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Sydney Australia PowerPoint Presentation
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Sydney Australia

Sydney Australia

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Sydney Australia

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  1. Sydney Australia By: Criztal Hernandez

  2. Why Sydney, Australia? My dream vacation would have to be Sydney. I have always wanted to visit the Opera House and see the kangaroos. I also would love to study abroad there. Bias, Gene. sydneyoperahouse9.jpg. July, 2004. Pics4Learning. 30 Oct 2008 <>

  3. Facts of Sydney • Latitude: 33°53'S • Longitude: 151°10'E • Climate: Maximum75°F Low 60°F • Currency:1.00 USD=1.50599 AUD 1 AUD = 0.664016 USD • Food: Seafood, local fruits, beef and lamb, as well as its world class cheeses.

  4. Day One Arrive at the Park Hyatt Hotel. Get into our room, and get ready to visit the Opera House. Watch The Alchemistshow that day in the Opera house. Come back to hotel, jump in the pool, call room service, eat dinner, rest that night. Arriving Date: March 20, 2009 Return Date: March 27, 2009

  5. Day Two • Second Day I would go to Bondi Beach • • Walk on the paved walkways for shopping and some lunch • Pay for a 2 hour session of surfing • Back to hotel to rest

  6. Visit the Aquarium in Sydney • • Then within the same area go to the: • • Observation DeckFrom the highest point in town enjoy stunning 360º views of Sydney and beyond from the Observation Deck. • Oz TrekOz Trek is and amazing virtual reality ride across Australiawith 3D holographic technology, 180º cinema screens, surround sound and heart-stopping real motion seating! • SkywalkAn exhilarating outdoor walk on the roof of Sydney Tower. Step out onto glass floored platforms that extend over the edgeand experience Sydney like never before! Day Three

  7. The fourth day would include a visit to the Botanic Gardens just east of the Opera House. • Then dinner at the closest place to eat. Day Four

  8. Day Five • An exciting visit to the Taronga Zoo/Park. It has over 2,600 animals! • Then visit the shop in the Zoo to buy some souvenirs. • Back to the hotel after a long day, hot tub, and some room service.

  9. Day Six A 45 minute drive to Jonas’s Beach Then eat dinner at this luxurious place. “The award-winning Restaurant offers excellent Modern Australian cuisine under the direction of acclaimed chef George Francisco.”

  10. Day Seven The last and final day I would enjoy it at the Soho Art Gallery. The rest of the day I will spend shopping around the area. For information and ides on the areas to shop around Sydney I entered into this site.

  11. Expenses/Cost of Trip

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