lets get moving n.
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Lets get MOVING! PowerPoint Presentation
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Lets get MOVING!

Lets get MOVING!

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Lets get MOVING!

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  1. Lets get MOVING! Differentiated movement styles to include in a Physical Education Class Molly Napolitano Tech & Asses 9:25

  2. Benefits of including different exercises in Physical Education The types of exercise that will be introduced are examples of exercises students can learn while in the classroom and do on their own at home.

  3. Goal Get students interested in all kinds of movement that will work on their cardiovascular fitness.

  4. Equipment • Television ($199 Walmart) • Dvd Player ($20 Walmart)

  5. Zumba is up and coming in the workout industry. It is a constant movement exercise that is engulfed in dancing, and high energy. Why pick Zumba? This type of exercise really catches students interest and for students that love to dance, they wont even realize what a good workout they are receiving.

  6. Zumba Software ZumbaExhilarated body Shaping System- 4 DVD Set ($59.95) • Activate - A 45-Minute, Easy-to-Follow Class to Get You Started • Exhilarate - The Original Full-Length Fitness-Party Experience

  7. P90X P90X is a an all encompassing fitness plan. We will be using two of the discs provided in the workout pack, but the other discs will be used throughout the curriculum at different times.

  8. P90X Software P90X DVD ($39.95 +$19.95 S&H) • Disc 2 Plyometrics • Explosive jumping cardio routine proven to dramatically improve performance. • Disc 6 Kemp • cardiovascular workout with punching and kicking for endurance, balance, and coordination.

  9. Blood Pressure Cuff Blood Pressure Cuff • We will measure the blood pressure of the student prior to their exercise and right after exercise. • We can use these measurements to show students if they were working at their desired rate to either burn fat, build muscle, or work towards a performance (sport).

  10. Blood Pressure Cuff Medline Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitors (latex free) Item: 989353    Model: MDS20013 $43.99

  11. Overall Cost Approximatly $382.84+tax This is a one time cost. The equipment and software can be used for many years!

  12. Conclusion Overall the goal of this is to get students moving. Comparing the prices to the actual value of the equipment and software there is no comparison, the students cardiovascular health will be greatly improved, which there is no numerical value for, especially if they start to include these exercises at home, on a consistent basis.

  13. Thank You!