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Digital Campus over IP, Smart Education over Cloud

Digital Campus over IP, Smart Education over Cloud. - Huawei “Smart University”Solution. Understanding. ICT is changing the traditional education …. Essence of Educational Informatization : Deep integration between ICT and “Teaching, Learning, Research”. Educational Infrastructure.

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Digital Campus over IP, Smart Education over Cloud

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  1. Digital Campus over IP, Smart Education over Cloud - Huawei “Smart University”Solution

  2. Understanding ICT is changing the traditional education …

  3. Essence of Educational Informatization: Deep integration between ICT and “Teaching, Learning, Research” Educational Infrastructure Smart Teaching Smart Opration Smart Management Smart Collaboration Smart Energy Smart Library Smart Research Supporting layer of “Internet of Things”: Information open platform, cloud computing platform, service support platform; application School connection with broadband; Class connection with better resource; Human connection with learning space; App Layer Support Platform Management Center of “Internet of Things” Resource Center of “Internet of Things” Network Layer Network Location Seamless Network ICT Perception Layer , Low Power Consumption, Low Cost Perception Connection Intelligence Perception, Identification, Information Strong Perception • Enable the campus with overall perception and fast response • The overall perception over the campus • Campus information concentration • Efficient commandtransferring • Rapid emergency response • Excellent services for the faculty and students • Covering the areas of teaching, research, live • Enjoying the convenient services with new technology • Supporting the vision of smart city • Energy-saving, emission reduction • Environmental protection • Renewable resources • Improving the management level and decision making • Comprehensive analysis • Deep insight • Accurate decision

  4. How does ICT change the traditional education? Research 90% No Passive Learning No fixed classroom • Practice • 75% • Discussion • 50% • Audiovisual • 20% Interactive multimedia teaching Virtual Learning Community • Reading • 10% Lecture 5% 3 No faraway Knowledge Education for 21st century 2 4 Digital Library 1 5 No hidden teacher No inefficient management Cloud learning Principal’s Dashboard • Oral Communication • Face to Face ICTEnablingSmarter Education • Textbook • School, Library • School, Family • Single Information Sending • E-Book, E-Dictionary • Information Flooding • PersonalizedResource • 5A Learning Environment

  5. National Strategy drives Education Informationization • " e-Strategy " in 2005 : Changing the children's learning and service form with the Informationization ";; • In 2008, British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA ) launched the " next generation learning movement " ( 2008-2014) • 2008, the “Golden Teaching project”; • 2012, “10 year development planning of the Education Informationization ": learning society; fair education, quality education, lifelong education; accelerating the construction of education information infrastructure; Northern America Western Europe Eastern Europe Latin America Asia Pacific MEA Japan 24.3~ 26.5 15.1~ 18.7 2.1~ 2.6 2.6~ 3.5 12.8~ 17.3 3.9~ 4.8 3.3~ 3.4 25 Bn $ 20 Bn $ 10 Bn $ Bridging the "digital divide" Eliminate the " Information Islands " 5.0 Bn $ 2.0Bn $ • In 2000, " National Educational Technology Plan ", the information expressway; • In 2010, a new " National Educational Technology Plan 2010": Learning powered by technology 0 Bn $ SRC:Gartner,2011 Q3 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 The global increasing investment in education information(2011~2015) • 2012: global educational informationization investment reached $68.7Bn/Yr, 2015: May reach $76.9Bn/Yr, CAGR 3.8%; • China: During the 12th five-year plan, total education informationization investment will exceed 320 Billion CNY; By 2015, broadband network coverage for all the schools, over 1Gbps bandwidth for university, over 100Mbps bandwidth for primary and secondary schools, over 2 Mbps for the remote schools; Multimedia Distance Education equipments for 75% rural schools, digital campus coverage rate of 50%; • In 1996, the education informationization overall plan with 3 phases; • In 2011, launched a fourth phase plan of the comprehensive educational information

  6. “Smart”to be the future trend of University Informatization (~1998) (~2006) (2010~) (~2009) 1 2 4 3 Integrated Connected Digital Smart • Smart teaching and research • Smart school management • Smart live • Smart operation • Cloud Computing • Internet of Things • Ubiquitous wireless • IPV4 / IPV6 • Smart Perception / Control • Digital School Affairs • Digital Teaching • Digital Research • Discrete applications • Broadband network • Multiple Application • Business Integration • Network Convergence • Internet IPV4 • One-way control • LAN • Connected Network • PC • Simple Apps

