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Visioning : Now 2015 2030 Detecting the Vision Guiding Coalition November 26, 2010. Powerpoint Templates. We are already in flight…. Today’s Agenda. Essential Question: Why are we engaging in a visioning process? Introductions Responses Visioning and the Guiding Coalition

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Powerpoint Templates

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  1. Visioning: Now 2015 2030 Detecting the Vision Guiding Coalition November 26, 2010 Powerpoint Templates

  2. We are already in flight…

  3. Today’s Agenda Essential Question: Why are we engaging in a visioning process? • Introductions • Responses • Visioning and the Guiding Coalition • Superintendent School Visits • Communication

  4. Introductions 'Do not confine your children to your own learning for they were born in another time.' Hebrew Proverb • Name • Role(s) • What does this quote say to you about education?

  5. Sharing your thoughts…… www. airfulelsaver.com

  6. From the responses…. What do you value most about CESD? • Skim the responses • Highlight words or phrases that resonate with you.

  7. What do you think education will look like in the future? • Skim the responses • Highlight words that resonate with you.

  8. Your personal vision of education ……. Source: WWW.newentrepreneuressentials.com

  9. Why visioning?Why you?Why now? www.smartegg.com

  10. CESD Strategic Planning Process Why visioning ? Chinook’s Edge School Division Strategic Plan

  11. Cycle of Learning Adaptedfrom: Senge, (1994), The Fifth Discipline Field book.

  12. Visioning

  13. Shared Vision Co-Creating Consulting Testing Why You? Selling Telling Degree of Active Involvement Adaptedfrom: Senge, (1994), The Fifth Discipline Field book.

  14. School Administrators Team (SAT) Board of Trustees Parents Students CESD Departments and Programs (DOS) Guiding Coalition Community Members School Staff, Teachers and Administration Post-secondary School Councils School Administrators /Central Office (ADCOS) Community Agencies Central Office Leadership Team (COLT)

  15. Chinook’s Edge Mission (PURPOSE) To provide students with the opportunity to obtain the academic, personal, and teamwork skills necessary for life long learning. • CESD Vision (FUTURE) • Chinook's Edge School Division No.73 is committed to providing the best educational opportunities to students through: • Creating learning communities that focus on lifelong learning. • Providing choices and involvement for all stakeholders. • Being open to proveneducationalinnovationsthat have merit for our students. • Continuedevaluationof personnel and programs to ensure that Chinook's Edge School Division No.73 is effective and efficient. • CESD Values (ACT) • Personal responsibility • Relationships based upon honesty, integrity, respect and compassion • Dedication and commitment • An environment of belonging: safe, caring and inclusive • Growth and development through learning Why Now? CESD Signature Line Where Students Come First

  16. Alberta Education: Inspiring Action on Education The vision, values and principles describe the purpose, motives and intention that underpin our education system, and which guide and are reflected in each area of policy and governance. Vision To inspire and enable students to achieve success and fulfillment as engaged thinkers and ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit within an inclusive education system. • Values • Opportunity • Fairness • Citizenship • Choice • Diversity • Excellence

  17. Board Visioning Principles The project will be guided by the following visioning principles which have been endorsed by the CESD Board: Expect a new vision to be largely based on sound educational research Expect authentic engagement at all levels Expect your leaders to build commitment rather than compliance Expect changes that flow from a new vision to be driven by a compelling purpose and a compelling need Expect alignment throughout our learning organization Expect autonomy to be defined appropriately Expect us to build in natural, effective accountability processes that are fair and effective Expect regular “visioning” updates from your Superintendent and Board members on the guiding coalition throughout this process.

  18. Superintendent Visiting Schools – You are on, Kurt! www.outofur.com

  19. GC Communications • Goals • Objectives • Audiences • Strategies • Evaluation https://cesdguidingcoalition.wikispaces.com/

  20. “Participants” in the visioning process and “Ambassadors” to our learning community. 

  21. Tasks…. • Visit the Wiki https://cesdguidingcoalition.wikispaces.com/ • Review the GC Communication Plan • Think about your personal vision of education • Talk with people about the process and listen for their input!

  22. Sneak Peek • What is the direction of Alberta Education? • What does the data tell us about CESD? • What does the research say about the future of education? • How are we going to co-construct a shared vision?

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