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Latex Mattresses: What you Should Know PowerPoint Presentation
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Latex Mattresses: What you Should Know

Latex Mattresses: What you Should Know

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Latex Mattresses: What you Should Know

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  1. Latex Latex M Mattresses: attresses: What you What you S Should K Know now hould Latex mattresses have been in existence since the 1930s; their popularity started gaining momentum over the last few years. Today, latex breathable mattresses are in the spotlight for being made of natural materials on the market. Organic mattresses are hypoallergenic, green-guard gold certified, Eco-institute and lid. In this century, customers are shying away from chemically manufactured goods and prefer toxic- free and green mattresses. There are different best latex mattresses on the market today. However, a genuine latex mattress should be made of 100% latex material derived from rubber tree milky sap, scientifically known as Hevea Brasiliensis. Latex hybrid mattresses are formed from various layers of latex materials varying on high- quality and density in many cases. Therefore, it’s also good to understand the indentation features of the mattress before purchasing it.

  2. All-Latex mattresses have a simple manufacturing process. In many cases, the bottom layer is strong to make the support core. The top layer is designed to be the comfort layer. Sometimes, latex mattresses may contain other materials like natural wool and Organic cotton. Latex is produced using two methods with each resulting in natural mattresses with a different feel. There are two types of latex: 1.Dunlop This is the initial latex production process that started being in use in the 1930s. It includes molding, stirring, and baking the tree sap. However, the tree sap is slightly processed, which means sediment may accumulate at the bottom of the mold leading to the heavier and denser mattress. 2.Talalay The second method of processing latex is known as Talalay. This method includes pouring the memory foam in a vacuum-sealed chamber, which results in uniform latex foam. After sealing the vacuum, the latex is now flash-frozen for the particles to stabilize. Later the particles are baked into a solid natural

  3. talalay latex foam. Talalay is lighter and softer compared to Dunlop latex foam. Today, the majority of natural latex is produced through the Talalay process. Natural and Synthetic latex Interestingly, not all latex beds you will find on the market advertised as quilted latex mattresses start from the tree sap. Synthetic latex mattresses contain a blend of dunlop and synthetic latex material and organic cotton. When not keen, you may not notice the difference between the two memory foam mattresses. The synthetic mattress feels exactly like the natural latex mattress. However, the synthetic latex mattress is not eco-friendly. Talalay latex is manufactured using petroleum-based components through an off-gassing process. It releases toxic chemicals and has an unpleasant new mattress smell. Besides, a synthetic mattress is cheaper compared to the dun-lop latex Mattress but not durable. The organic latex mattress is free from chemical irritants, which could expose you to allergies. This is not the case in talalay latex mattresses. It would help if you also considered the organic latex foam firmness and density before purchasing the latex mattress. Higher memory foam density means better mattress quality. A custom size latex mattress with high density is also heavier, firmer, and comes with 10-year warranty or more. Who is the latex memory foam mattress made for? Natural dun-lop Latex mattresses are ideal for anyone looking for a comfortable, durable, breath-ability and eco-friendly mattress. Side sleepers are the biggest beneficiaries of the latex mattresses. Latex is excellent for various sleep positions the sleeper’s body and cushions it against pressure points resulting from side sleeping. This allows you to enjoy a healthy sleep. Latex mattresses are also good for back or stomach sleepers. ●For side sleepers: Avoid over firm best mattresses that could cut off blood flow and lead to tingling or numbness. Go for a softer(plush) or comfort level. Mattress cover will also be a great addition. ●Back sleeper: medium-firm mattress would be ideal for you. A too-soft mattress may not provide you with adequate support from the pillow top. Too firm latex layers may expose you to back pains. ●Stomach sleepers: slightly firmer latex mattress would be ideal for you and will keep you away from pains and aches.

  4. Understanding your sleeping positions makes it easy or you to choose the best latex mattress. You can include an organic wool oeko-tex topper.