  7. “Smart”Practicesof International Universities • Multiple applications’ integration through RFID: Student Card, building access control, library service, school bus service, electric consumption, network authentication and payment. • Integration of PennyCard and mobile SIM card: Convenient mobile service of PennyCard’s replacement. "Smart" Construction • Integrate the campus resource, establish a "cloud computing " platform; • On demand service: Desktop, Class, Server, Subcloud, HPC, etc.; • Free services of providing the teaching resource, application software, and online storage to the faculty and students. "Smart" Construction • Integration with bank card functions: PennyCash, supporting small payment; Using as a debit card; with PNC Bank magnetic stripe; • Being a souvenir card after graduation: After graduation, PennyCard could become alumni card, a discount card; VCLDesktop (SingleSeat) VCL Server (Servers) VCLClass (Multiple Synched Seats) Campus card of Pennsylvania University Highlights Principal dashboard of California University • ILow cost: 75% cost reduction of the software License, and 150% utilization rate increasing of the applications; • Flexibility: More flexible transferring among teaching, research, management, and better satisfaction; • High efficiency: improve the utilization of the server and computer; Smart University xaaS Platform • Ubiquitous Network: " Internet of things", real-time sensing the core business operation; • BI system: Integration of all campus data, mining, and trend prediction; • DSS platform: In emergencies, DSS supports the scientific decision through the intuitive dashboard panel. VCLAgent "Smart" Construction Cloud Research of North Carolina State University Super Computer Blade Servers Mini Computer Broadband wireless campus of Hong Kong University Storage • Wireless connection at a high-speed: 802.11n upgrading, 6 times of wireless access rate, to realize the ubiquitous and broadband campus; • Intelligent unified management: Unified management over wired and wireless accessing, user accessing, service identification, and the backbone network equipment, to improve management efficiency and reduce TCO. • Crisis management: Crisis prevention, response and disposal; • Innovative applications: The fine management and service through the real-time perception of student information, such as: Alarming when a student doesn’t appear in the campus over 48 hours. • Potential benefits: Better risk rating. Highlights VCLHPC (HPC Clusters) VCLSubCloud (Environment)

  8. The typical development ideas from the universities • Perception: To present the knowledge and the decision through the analysis among the perception information from the participants in organization environment. • Philosophy: From " Resource-based view " + " Information-based view " to ' " knowledge-based view" and " management-based view “ • Applications: E-Learning, E-Research, E-Management, E-Service, E- Living • Sharing: Isolated information islands are better than dead information islands. Tsinghua University: KM-based “5E” Tongji University: Smart Tongji Smart University Zhejiang University: Smart Campus • Intelligence: logically judgment by the analysis of the elements, such as high temperature, high power consumption • Perception: Obtaining the basic information from the neural elements, such as ambient temperature, energy consumption • Control : Controlling by the defined interactive and controlling policy, such as temperature adjustment, energy adjustment. • “Three Networks” Convergence and wireless campus • Perception and Control over the campus equipment • Smart application system. • Smart Campus to be a part of Smart City Nanjing University of Post and Telecommunication: ”Internet of Things”-based Smart Campus • Integration: Overall integration among people, campus, information system. • Service: Perception service, management service, teaching and learning service, and research service. • Operation: School card, wireless campus and safe campus.

  9. Features and ICT elements of Smart University Features of Smart University ICT elements of Smart University Internet of Things( M2M/WSN ) Convenient Network Access Cloud Computing(VDI/HPC) Thing to Thing University Resource Planning(URP) Timely Turn off Make Campus Safe Reduce the energy cost Campus Card Wireless Broadband(3G/LTE/WLAN) Data Mining(BI) Human to thing Timely Warning Principal Dashboard(PDB) Make Campus healthy and stable Energy saving, Environment Protection Unified Communication Integration by All IP Experts Knowledge Storehouse(EKS) System to System Traffic Control Decision Support System(DSS) Scientific Decision Safe Campus Green Energy Intelligence Timely Control Thorough perception ( Cloud computing ) Advanced Teaching / Research Smart University Convenient Living Interconnection SOA Computing perception (WSN) (IP) Ubiquitous Connection Internationalization prove the service for the staff University brand Improve students' satisfaction Convenient services Quality of teaching and research Accurate decision making Smart Management Protect the assets High operational efficiency Fast Emergencies Response Reduce the managementcost

