographic magazines in a youth exchange student’s bedroom is sexual abuse • Yes

  19. Remember • Any form of sexual abuse is illegal • Abuse may already have happened to you • Harassment, which includes sexual harassment, may not be illegal, per se, but if it • offends • humiliates • intimidates a child, student or young person then, it is illegal

  20. Finally The first concern in the case of any allegation of abuse or harassment of a child, young person or student is the safety and well being of that young person.

  21. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. More information: David Anderson, PDG, D 9790 District Trainer, 2012-13