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Blogging for Beginners PowerPoint Presentation
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Blogging for Beginners

Blogging for Beginners

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Blogging for Beginners

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  1. Blogging for Beginners Nick Ohrn

  2. Topics Blogging basics Getting started Blogging tools Tips for great blogging Making money with your blog Recommended reading

  3. Blogging Basics

  4. What is a blog? According to Rachel Blood’s The Weblog Handbook: “A blog is a website with dated entries arranged in reverse chronological order.” However, different opinions abound.

  5. History of Blogging In the beginning – Blogs evolve from online diaries Recently – Blogging explodes as the masses use free software to produce them quickly and easily In the future – Blogging involving multimedia (like video, pictures, and sound) increases exponentially

  6. Types of blogs • Personal – Online diary for record of personal events • Profile – Build a reputation as the leading expert in a field. • Product – Sell a product or service through your blog • Business – Market your business with your blog. Tell stories and introduce new products.

  7. Getting Started

  8. Blog Software Two different types: - Developer hosted solution - User hosted solution

  9. Developer Hosted Solutions Positives: Web hosting unnecessary Usually free, easy to use No installation, uploading of files Negatives: Customization is limited Less support Files not under your control

  10. Developer Hosted Platforms TypePad LiveJournal …and many, many more

  11. User Hosted Solutions Positives: Great customizability Complete control over all blog data Ability to use own domain Negatives: Have to install files on server Use FTP to upload customized themes Able to mess things up more easily

  12. User Hosted Platforms WordPress Software ( Expression Engine Movable Type Drupal Textpattern … and many more

  13. Your First Post • Write title • Fill in content • Hit publish It’s that easy!

  14. Blogging Tools

  15. Free web based tools facilitate blogging Feedburner - Publish your RSS feed through a common interface Flickr - Host your photos online for everyone to see Technorati - Claim your blogs and see who’s linking to you

  16. Desktop editors make things even easier! Desktop editors let you write without being online. Some examples: - ecto - w.Bloggar - Blogdesk - Qumana

  17. Tips for Great Blogging

  18. Write compelling headlines Encourages click throughs Hook the reader’s attention Draw your reader into your post

  19. Write consistently Set a schedule Post-date your entries Stock up on drafts

  20. Content is key Write meaningful and timeless content Think of your reader’s needs and fulfill them Cite your sources and link to them

  21. Some general tips Build relationships with other bloggers Comment on blogs concerning your subject Never plagiarize your writings Always give credit where credit is due Keep on truckin’

  22. Making Money With Your Blog

  23. Paths to prosperous blogging Direct Income - Advertising - Text Link Sales - Product Sales Indirect Income - Land speaking gigs - Become a consultant in your field - Write a book

  24. Advertising Programs Google Adsense - Contextually targets ads for your blog - Easy to apply and join - CPC Ads: You get paid if someone clicks Chitika eMiniMalls - Product advertising on your blog - Interactive and interesting to your readers

  25. Advertising Programs (cont) Yahoo Publisher Network - Higher payout/click than Adsense - Poor targeting on most blogs - Still in beta testing, hard to join Independent Ad Sales - Sell banner, sidebar, or footer space to individuals or companies - Cut out the middleman

  26. Selling Products Sell your own products: - eBooks - Software - Consulting services - Web design or programming - Crafts/Art items - Comic books - Anything that you can produce

  27. Selling Products Sell other’s products: - Affiliate programs - Joint ventures - Sponsored posts

  28. Recommended Reading

  29. Blogs to Visit

  30. Books The Weblog Handbook – Rachel Blood Blogging for Dummies – Brad Hill Blog Marketing – Jeremy Wright

  31. Blogging for Beginners Nick Ohrn