  10. Smart Elements in University Management Principal High Management Efficience Timely and Accurate Decision Excellent Operation Call Center Office Collaboration Principal Dashboard URP IT Director ICTInfrastructure IT Trend Integrated Network Integrated Platform Integrated Management IPEvolution Cloud Computing Internet of Things Network Integration Management Center Wireless Broadband Network Security Behavior Management Faculty and Students • Smart Analysis • HD Video Surveillance • Multi-system interaction • Mobile Remote control Safe Comfortable Multi-media Asset Manager Environment Monitoring Energy Monitoring Safe Campus Smart Hospital Campus Card Production, Operation Teaching, Research, Living Smart Canteen Smart Dormitory E-Library Advanced Research Smart Traffic Advanced Teaching

  11. Summary(1/2):Cloud, Connection, Perception Integrated, Perceptible University Traditional IT Status Cloud Resource Center 220V AC Lan Switch Short-focus projector IP/Eth. Computer podium Whiteboard / curtain 220V AC Interactive TV Remote Mangement DVB/DMB TV PA IP Teaching CCTV Cable TV Interactive Class CCTV CCTV Energy Monitoring CobraNet CCTV Remote Class Campus PA Campus PA

  12. Summary(2/2):Build the 21st century university by ICT Advanced Teaching (~1998) Connected Smart Management University Campus Green Energy (2006) Digital Comfort Living (2009) Integrated (2010~) Safe Campus Smart Smart Education over “Cloud” Digital Campus over “Network”

  13. Solution Digital Campus over IP, Smart Education over Cloud

  14. E2E Smart University Solution • Remote Virtual Class • Online Learning • E-Library • Virtual simulation • Security Monitoring • Asset Management • Emergency Dispatch • Order management Advanced Research Safe Campus Education Resource Center Intelligent Control Center • Energy Management • Environment Control Green Energy Campus Network • Wireless Campus • Campus Card • Broadcasting • Principal Dashboard • Office Collaboration • Behavior managemnet Convenient Living Smart Management Dormitory Teaching Building Admin building Playground Library

  15. Smart University Solution Panorama Campus B Multi-media Class Multi-media Class Multi-media Classroom E-Library E-Library Public Service E-Library Inter-School Backbone Network Campus Network Campus Network Green Campus Green Campus Campus Network Energy Control Digital School Affairs Resource Sharing Teacher/Research Ofice Teacher/Research Office Inter-School Backbone Network Teaching/Research Office …… Teaching Teaching Resource Resource Management Management Teaching Resource Management Cloud Computing Center Inter-School Backbone Network Interactive Calss Office Collaboration Office collaboration Interactive Class Office Collaboration Interactive Class Wireliess Campus Wireless Campus Wireless Campus Safe Campus Safe Campus Safe Campus Campus Z Campus A

  16. 4 Layers of Smart University Solution Digital Campus Smart Education Cloud E-Schoolbag Interactive Classroom Teaching/Research Smart Management Convenient Living Safe Campus Green Campus • VDI/BYODubiquitous learning • Unified access, unified policy, unified management • iCloud Center: Education resource sharing • iLearning Classroom: Cloud learning • iManage: Cloud school office • …… • Converged networks, ubiquitous access; • Intelligent control, easy, cost saving, trouble-free • Smart operation, efficient, safe, green and convenient;; • Intelligent cloud edge, wired and wireless unified accessing • Interactive classroom, active learning Smart Education Cloud (iCloudEdu) 智慧云教育 Digital Campus (iCampus) Teaching Teaching Evaluation 教学 评价 共享 Resource Resource Sharing 资源 Management Management Decision 管理 决策 Teacher Community 教师 智慧校园 教师 Students Community 教师社区 Home School Connection 教师 家长 学生 E-Schoolbag (iBag) Smart Campus 学生社区 家校通 智慧校园 家长 学生 Parents 家长 学生 教师 互动教室 家长 学生 Interactive Classroom (iClassroom) 智慧教室 互动教室

  17. Solution: 5 typical Features of Smart University Advanced Teaching/Research Green Energy Convenient Living Safe Campus Smart Management

