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Put First Things First

Put First Things First

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Put First Things First

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  1. Put First Things First By: Hana Maravilla and Katelyn Woods

  2. When You Don’t Study For A Test! • One day there was this girl Cathy and she was in fourth grade. She did not study for her test that her teacher told her to study for. So she did not put first things first by going home and studying before she played. So now She sees to always put first things first.

  3. How to Put First Things First! One day Smirky the bookworm was at school and his teacher told everybody that a big test was coming up. So Smirky went home and his mother said he could watch television but he knew he needed to put first things first and study for the test. So he said, “Mama, I would love to watch television, but I have to study for my big test. So that is why you put first Things first.

  4. Studying To Put First Things First! One day there was this boy named Christopher who was in college. One day when he was at Jacksonville State University his teacher said to study for a hard science test on all the kinds of animals in the world. So he went to his room and started to get on his computer and study for his big science test. So when the big day came he passed the hard test because he put first things first.

  5. How To Not Put First Things First One day there was a boy and girl named Callie and Sam and they were at school. Their teacher said that a huge test was going to be on Friday in the afternoon. All Callie and Sam did was play video games and not putting first things first by studying and play after they study. So, when the big day came for the test they learned a lesson to put first thing’s first by studying before they play video games.

  6. What Does putting First things First Mean? Putting first things first means to always put important things first like this little girl did in the story we are about to tell you. One day there was this little girl named Emily and she had to practice for her big exam so her mom said she could go and play but in stead she said” Momma I am going to study for my big exam instead going and playing first I`ll play after I study for my exam”. So that is how Emily Put First Things First.

  7. Not Putting First Things First! • One day a boy was at the football field.. His coach said to pratice a lot this a lot this afternoon. The boy went home and said “I don’t need any pratice”. So the day of the day of the game he wasn’t ready to play so his team lost that day because he did not practice and he was sad so now he knows to always practice and put firsts things firsts.

  8. You better put first things first If you don’t put first things first this will happen. One day a girl was going to try out for soccer. She was suppose to practice before she played. The game was in the evening. She said “ I don’t need any practice. Soccer is for babies.” So when it was the afternoon it was playing time. When her team passed the ball to her she let them down. She missed the ball. She didn’t practice like she was told. That’s what happens when you don’t put first things first!

  9. You do put first things first because …….. • One day there was this boy and he decided to try out for basketball but instead he decided not to practice. So when he went to tryout for it he did not make it. So this is why you put first things first.

  10. What does it mean to put first things first • What it means to put First Things First is to • I spend my time on what is most important. • I say no to things I should not do. • I set priorities, make a schedule, and follow my plan • I am organized. So you can see how to put first things first