police bargaining units an overview for hr staff n.
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Police Bargaining Units: An Overview for HR Staff PowerPoint Presentation
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Police Bargaining Units: An Overview for HR Staff

Police Bargaining Units: An Overview for HR Staff

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Police Bargaining Units: An Overview for HR Staff

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  1. Police Bargaining Units:An Overview for HR Staff November 2005

  2. Our Topics Today • Police Bargaining Units in SUNY • Employment / Payroll • Benefits • Workers’ Compensation

  3. Employment Basics • Police titles are part of the classified service • Most titles are competitive jurisdictional class • Security services aide title is labor class

  4. Council 82 University Police Officer 1 University Police Officer 2 Investigators Senior Investigators NYSCOPBA Security Services Assistant 1 Campus Public Safety Officer 1 University Police: Titles on Campus • CSEA • Security Services Aides • Parking Services Attendants

  5. Agency Law Enforcement Services Unit • A new unit as of 2003. Contract negotiations with GOER not yet finalized. • Members of the ALES unit previously in the Security Services Unit are still covered by the 1999-2003 contract for that unit (NYSCOPBA). • Members of the ALES unit previously in the Security Supervisors Unit are still covered by the 1999-2003 contract for that unit (Council 82) • “Upon conclusion of current negotiations”, ALES will have its first collective bargaining agreement with the State.

  6. Council 82 • Council 82 is a statewide unit including officers from SUNY, the Departments of Parks and Recreation and Environmental Conservation. • Includes over 500 SUNY employees in such titles as University Police Officer I and II and University Police Investigator I and II. • While the public safety function has been in place in the University for many years, the emphasis has moved to police function, and the unit was removed from the larger bargaining units comprised primarily of corrections officers. “from peace to police officers”

  7. NYSCOPBA(Security Services Unit) • As represented by the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association (NYSCOPBA) the Security Services Unit is comprised of State security personnel (other than State Police) and institution safety officers. • Titles in this unit (at SUNY) include safety and security officers.

  8. Payroll Basics • Police units: annual calendar pay basis • Eligible for Additional Pays : • Inconvenience pays • Pre-shift briefing pays • Security enforcement differential • Traineeship completion

  9. Inconvenience Pay • Compensation paid when required to work 4 or more hours between 6 PM – 6 AM in a regular “tour of duty” • Not part of base annual salary • Part time and seasonal employees not eligible • Included in calculation of overtime rates

  10. Pre-Shift Briefing Pay • Paid to attend briefing prior to start of shift • Compensation paid in addition to, but not part of, basic annual salary • Equivalent of ¼ hour overtime

  11. Security Enforcement Differential • Similar to inconvenience pay • $575 annually • Used in calculation of overtime and pre-shift briefing pay

  12. Accruals • Biweekly time records required • Earn sick leave/vacation/holidays per contract • Can choose holiday waiver (time/money) at time of hire & once a year • Earn 5 personal leave days/ anniversary

  13. Employee Benefits • Health insurance rates for ALES units are different from other SUNY bargaining units, per contracts (Council 82, NYSCOPBA) • Health insurance premiums/deductibles per contracts • Waiting periods for health insurance and vision/dental also per contracts • Dental/vision programs through NYS carriers (GHI Dental, Davis Vision) • Retirement system : ERS (Employees Retirement System) • Union-sponsored insurances and benefits: info directly from unions

  14. Employee Benefits • Remember that Parking Services Attendants and Security Services Aides are not part of ALES/ Council 82/ NYSCOPBA • Benefits follow their CSEA contract

  15. Workers’ Compensation • Per 1991-95 Council 82 Agreement DCS Attendance and Leave Policy Bulletin(s) 92-03, 93-02 and GOER Memoranda of Understanding (MOU). • Accidents on or after April 15, 1993: Employees choose Workers’ Compensation Law (WCL) benefits, or the Medical Evaluation Program (MEP).

  16. Workers’ Compensation • WCL are placed on Leave Without Pay for all related absences, subject to Section 71, Rule 5.9.* • MEP must participate in medical evaluation and limited duty components to receive leave benefits. • Leave benefits: cumulative six months leave with pay without charge to credits followed by use of all available leave credits, sick leave at half-pay, leave without pay, subject to Section 71, Rule 5.9.* *2 year rule for assault related

  17. Workers’ Compensation • MEP provides for: • “Security Medical Evaluation(s)” • Mandatory Limited Duty Assignments: 45 day assignments; may be renewed. • Full restoration of accruals upon WCB credit