  18. Teaching/Research(1/3): Cloud-based Teaching, Research, Resource Sharing • No Hardship in Research: Collection and sharing of the innovative ideas; Experimental group learning and workshop • No fixed classroom: Remote and interactive “Cloud” classroom; “Cloud” learning at anytime and anywhere. • No faraway knowledge: “Cloud” library to enable on-demand information access at anytime and anywhere. • No hidden teacher: Wide connection, distance education, international training. • No inefficient management: Integrate the scattered servers and computers to work efficiently and reduce the maintenance cost. Resource Sharing Interactive Classroom Interactive Classroom Interactive Classroom Interactive Classroom Resource Sharing Resource Sharing Resource Sharing Smart Shoolbag Smart Schoolbag Smart Schoolbag Smart Schoolbag E-School E-School E-School E-School Region/HQ Education Center Cloud Edge Cernet/Telco Cloud Edge Cloud Edge Branch Campus Center Branch Campus Center Cloud Edge Branch Campus Center Green Partner’s App Partner’s App Partner’s App Partner’s App Dormitory Library Travel Office Classroom Smart Management Center Smart Management Center Smart Man. Center Smart Management Center eSDK eSDK eSDK eSDK NMS NMS NMS NMS SDN SDN SDN SDN eSight eSight eSight eSight CCS CCS CCS CCS UC UC UC UC CC CC CC CC TP TP TP TP IVS IVS IVS IVS Virtulization/Cloud OS Virtulization/Cloud OS Virtulization/Cloud OS Virtualization/Cloud OS Computing Computing Computing Computing Storage Storage Storage Storage Connection Connection Connection Connection DC Infrastructure DC Infrastructure DC Infrastructure DC Infrastructure

  19. Scenario Solution Customer Value Teaching/Research (2/3): Interactive Classroom, to Change traditional teaching Smart Control Center Online Exam Classroom Classroom DC Environment Remote Control Troubleshooting Auto. Upgrade Energy Monitoring Cloud Edge Classroom Campus Network Internet Education DC Cloud Edge Cloud Edge Classroom Cloud Edge • Classrooms, training rooms, laboratory, multimedia rooms; • Remote Exam. Monitoring \ Interactive Teaching • Environmental Adjustment\ Remote Management • Effectively resolve the problems of online teaching and online exam • because of network failure; • Unifed access and management of multi-media equipments in classroom, • interactive teaching, then to improve the teaching quality; • Class Cloud Edge: integrated access of teaching equipments • School Cloud Edge: Intelligent caching, intelligent synchronization • , intelligent control, multi-class collaboration.

  20. Teaching/Research (3/3):Smart Schoolbag, to connect to learning space anywhere and anytime! Unified Access Control Management (UACM) Unified Policy Management (UPM) VDI EducationResource Network Classroom LSW Pad Mobile Classroom AP BYOD Unified Access (CloudEdge) Playground AP/AC BYOD RestrictedInternet Home/Dormitory Unified Device Management (MDM) Firewall PC

  21. Convenient Living(1/4): Wireless broadband, web surfing anytime and anywhere Scenario • All Coverage:The application spaces of Office, Teaching, Vistor, Meeting and training Authentication Server eSightNM Cernet/Internet Solution AC • Double access, double billing; • Dual-band wireless relay network, saving cost, and fast installation; • Wired and wireless integrated network, unified operation; • User and user group based security authentication and control; 3G/LTE PoESwitch PoESwitch 3G/LTE Access Switch AR G3+Fit AP AR G3+Fit AP Customer Value • Mobile Network, Mobile Business • Flexible authentication, strong security; • Integrated operation and maintenance, efficient management • Converged network, ubiquitous coverage Playground Parking Lot Warehouse Canteen Office Laboratory

  22. Convenient Living (2/4):No.1 network throughput, 20% coverage improvement Intelligent empty resource allocation according to the signal quality Intelligent terminal signal dispatching technology Intelligent antenna technology Intelligent Antenna Traditional Antenna -75dbm 20% -80dbm AP 1 Lower APnumber 2 1 2 Directional coverage, <-80dbm Force the terminal offline <-75dbm Limit more access 3 3 20% 1 5 4 No 1 throughput! Noenterprise-class 802.11ac Gigabit AP Better efficiency when more users Huawei Modeling test results of Telecom Design Institute Huawei Upstream • 1.3Gbps@5G,to meet the coverage of high density, broadband • 3*3 11n/11ac intelligent antenna to improve the throughput Huawei Downstream Competitor Upstream Competitor Downstream AP7120DN Users Bandwidth Huawei has effectively applied the advanced wireless technologies into the enterprise with the 20 years’wireless experience in Carrier.

