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Susan Hennum Membership Growth Chair

Susan Hennum Membership Growth Chair. Division 10 Growth Summi t. Marshall Kregel Technology Chair. Jim Walther New Club Building Chair. This session is about CHANGE . . . Let’s look at how we can do that. S. S. Club Brochure. Attendees. Annual Membership Campaign.

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Susan Hennum Membership Growth Chair

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  1. Susan HennumMembership Growth Chair Division 10 Growth Summi t Marshall KregelTechnology Chair Jim WaltherNew Club Building Chair

  2. This session is about CHANGE . . . Let’s look at how we can do that . . . S S

  3. Club Brochure Attendees Annual Membership Campaign Send Newsletter to Public Facebook Page Club Membership Chair Monthly Newsletter Club Membership Committee Website 2 or more SLP Use Eliminate to recruit Monthly Service Projects Attendees Roster Analysis J

  4. DIVISION 10 S


  6. How Can You Flip Your Club? Are you having Fun and Learning? Do you have Future Leaders lined up? Is your club Interesting and what’s the Plan? S

  7. Overview F – Fun L – Learning/ Leadership I – Interesting P - Planning

  8. F is for FUN Fun meetings Fun events Fun members Fun service S

  9. Fun meetings Look at the smiles! Top 10 fun ways to get to know new members. Make meetings fun S

  10. Fun events New locations Social events Home hospitality S

  11. Fun members • Recognition and rewards • Special K or kudos • Stake your members! • District store rewards • Honor someone with an Eliminate Donation • Door Hangers S

  12. Fun service projects & events with SLPs • Volleyball with Key Club and CKI • Miniature golf with K-Kids and Builders Club • Kids Against Hunger • Ramp Building • Use your SLP to help with Fundraising for Eliminate! Partner with the Youth and split the Proceeds! S

  13. L is for Learning • New member orientation • District & Kiwanis International conventions • CLE – for presidents and secretary/treasurer • Webinars • Zone Conferences S

  14. OR……L is for Leadership • Have your Officer Team in place for at least 3 years out • Step up to Leadership in your club! • Be an Eliminate Project Club Coordinator • Be a Lt. Governor • Reach for a Dream ….Be a T/O Governor!!! S

  15. Interesting Programs Events People

  16. Planning • Succession planning – Have your leaders 3 years out! • Annual membership campaigns • Community Analysis • Club brochure • Business card invites • Great programs • Education/Webinars S


  18. Now That We Are Flipped How Do We Start our Membership Campaign? Appoint a Membership Chairman IS IT YOU??? S

  19. Who Should Be Your • Membership Chair? S

  20. WHAT DOES THE MEMBERSHIP CHAIR DO? • Motivate and inspire membersEnlist club members to serve on their committeeLead by exampleCreate fun and excitement around recruiting Have great attendanceBe a great communicatorBe positive and open to new ideasSkillful delegator J

  21. Things To Do First! • Set growth goals at the beginning • of each year. 25% Create an ongoing plan for recruitment of new members and retention Create and update new membership packets including volunteer interest form. Identify your Club Mission. J

  22. Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time. Defining Statement…… J

  23. Let’s Get Started! • Marshall Kregel….. • Why is Marketing and Media Important to Your Success? M

  24. Strong membership committee Community assessment Club member inventory Power Steps for Growth J

  25. Why Increase Industry Representation in Your Club? J

  26. Look At Your Membership Options? Traditional Members Those who can attend your weekly meetings. Do your dues include your meals?? Corporate Members Project Members (only for clubs who charge for meals) Pay for meals only when they attend. S

  27. Does Your Club Have A Website? . Do you have a QR code? Do you have a brochure and business card? S

  28. Club Brochure J

  29. Have Your Kiwanis Business Card Ready! Front This entitles you to one free dinner… White Rock Kiwanis Club Meets Tuesday at 6:30 pm on Thursday At Chubby’s Northwest Hwy & Jupiter Rd. Back We Save Lives! www.TheEliminateProject.org www.txok-kiwanis.org www.whiterockkiwanis.wordpress.com S

  30. Where can I get a list of organizations? Chamber of Commerce Local Government Websites Elected Officials Website Find a Church Website United Way Website—non-profits Compare List to Club Membership What industries/major organizations are missing What levels of representation are missing Develop contact lists for each industry Targeting Organizations J

  31. Preparation: (3-4 weeks) Organize club into industry specific networking teams Order promotional material Train teams on process Recruiting period (5-6 weeks) Hold a recruiting event (allow 1 week) Follow-up recruiting (4 weeks) Campaign Calendar J

  32. Set Up A Postcard to Recruit With! S

  33. Don’t Forget To Have Your Membership Applicationsand Criminal Background Checks S

  34. Create and update the club membership roster. Recognize and reward members often. Establish a regular schedule for new member orientation and induction. KIWANIS KOLLEGE S

  35. SHOW YOUR • KIWANIS PRIDE!!! Get people in your Neighborhood Talking! S

  36. Share Your Personal Story! • Ilove Kiwanis because it gives me the opportunity to serve those less fortunate. I feel like I really make a difference when I help collect shoes for the Shoes for Orphan Souls S

  37. How Do We Turn Speakers into Members??? Speaker’s Gift from District Store Thank you card with a donation to the Eliminate Project in the speaker’s name ALWAYS……. HAND THEM AN APPLICATION AND INVITE THEM TO RETURN! S

  38. Other Ideas to Increase Membership • Club satellites • Project Partnership Clubs • Corporate memberships • Social media: Facebook and Twitter • HAND THEM AN APPLICATION!!! S

  39. Are You On Linked-In? • Recent Study on Linked In Stated….. • Fewer boomers have been volunteering • Lately. One reason is their inability to find places where they can help out in a way that’s more meaningful – to themselves! J

  40. Plan Your Club’s Success • No one plans to fail . . . They just fail to plan. Planning for your club’s success will increase membership and retention. S

  41. Retention • Members will stay in a program when they are engaged and committed • However, they leave when factors discourage continued involvement • Nurturing relationships is worth • your time–the payoff is–they • become loyal members J

  42. Now That You Are ReadyWhere Do You Go For Help? • http://www.txok-kiwanis.com/ncb/ And….How do I use thisFantastic site??? J

  43. The District NCB Website: • Governor’s comments • The District NCB Team • Special Resources • Susan’s Membership Resources J

  44. Setup your UserID & Password Main Menu: Create Account J

  45. J

  46. J

  47. Thank You! Need Help??? Susan Hennum/Membership Growth Chair susan.hennum@hotmail.com Jim Walther/NCB Chairman j.walther@sbcglobal.net

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