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Humpback Whales PowerPoint Presentation
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Humpback Whales

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Humpback Whales
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Humpback Whales

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  1. Humpback Whales Do you want to know facts about Humpback Whales? Well swim on over and a take look. By Heaven

  2. Habitat Now I am telling you about the habitat of a Humpback whale. The habitat is North Atlantic Ocean. In the summer the whales head to cooler water .

  3. Classification First I will tell you about the classification. Humpback Whale’s breathe through lungs every day. They are mammals because they are born alive. They have tiny pieces of hair.

  4. Life Cycle Finally did you know whales’ life cycle starts over and over? First stage is fighting. Once the female finds its mate it mates. The female is pregnant 10-12 months. The whale haves 1 calf a year. The calf is born tail first. The birth is shorter because the baby has to breath the air.

  5. Food and Feeding Thirdly, I am talking about food and feeding of Humpback whales. The Humpback whale eats plankton or fish the Humpback whale gulps up water then sprays it out leaving the fish. The Humpback whale eats very tiny fish.

  6. Adaptations Did you know there are a lot of Humpback whale adaptations let me share one with you. In the early winter whales are ready for migration they go to easternAustralia for winter. A tail of a whale is called a fluke it helps it swim.

  7. conclusion Now you know facts about Humpback Whales I hope you learned more about it.

  8. Resources Watching Whales Whales and Dolphins By John F. Waters by Robin Kerrod