  23. Convenient Living (3/4):Fast installation, to improve 6 times deployment efficiency 2 Persons,45 Minutes 1 Person,15Minutes Free screws, quick pole Humane handle Twist 6timesEfficiency Hang • Construction time shortenby 30% • Maintenance problems decreased by 20%

  24. Convenient Living (4/4):POE bearing AP, saving energy by 20% Effect Scenario Network Solution AP intensive coverage • 48/24Ports POE Switch • Centralized power supply network Teaching Building Low-carbon Strategy During1:00~6:00,POE Switch automatically turn off AP AP S3700 AP AP • 8Ports POE Switch • Centralized power supply network AP Sparse coverage Playground Metro AP S2700 • Power Saving Effect • Annual Energy Saving Per AP:5Hours×15W×365=27KWh • 140,000 KWH energy saving per 5000AP for a year AP AC APSparse coverage • 8 Ports POEMDU • Centralized power supply network Dormitory AP MA5626 AP

  25. Green Energy(1/2): Energy monitoring, to build a green campus Key areas monitoring Key load monitoring Energy warning system • Real-time load monitoring of energy consumption • Analysis of dynamic load energy consumption • Load management control • Fine power management • Real-time monitoring • Monitoring over equipment operation • Real-time control energy consumption • The critical event log • Predefine energy warning value • Automatic warning • Integrate with OA, eSpace Lab Lighting Warning • Obtain the latest status about the energy • excessive consumption • Timely adjust the energy consumption • structure • Enhance energy management efficiency • To monitor the energy consumption • Identification of abnormal energy consumption • Energy monitoring of key equipment in Campus • Electric power data supporting at peak period Notification HAVC Data Center Scenario Solution Customer Value • Mainly used in the classroom, office space, data center; • Areas without the accurate statistics of energy consumption. • Low unit informationization about the energy consumption • Unable to identify abnormal energy consumption Achieve green energy through energy consumption monitoring and energy efficiency management over the key equipment in key areas in campus based on AMI and data network. • Master the energy consumption, and improve energy efficiency • Effectively achieve energy conservation, and lower operating costs • Identify abnormal energy consumption, and improve energy management

  26. Green Energy(2/2):Campus energy monitoring solution Legacy System External System User Service Portal Energy Consumption Management Energy Analysis Energy Billing Requirement Management 3Rd Part Apps Balance Settlement OA Integration Interface (eSDK) CRM ETRM MDMS Acquisition system Energy Control Sys. EMS OSS Meter Management Aggregation gateway (DCP) GIS 中心数据库 SRP/URP Carrier Network Campus Network Field Network Protocols Data Collection Unit (DCU) Data Collection Unit (DCU) Data Collection Unit (DCU) Lon Works KNX DLMS/COSEM Field Network Field Network Field Network M-BUS M2M XML OPC UA Heating Heating Water Zigbee Gas Power Heating Water Gas Gas Water Power Power Campus Master Meter Living Place Office/Teaching Building

  27. Safe Campus(1/2): HD Video Surveillance, covering every corner with Security Scenario Solution Customer Value By Time By Event By Picture Feature • Traditional video surveillance is lack of the function of early warning. • Low efficiency to search the evidence when query. Tripwire Detection Intrusion Detection Related information library Video information extracting Searching • Timely warning to improve event processing efficiency • Change Security monitoring from passive to active Fast locate the target video by a variety of smart ways, and greatly enhance the efficiency of post-verification Lost Leave Over • Intelligent Analysis: perimeter intrusion, abnormal objects retention, • license plate recognition, face recognition, people counting • Intelligent Search: Searching the video information in a variety of ways • Change the monitoring from passive to active, and • enhance the scope and efficiency of the alarm • Searching smart and fast locate the target video, • to greatly enhance the efficiency of post-verification. • Monitoring over the campus perimeter and key areas. • Security staff to stare at the screen and do the real-time monitoring • Playback and manually identify the evidence.

  28. Safe Campus(2/2):HD Video Surveillance Network Front-end Surveillance Center IPC Keyboard Lobby Decoder Analog Camera Big Screen TV Wall Corridor Front-end Campus Network IPC V1300N Management Unit Campus Gate Analog Camera V1300N Acquisition Unit Remote Monitoring Path Client Parking Lot Elevator Canteen Campus perimeter

  29. Internet Smart Management(1/3): Office Collaboration, Better Experience Cross-sector Collaboration Medical Enterprise Finance University Transportation MOE Collaboration BYOD Mobility Mobile Client Pad Thin Client PCClient HD Camera Video Terminal IP Phone Huawei Mobile Office Collaboration Platform • Collaboration Software Pushmail Browser • Unified Meeting VDI • IP Voice School Applications • TP • IPCC • Unified Message Customization by University or Third-Party MEAP ( Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) URP/CRM DB Customer App CSApp BSApp

  30. Smart Management (2/3):Multiple terminals, an unified meeting; Multiple scenarios, a better experience 1. Integrate UC and TP, to implement the collaboration of voice, data, video and high-definition video . 2、Consistent video experience of phone, Pad, IP phone, PC and TP, to enable the peer-to-peer video communication. PadClient TP Meeting Room Mobile Client PC(Full Video Mode) PC(Data+Video)

  31. APP APP APP APP Win Linux Win Linux Desktop Smart Management (3/3):VDI enables Mobile Office Same desktop, Same Data, Same Experience Mobile office, Same Desktop Non-stop cloud desktop to enable your mobile office anywhere and anytime • Data and desktop are running in the centralized data center, and users could switch the terminal freely without any stop of the applications.

