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  1. “WHEELS” An Exploratory Unit By Kathy, Mary Jo, Jim, & Terry

  2. GROUP OBJECTIVE: To give students exposure to the activities of riding a unicycle, riding a bicycle, skating with in-line skates, & skateboarding

  3. OPENING DAY ACTIVITY • Local talent exhibition • Fun Spot “Jam Skaters” & Local Extreme Skateboarding Talent • Demonstrations given • Question & answer time

  4. RIDING A UNICYCLE Objectives: • The student will be able to identify the parts of a unicycle • The student will be able to recite the safety rules for riding a unicycle • The student will be able to explain the technique of riding a unicycle Procedure: In teaching the unicycle unit, the following areas will be addressed: • Why ride a unicycle? • How did unicycling begin? • Where can a unicycle be bought? • Parts of a unicycle • How high should the seat be? • Safety rules & procedures • Different mounts • Technique of riding • Practice

  5. RIDING A UNICYLE Objective: • The student will attempt to ride a unicycle Procedure: • The students will review mounts, technique, and safety • The students will be taught where more information about unicycles can be found • The students will be able to practice riding the unicycle

  6. BMX BIKE TRICKS Procedure: • The students will get the chance to learn & practice BMX bike tricks with appropriate safety practices & gear FLATLAND TRICKS • Wheelies- Riding on a flat surface with the front wheel off the ground and pedaling the bike • Manual- Riding a wheelie without pedaling the bike • Bunnyhop- Pull up for a wheelie, then lean forward and pull the bike off the ground so the bike is hopping • Peg Leads- While riding a manual, the rider will push forward; this will level the bike out so it will be in the air

  7. BMX BIKE TRICKS Procedure: • The students will get the chance to learn and practice BMX bike tricks with appropriate safety practices & gear DIRT RAMP TRICKS • X-Up – While jumping in the air, turn the handlebar about 180 degrees and cross your arms. It is easier done with more speed and airtime • Tabletop – While jumping off a ramp, turn your handlebar 90 degrees as the bike is turned horizontal. Much easier with speed on the ramp and more airtime • Disco – The rider takes one hand and one foot off the bike while jumping off the ramp • Superman – The rider jumps the ramp and takes both feet off the pedals. Extend the feet behind the bike while in the air. Airtime needed! • Nothing – The rider jumps the ramp, and while in the air takes his hands and feet off the bike (just for a short time).

  8. INLINE/ROLLER SKATING Purpose: • To practice intermediate skating movements and drills, and to increase one’s confidence and enjoyment in skating Activities: • Warm-up free skate (loosens muscles) • Practice connecting turns using cones (benefits movement skills) • Practice forward crossovers using cones (benefits movement skills) • Interval skating: speed skating for 30 seconds followed by stroke & glide skating for 30 seconds for a period of 5 minutes (increases anaerobic energy levels)

  9. INLINE /ROLLER SKATING CHALLENGES & GAMES Purpose: • To use one’s skills & knowledge in a competitive atmosphere involving cooperation & teamwork Activities: • Cones: Speedskating, relay races, and course layout • Obstacle course: Set up a course using cones, chairs, and horizontal apparatus for skaters to go under • Limbo contest: Using music & a pole, have students skate under the pole without touching it (various heights) • Shoot the duck: When the music stops, all skaters glide on one skate without any assistance until the last skater is still moving • Chariot races: - One partner squats down low while the other pushes from behind as they complete two laps

  10. SKATEBOARDING Objectives: • Students will learn terminology associated with skateboarding • Students will be able to identify safety procedures associated with skateboarding (including safety gear) • Students will gain insight into skateboarding by viewing and listening to an expert in the field • Students will be able to explain the technique of riding a skateboard • Students will be able to identify the parts of a skateboard Procedure: • Students will view :”Tony Hawk’s Trick Tips Volume 1 – Skateboarding Basics” • Students will be given a chance to discuss the viewing afterwards • Students will be reminded to apply what they learn during the next session

  11. SKATEBOARDING Objectives: • Students will develop an appreciation for riding a skateboard • Students will be able to see & wear the necessary safety gear used while skateboarding • Students will be given the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned by actually attempting to ride a skateboard • Students will be able to ask someone with a fair amount of skateboarding experience questions Procedure: • A local person with skateboarding ability, skills, and knowledge will be asked to assist students as they are given the opportunity to ride a skateboard • Proper safety gear will be worn • Safety procedures and technique will be stressed • This will be done on the blacktop playground • Time will be given to practice

  12. CLOSING ACTIVITY: Field trip to local skate park Objectives: • Students will be given an opportunity to visit a place designed specifically for riding skateboards, skating, etc. • Students will be given the chance to apply knowledge/skills learned from this exploratory opportunity • Students will have the opportunity to see others attempt to sharpen their skills • Students will have the opportunity to interact with others who have this interest Procedure: • Students will obtain a permission/consent form • Students must return the permission/consent form with a parent/guardian signature • Students will be reminded of behavior expectations • Students will be responsible for proper attire and gear • Students will be bussed to the skate park • Students will be given time to skate/skateboard with supervision