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Safe at Home PowerPoint

Safe at Home PowerPoint

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Safe at Home PowerPoint

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  1. By: Sam A. Safe at Home PowerPoint

  2. Response • For my response I am doing summaries of some characters.

  3. Nick Crandall • Nick Crandall: Nick was adopted at the age of 9. He really loves baseball. He is the catcher for the JV Hayworth Tigers. But he gets the opportunity of a lifetime. In the 7th grade he gets called up to play for the Varsity team because their catcher, Bobby Mazzilli, broke his arm.

  4. Gracie Wright • Gracie Wright: Gracie is one of Nick’s best friends. She lives across the street from Nick. She almost stays at the Crandall’s house more than her own. She always helps Nick with things.

  5. Mrs. Crandall • Mrs. Crandall: Is Nick’s mom that was the one that adopted Nick. She is a math professor. So she is always telling Nick you should always do your homework first. Especially math. She is not a sports fan but she tries to learn about sports for Nick.

  6. Mr. Crandall • Mr. Crandall: Also is one of the people that adopted Nick. He is a professor in English. So he is also telling Nick to do his homework. Especially English. He will sometimes help Nick with his English homework. He is not a big sports fan but tries to watch it for Nick

  7. Exploration • I am doing a question game. The winner will get a prize.

  8. Question 1 • Who does Nick replace at Varsity? • A. Joe Mauer • B. Russell Martin • C. Bobby Mazzilli • D. Alex Avila

  9. Question 2 • Who was the family that was going to adopt Nick but didn’t? (most of you won’t know this) • A.Mr. and Mrs. Boyd • B. Mr. and Mrs. Wells • C. Mr. and Mrs. Williams • D. Mr. and Mrs. Adams

  10. Question 3 • Who are Nick’s TWO best friends? • A. Gracie and Joe • B. Jack and Gracie • C. Jack and Joe • D. Gracie and Frank

  11. Question 4 • How did Nick become the catcher for Varsity? • A. Somebody hit the catcher in the stomach • B. The catcher broke his leg running • C. The catcher broke a bone in his wrist • D. The catcher got cancer and cant play

  12. Tie Breaker Question • What game did Mr. and Mrs. Wells take Nick to? • A. Mets against Detroit • B. Detroit against Braves • C. Mets against Braves • D. Mets against Tampa Bay