  32. To Enable: Advanced ICT architecture boosters smart Campus Perceptible Intelligent Connected (Internet of Things) (Cloud Computing) (Ubiquitous Broadband)

  33. "Terminal-Pipe-Cloud" Collaborative Smart University Solution Smart Campus Apps Smart Control Center(eSight) Convenient Living Teaching/Research Safe Campus Green Energy Smart Management MARS CEBP VAN …… Video Exam. Inspecting Energy Monitoring eCard Campus Security E-Lab Dual Video Env. Monitoring Office Collaboration E-Preparation Smart Classroom Principal Dashboard Home to School Interactive Class Auto config. Load Balancer Deep Test Fireproof VLANSetting Intrusion Prevention Authentication Billing Topology Management QoSConfig. Intrusion Detection Resource Management Dual Video E-Library App Integration Platform Community E-Schoolbag Virtual Training Room Net Management System (NMS) Unified Control (SDN) eSDK E-Preparation Room Openflow Openstack SNMP Service Enabling Platform Smart Office T.P/VC UC CC IVS MiniVDI VDI VMs Safe Campus Cloud Edge Cloud Edge Campus Network Unified Exchange Unified Computing Unified Storage Energy Control ModularDC ContainerDC MicroDC Terminal Cloud Pipe

  34. Network Solution of Smart University School HQ Cloud Center Satellite Communications Satellite Communications Virtual University Branch School Mobile private network Satellite private network Multi-media Classroom Mobile private network Satellite private network Multi-media Classroom 3G/LTE Cloud Edge Cloud Edge Cloud Edge Management Service Resource Cloud Edge 3G/LTE (Center) (Center) (Classroom) (Classroom) Load Balancer Smart Synchronization Transparent migration Cloud Edge Cloud Edge Campus A (School) Campus Z (School) Campus-DC Campus-DC (Mobile)Network/Training/Preparation Classroom (Mobile)Network/Training/Preparation Classroom Cloud Edge Cloud Edge Cloud Edge (School) Campus B (Classroom) (Classroom) Campus-DC Campus Network Cloud Edge Cloud Edge (Security) Cloud Edge Cloud Edge (Security) Cloud Edge (Classroom) (E-Library) (Security) E-Library E-Library Teaching Teaching Teaching Resource Resource Resource Management Management Management Cloud Edge Cloud Edge (Library) (Library) (Mobile)Network/Training/Preparation Classroom E-Library

  35. High flexibility, high stability of the Education Cloud Infrastructure Cloud OS Open • Support multiple cloud OS(GalaX, VMware & Citrix) • Open eSDK,to support the customization of 3th party iMeanag iService iResearch iLive iLearn Open Application Programming Interface(eSDK) Leading • Advanced DC Core Switch with 2~4 times industry performance • No 1 TBps Firewall with 6 times industry performance Virtualization Cloud Storage Elastic Data Analysis Cloud Desktop Cloud Server Automation Agile • Industry's largest VM management capability (100K VM) • Large DC deployment cycle shortened from 1 year to 3 months; Only 1 week for Mini DC; ManageOne Data Center Management Hardware Storage Server Network Security Green • L1 & L2 linkage saves power consumption by 40% • PUE from 2.5~3.0to 1.3~1.6 Infrastructure Modular DC Container DC Mini DC

  36. Full Range of IT Product Portfolio • 200+ Server Integration FusionCube Integrated Infrastructure • Desktop Cloud Education Cloud Solution X8000Rack Server N8000 ES3000SSD Card HVS85T/88T • 50~200 Server E9000Blade E6000Blade Cloud DC Dorado2100 4U 4S / 8U 8S Storage UDS Mini-VDI RH5885 V2 2U 4S Container DC Data Center RH2485 V2 2U 2S X6000 for DC 1U 2S Dorado5100 S6800T S5800T RH1288 V2 Modular DC Mini DC S5600T S2200T RH2285 V2 RH2288 V2

