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millennium science nucleus on coastal climate dynamics n.
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Millennium Science Nucleus on Coastal Climate Dynamics PowerPoint Presentation
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Millennium Science Nucleus on Coastal Climate Dynamics

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Millennium Science Nucleus on Coastal Climate Dynamics
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Millennium Science Nucleus on Coastal Climate Dynamics

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  1. Millennium Science Nucleus on Coastal Climate Dynamics Laura Gallardo (PI) Ana María Córdova, Ricardo Muñoz, Axel Osses Melitta Fiebig, René Garreaud, José Rutllant

  2. Outline • Themes, teams and framework • Approach • Resources • Summary MIDEPLAN Jan 2007

  3. Team • Ana María Córdova (U. Valparaíso, CEAZA), PhD Meteorology, USP (2003), Atm. Chemistry. • Laura Gallardo (CMM, U. de Chile), PhD Chemical Meteorology, MISU (1996), Disp. Modeling • Ricardo Muñoz (DGF, U. de Chile), PhD Meteorology, PSU (2002), Bound. Lay. Meteo. • Axel Osses (DIM, CMM, U. de Chile), PhD Applied Mathematics, EPOL (1998), Diff. Ecs. • Melitta Fiebig (U. La Serena, CEAZA), PhD Appl. Math, Mainz (1989), Num. Anal. • René Garreaud (DGF, U. de Chile), PhD Meteo, UWas (1999), Reg. Modeling • José Rutllant (DGF, U. de Chile), PhD Meteo, UWis (1977), Mes. Meteo. • Students, post-docs, technicians and colleagues S…Multi-disciplinary, -etarian, -gender,-background,-institutional… MIDEPLAN Jan 2007

  4. Most persistent and extensive subtropical Sc deck of the SH (microphysics and energy balance) • Humboldt current, upwelling and fishery (biogenic emissions, air-sea exchange and circulations) • Atacama: dryest desert of the world between the open Pacific and the high Andes (dust and circulations) • Intensive and long-term mining activities (anthropogenic emissions) • Active volcanoes (natural emissions) South Eastern Pacific/Western South America MIDEPLAN Jan 2007

  5. South East Pacific (SEP): Our Foci • Coastal Atmospheric Circulation • and Sc. Clouds • Aerosols & Sc. Clouds • Remote sensing & Sc. Clouds MIDEPLAN Jan 2007

  6. We aim at: • Understanding of the dynamics of the coastal low-level jet system and its relationship with low-cloud cover variability and coastal upwelling • Increasing our understanding of how anthropogenic and natural aerosols, mainly sulfate aerosols, interact with the persistent stratocumulus deck in the coastal areas of Central and Northern Chile. • Validating key satellite products and defining adequate assimilation strategies for improving radiative transfer simulations in regional atmospheric models Strengthning and consolidating growing capabilities in Coastal Climate Dynamics in Chile and SA to contribute in a leading position to a better understanding required for better management of resources, and strategic decisions. MIDEPLAN Jan 2007

  7. Rex Nov 2008 Framework • Chile offers a unique observational platform for addressing aerosol-cloud-atmosphere-ocean interactions • Water management, fisheries and mining industries require of a better basis for decision-making in the short-(weather) and long -(climate) terms • Chilean scientific capabilities are able to face the challenges but they need further consolidation MIDEPLAN Jan 2007

  8. Field Campaign and Extended Monitoring Arica Antofagasta Sc Deck Lengua de Vaca VOCALS-REx Plataforms Valparaiso Santo Domingo Coastal Jet San Felix Radiosonde Station Aerosol & CCN Measurements Enhanced Meteorological obs. (wind profiler + ceilometer) Airborne MBL and aerosols obs. (field campaign) Radiosonde obs. Port

  9. SCu deck Coastal jet SCu deck MATCH/RCA/LM WRF/MM5 SCu deck MODTRANS… Modeling Enhanced, 3-D database for proccess studyHypotesis TestingSupport field activitiesValidation/improvement of weather forecast MIDEPLAN Jan 2007

  10. Available Resources MIDEPLAN Jan 2007

  11. New resources: what for? MIDEPLAN Jan 2007

  12. Summary • The SEP region is an amazing but poorly explored research area • Our nucleus is able to make a difference in terms of: • Science • Low-level jet dynamics & Sc • Aerosols & Sc • Remote sensing & Sc • Societal impacts • Inputs for decision-making (Fishery, mining, water management) • Consolidation of relevant, multi-institutional, disciplinary, sientific capacity • VOCALS Rex November 2008 brings along a perfect opportunity for positive (international) feed-backs!! MIDEPLAN Jan 2007