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Company Profile 2013

Company Profile 2013

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Company Profile 2013

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  1. Company Profile 2013

  2. 1 2 3 Company Profile Product Introduction Industrial Solutions

  3. CompanyProfile Established in Singapore 1995 based on the simple concept of Modular & Flexible Conveyor Systems MODU USA Establish in 2010 to serve the markets of US, Canada, and Mexico Today, MODU System stands firmly among it’s competitor in providing Modular Conveyor Systems worldwide.

  4. We recognize that our customers and partners are a key to our business success and we embrace this relationship and treat them as members of our family We strive to ensure our customers satisfaction by providing superior products with outstanding quality attributes We conduct our business utilizing the highest ethical and professional standards Mission Statement

  5. Milestones • 1995Established Moduveyor in Singapore. • 1996 Launched MODU MM-M1 83mm model(Delta) • 1998 Established Moduveyor Head Quarters & Factory in Shah Alam, Malaysia. • 1999 Modu conveyor converted to MODU System • Launched MODU MS 63mm model. • 2000 Launched MODU MM M2 83mm & MX 305mm and ML 140mm.. • 2002 Launched MODU SL Crescent chain for Sushi • 2003 Awarded ISO ISO 9001: 2000 Certificate from UKAS • 2005 Launched MODU MM M3 83mm • 2006 Launched MODU MS S2 63mm • 2007 Establish MODU China and MODU Europe • 2008 Launched MODU SM Crescent chain for Sushi • Launched MODU ML2 140mm. • Launched MODU D Series (Stainless Steel Conveyor). • 2010 Established Modu System America • 2011 Launched (RWA) Rapid Width Adjust System • 2012 Launched Gripper Walk Under module, line access • 2012 Created website • 2013 Launched new Lift gate modules in 24” and 36” openings • 2013 Release of Mat Top conveyor planned for spring 2013, 14” • wide and 20” wide versions

  6. System America, llc

  7. Worldwide • Asia • MODU Malaysia • MODU China • Saudi Arabia • Egypt • Indonesia • Taiwan • Thailand • Vietnam • Japan • Singapore • India • UAE • North America • Canada • America • Mexico • Australia • Australia • Europe • MODU Europe, UK • Hungary • Poland • Austria • Legend • MODU System Company/Factory • MODU System Authorized Agent

  8. Quality Policy MODU System is committed to Quality Management System and aspires to be the leading producer of modular conveyor system through continual product development & quality improvement.

  9. To help distinguish the different types of conveyors, MODU has categorized its conveyor into SERIES. Presently, MODU has 3 different types of series. M Series (Aluminium Conveyor) D Series (Stainless Steel Conveyor) S series (Crescent Conveyor) Product Introduction

  10. The 5 standard sizes we offer are: MODU MS and DS (chain width: (63mm) (2.5”) MODU MM and DM (chain width: 83mm) (3.25”) MODU ML and DL (chain width: 140mm) (5.5”) MODU MX2 (chain width: 220mm) (8.7”) MODU MX1 (chain width: 300mm) (12”) MODU currently produces conveyor systems for a variety of industrial applications.

  11. Standard Components Vertical Bend Conveyor Chain Conveyor Accessories ConveyorBeam WheelBend GuideRail

  12. 74 76.5 63 65 85 140 M Series Diagrams below show the cross sectional view of MODU M Series conveyor beams MM Plain Chain ML Plain Chain MS Plain Chain Beam Slide Rail MODU MS MODU MM MODU ML

  13. Grippers Product Assortment S Gripper Alpine Overhead Conveyors Accumulator

  14. GripperConveyors Types of Gripper Conveyors C - Flow S - Flow Gripper Upender

  15. Walk Under Gripper

  16. Accumulator Before Product Accumulation AfterProductAccumulation

  17. The Rapid Width Adjust System is offered with manual hand crank, or automatic width adjust system . The automatic width adjust system uses a stepper control system to automatically change the rail settings. Adjustment process usually takes less than a minute. Automated side guide adjustment (RWA) Hand Crank version of (RWA) Automated side guide installed at straight section

  18. Applications Food & Packaging Industry Tea Cereal Metal Can Paper Can Confectionery Juice Margarine Snack Biscuit Soft Drink Ice Cream Accumulator

  19. PersonalProduct, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry Insect Repellant Body lotion Powder Detergent Eye care product Soap Bars Health Supplement Hospital Medical Dispenser Toothpaste Hair Care Product Applications

  20. Paper Converting Tissue Roll Wrapped bag Kitchen Towel Wrapped Bundle Applications

  21. Automotive & Machined Part Industry Applications Oil Filter Hard Disk Casing Bearing Door Winding Set Gear Wheel Air Conditioning Compressor

  22. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Audio & Video Battery Substrate Hard Disk Compact Disk Mobile Phone Applications Electronic & Electrical Industry

  23. Applications Alpine system with gripper infeed module

  24. D Series Thermoplastic Chain with Stainless Steel Structure for Dry Environments

  25. What is D series Conveyor? It is a new modular conveyor made of stainless steel frame which is equipped with standard MODU chain widths 63 mm (MS), 83 mm (MM), 140 mm (ML), and 220mm (MX2). The D Series conveyors are designed with similar concept as M Series, they are easy to install & reconfigure, flexible and reliable for your daily operation in production floor. From drive unit to idler end unit, this conveyor is built 100% from stainless steel, in order to meet the most stringent demands of our customers.

  26. There are 4 conveyor sizes available for D series to suit industrial needs: Conveyor Sizes Available DX DM DL DS Diagrams shown below are the cross sectional view of MODU D Series conveyor beams.

  27. D Series Conveyor Overview

  28. Applications MODU DM multiple straight section in dairy production.

  29. Applications MODU DL spiral conveyor for elevation.

  30. Industrial Solutions

  31. CompositeCanHandling Combined Polycord Conveyor Accumulator Can Cleaner C-Gripper

  32. Puck Handling Products Bi-directional Accumulation Table Gripper Elevator Puck Handling Serpentine Lowerator Modular Stainless Table Top Conveyor Alpine Puck Storage

  33. Puck Handling

  34. Optical Lens Handling To complete our systems we incorporate standard modules including Stop Gates, Lane Diverters, Side Tray Pushers, Tray Turners and Vertical Lifters. We are experienced in distributing to the worlds leading machines from companies like Automation & Robotics (A&R), Schneider Gmbh, Satisloh, and Nidek. We design and install system for the small lens manufacturer up to Specsavers and Nikon Optical.

  35. Paper Converting

  36. Tea Bags Packaging

  37. The End