  37. Ubiquitous and integrated distributed intelligent network architecture Security Intelligence Integration, Ubiquitous Evolution Smart Management Center • Fully support IPv6; • Evolution from IPv4 to IPv6 H2H Network Management (NMS) Centralized Control Center (CCS) • Perceptible Network(DNI、SDN);Fine Operation( DPI、iCache、QoS) • 3D Visual Intelligent Management Center • Intelligent environmental and energy management • Multi-dimensional network security technology • HD video surveilance • ALLIP,multi-network convergence; Wireless broadband coverage • Multi-service integration; Unified authentication and billing Control Plane Teaching Network (eSight) Openflow SNMP Research Network Smart Awareness M2M eSpace, PBX, T.P, IVS, LB/FW, etc.) Cloud Edge Security Network Cloud Edge DataPlane Smart Connection (Eth, IP/MPLS) Living Network Campus Network, Cloud Center Network (H2H, M2M) Broadcast Network A physical network virtualizes multiple logical networks !

  38. Full range of campus network product portfolio Full Range of IPProduct and Solution NIP2000/5000 eSight : Unified Management Core Router Router& WiFI NE40E- X3/X8/X16 Firewall/UTM SSL VPN IDS/IPS Service gatewayBRAS NE20E-X6 NE5000E Access router- AR G3 DC Switch Campus Core Switch 10GE Aggregation Switch GE Access Switch 100M Access Switch SMBSwitch Eudemon 200E/1000E/8000E SVN 2000/5000 ME60 X3/X8/X16 AR 1200 AR 2200 AR 200/150 AR 3200 CloudEngine12800 CloudEngine 5800/6800 S7700 S6700 S3700 S3700POE S9700 S1700 S2700 S2700POE S5700/S5710 Switch Access& Security& Service Gateway & Wireless MSTP/Hybrid MSTP xPON Microwave WDM ONT MxU OLT OSN1800 OSN3800 OSN6800 OSN8800 Metro100/1000 OSN 500/550 OSN1500 RTN910 RTN950 RTN980 OSN2500 OSN3500/7500/9560 HG80x0/ 81xx/82xx MA560x/ MA568x MA561x /2x/3x MA5652 /62/69 Optical transmission & microwave WiFi AP WiFi AC AP6310SN ACU For S9700/S7700 AP6010 SN/DN AP6510DN/ AP6610DN AP7110DN AC6605

  39. Unified visual management, Easy, Cost Saving, Trouble-free Auto-discovery Real-time Display Flexible Definition Unified View Manage the campus network resource with the unified topology view of IT & IP. • Presents sub-graph, NE, link, network element status to show the last network status timely • Save NE position with user information, support the topological background image and the customized icon, and show campus structure at a glance. • Automatically discover network resources ; • create the network connection without any manual intervention. Unified Maintenance Platform Intelligent Management Center (eSight) Visual Management

  40. Trust Working together , Building Smart Campus together !

  41. Focus on education ICT pipe Branch River Campus Network Security Cloud DC Wireless Cloud DC Yellow River Education MAN Yangtze Education Backbone Network UC&C CCTV Security TP(Video Meeting) Pacific Ocean

  42. Serve Education Customer with Carrier Industry Strength Technology Strength in Telecom Smart University ICTSolution Service-driven ICT Architecture Wireless Campus BYOD Cloud DC No.3 IP Safe Campus UC&C Unified Management ALL-IP Integration No.2 No.1 Cloud Class Mobile Fixed Network Campus Wire & Wireless Network Cloud Learning Security E-School Affairs Only one telecommunication solution provider who ranks in top 3 in the above three areas Server & Storage E-Library

  43. To provide E2E Smart University Solution with Partners SI Local SI Teaching Evaluation Online Examination Public Service Portal Safe Campus Courseware Sharing Remote Interactive Class Video Exam. Inspection E-School Affairs ISV • Partner: Localized education applications and application platforms, system integration, the top-level design; eSDK Regional Education Cloud (iCloudEdu) Integration Platform Container DC Cloud DC MicroDC Modular DC Digital Campus (iCampus) Network Security Behavior Management E-Library Security Management Center Network Management Center Safe Campus Office Collaboration Campus Network • Huawei: Focusing on the repeatable education ICT infrastructure and public platform; (SMC) (eSight) Energy Monitoring Wireless Campus Interactive Class (iClassroom) HD TV Voice E-Whiteboard E-Podium Displayer Projector Wireless Classroom Remote Classroom Network Classroom E-Schoolbag (iBag) Unified Management MediaPad Ascend MiniVDI

  44. Huawei ICT Solutions in University Hubei University of Technology: Fine Operation Network Upgrade S5700 NE40E S7700 ME60BRAS S9700 Fudan University Beijing Normal University Family Area Internet CERNET Dormitory Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Shanghai University of Finance & Economics Data Center Teaching Area Library Shanghai Jiao Tong University Network export: 2 ME60-X8 equipments support the multiple authentications, such as PPPOE, IPOE, Portal and leased line, and bear all the authentication and accounting business. Using Sx7 Switch in Access and Aggregation network layer to achieve fine management over campus users to enhance the user experience. Fully support IPV6, IPV4 dual-plane Southwest Jiaotong University Xidian University Hubei University of Technology

  45. Wireless coverage in Tianjin University City Huawei WLANSolution Challenges • Providing PON + WLAN access solutions, as well as the AP, ONU, the OLT, the AC, BRAS end-to-end solutions; 7 schools, total 4000 AP equipment deployment; • Considering the user density, adopt 1 mounting AP without antenna system / per dormitory to meet deep coverage and volume requirements; • Pre-service training and customized solutions to ensure the successful delivery; Onsite communication to speed up the delivery • High internet concurrency • Concentrated coverage, serious interference • Complex wireless environment, harsh installation, hard deployment • Unified Service bearing Customer Value • Kick off in May in 2011, and open 400 accounts for students. • Binding network C and Wlan, to improve the user experience of network C • One AP available in two network meets the requirement of logging on campus network and MAN network at the simultaneously. Campus WLAN coverage

  46. LAN/WAN TC TC TC TC TC TC • Education Cloud Solution in East China Normal University Requirements MiniVDI (eConference、eSpace) iClass • Traditional blackboard lags behind the application needs from Information age. • Low internal communication efficiency because of shortage of necessary communication tools • Hard to maintain the old PC in the classroom. Cloud Desktop Unified Communication Remote Interactive Class Solution Teaching Classroom Remote Interactive Classroom • Overall solution containing the platform layer (UC, remote interactive teaching, Desktop Cloud) and terminal layer (multi-media classrooms, PAD terminal, TC) Customer Value Firewall VPN SBC Internet • Students could join the remote course teaching in the classroom. • Students could have a real-time and interactive online-class by the multi-media ways. • UCC effectively improves the internal communication. • Cloud desktop greatly decrease the maintenance cost. SSL VPN SBCAgent WiFi Mobile PC PAD

  47. Intelligent Cache Solution in Dalian University of Technology Requirements • Expensive inter-network clearing cost: Besides the expensive cost with carrier network, also with CERNET. • Concentrated wireless hot points in School • P2P video flow occupies big export bandwidth. Internet 3Gbps iCache 152Mbps iCache input Campus Network Solution • Huawei iCacheSolution • Support P2P video cache 760Mbps iCache output RSS: 1 MDS: 1 CSS-PPS: 1 CSS-BT + CSS-HTTP: 1 CSS-PPTV : 1 Customer Value Better User Experience • Better students’ internet experience; • Control the big bandwidth consumption, to improve the bandwidth utilization Users

  48. GE FC FC E-Library in Northeastern University Requirements • Massive library documents, video digitalization, low-cost storage; • Higher performance, greater storage systems, support documents search, online lending, directory scheduling etc. • Compatible with multiple protocols such as IP, FC, NAS, to facilitate data exchange and centralized storage needs of other departments. Campus Network IP Solution FC SAN NAS IP SAN • Adopt N8000Cluster NASStorage Solution • 20TB FCHard Disk、40TB SATA Hard Disk which could be expanded to 1.5PB in the future Customer Value IP IP FC • Protect the existing IT investment • Economically Support the future expansion Cluster Storage System FC Storage FC Storage FC Legacy Storage Other Storage N8000 Cluster NAS

  49. Safe Campus in Hefei City Requirements ESMVideo Server NMS Server NVR • In order to protect the safety of people’s property, and to build a safe environment, Hefei city plans to make the public security monitoring system as a strategy to improve public security, and to build a harmonious society Monitoring Client TV Wall Decoder Client Solution Center HA Branch • Overall surveillance solution: Huawei server, USG5350 Firewall, monitoring platform software, V1300N storage • Covering 58 Police Stations, 7 Branch Office, about 1000monitoring points NVR NVR Police Station IP Backbone Network Customer Value TV TV • Low network complexity, and low multiple points network failure • Intelligent analysis enables active warning before emergency. Police Station Client Client OLT OLT Network Camera ONU ONU ONU ONU ONU ONU ONU ONU Front-End Front-End Network Camera

  50. Huawei, your best choice ! • Full range of ICT Infrastructure Over 20 years’ ICT innovation “Open” Strategy, Partner Alliance Best Product Performance, Best Cost Performance

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