the work of the translator at dgt n.
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The work of the translator at DGT PowerPoint Presentation
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The work of the translator at DGT

The work of the translator at DGT

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The work of the translator at DGT

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  1. The work of the translator at DGT December, 2009 Rusana BARDARSKA

  2. Content • Profile and competences of the translator • Job opportunities • Work environment • Work and work-related activities • Norms of productivity • Professional development • Flexibility • Conventions and innovation • Quality control

  3. Content • Workflow and internal sources of information and terminology • Document and data workflow in the Commission and DGT • Pre-processing • Translator’s workload • Dossier Manager • Translator’s Workbench – TWB • Euramis • Elise • Information sources at department level • Information sources at DGT/Commission level

  4. Content • Most important external sources of information and terminology • EUR-Lex • IATE • Interinstitutional Style Guide • National sources NB! There are separate ppts presenting: • information and terminology sources • free-lance translation

  5. Profile of the Commission translators Perfect command of your main language / mother tongue Very sound knowledge of English or German or French Very sound knowledge of a second source language Knowledge of any additional languages is an asset Grasp problems of all kinds, often of a complex nature React rapidly to changing circumstances; Communicate effectively Insert the date

  6. Competences for professional translators-EMT

  7. Job profile of the Commission translators Traduction, en principe, vers la langue maternelle ou principale et révision, relecture, évaluation de traductions … exécution de toute autre tâche relevant du domaine linguistique et/ou de la gestion… notamment en matière de communication interne et de gestion de l'information, de l'utilisation des outils d'aide à la traduction et de formation. Educational background – philologists, but as well economists, lawyers, engineers… Two-way development Job-related annual objectives: Productivity Quality Horizontal activities Professional development Conduct

  8. Job opportunities Permanent employment Temporary agent Contract agent AD, AST Translator, assistant, lawyer-linguist/legal reviser, editor, interpreter, proof-reader Freelance Traineeship

  9. H.M. The Translator

  10. The acquis communautaire in Bulgarian

  11. Work and work-related activities • Translation and revision • Translation from at least 2 source languages (one procedural) into main language/mother tongue • Revision of internal translations • FL workflow - preparation of dossiers to be externalised, revision and evaluation of external translations, giving feedback • Written or oral summaries (usually from 1st source language into main language/mother tongue) • Reverse translations (usually from 1st source language into main language/mother tongue) • Horizontal activities • Terminology research while translating, contacts with experts, feeding IATE, building thematic packs, ELISE and other platforms for interinstitutional exchange • Coordination, project management, knowledge-sharing Correspondents (training, library and documentation, language, IT, FL, etc.), lead translators, DGT working groups, presentations • Training Annual training paths, ad hoc dossier-related, thematic, language & IT training

  12. Internal norms of productivity Translation into 1st language – appr. 6-7 pages/day Translation into 2nd /3rd … language – appr. 3-4 pages/day Revision internal translation – appr. 15-20 pages/day Revision external translation – appr. 15 pages/day Translation written resume into 2nd /3rd … language – appr. 10 original pages/day Only indicative figures!! Actual output depends on many factors!

  13. Professional development • Training • Internal thematic specialisation • IT skills • Language competences • Competences through horizontal activities • Annual evaluation, promotion system

  14. Flexible work environment • Mobility (transfer to another post in DGT, Commission, another institution) • Flexitime, Teleworking, Part-time • Flexible workload sharing - within and across language departments and interinstitutional • Trans-Ardennian dimension

  15. Conventionsin terminology, phraseology and layout SOURCES Existing EU legislation – the acquis translated before the accession (app. 100 000 pages), court decisions Existing EU legislation – since 2007 Other official documents/acts – some translated, others - not Other reference documents – Interinstitutional Style Guide, internal Style Guide National sources – legislation, official documentation, experts PATTERNS Form of acts (phraseology of legal drafting, layout) Hidden or explicit textual citations Referrals – form and content Terminology

  16. Innovation More freedom and linguistic mastery: New notions – CAP health check, neighbourhood policy, low-carbon economy/prosperity – sense, language paradigm, consultation Press releases Political speeches/strategies, etc. Explanatory and/or consultation texts (memoranda, green/white books)

  17. Quality control Peer review (revisions) Revision, evaluation, feedback for FL Ex-post quality review (HoU, quality circle, outside partner) Feedback – from commitology committees (national experts), DGs, national authorities, DGT TELLUS, other institutions (linguists, other officials) Total Quality Management at DGT

  18. The European CommissionInternal categorisation of translation requests Political priorities and/or new legal obligations Existing legal obligations Communication priorities Non-core documents Rules on • language regimes • maximum volume • externalisation • quality assurance • indicative deadlines

  19. Document workflow in the Commission Interservice Consultation consistency with other policy areas, political aspects, technical substance,legal basis and certainty, legislative drafting quality ? Language, correctness, consistency ? Unit(s)->Dir. responsible for the drafts Legal service Unit(s)->Dir.->DG responsible for the drafts Other institutions Publication State authorities Companies Citizens, etc. Adoption By The Commission Secretariat General DGT Action 2 -> app. 88% in EN or FR because… -> Editing service, lead translator… -> Documents normally come after, but as well during Interservice consultation -> For Action 2 documents DGT has the sole responsibility for the quality -> More than half of the documents have one or more versions

  20. Document workflow at DGT Directorate General for Translation - DGT Planning Unit Pre-Processing Translation Units Planning Unit Requesting DGs Secretariat General

  21. Data workflow at DGT TWB memory Euramis segments, alignments SGVista DGTVista Pre-processing

  22. Pre-processing

  23. Pre-processing

  24. Pre-processing

  25. Translation unit Composition and tasks Workflow Name of event/occasion

  26. Translator’s workload

  27. Fiche de Travail

  28. Dossier Manager

  29. Note in Dossier Manager

  30. Dossier Manager - Versions

  31. Dossier Manager CMP file

  32. Translator’s Workbench

  33. Translator’s Workbench

  34. Translator’s Workbench

  35. Translator’s Workbench

  36. Translator’s Workbench

  37. Euramis • All institutions • Alignments • Acquis and after 2007 for BG and RO • Information presented; operational options • First appears normative memory • Sentence management

  38. Euramis

  39. Euramis

  40. Euramis

  41. Elise

  42. Sources - Language department

  43. Sources - Language department

  44. Language department - Templates

  45. Sources - Language department

  46. Sources - DGT Vista

  47. Sources - SG Vista

  48. DGT Library(internal)

  49. DGT LIBRARY Directorate-General (DGT) Directorate D - Transversal linguistic services Unit DGT.D.3 - Library, Terminology & Translation Support Brussels (G12 00/45) & Luxembourg (JMO B0/10) Reference works in all Community languages Paper: books, periodicals, newspapers Electronic: CD-ROM, on-line databases etc. Reading room Loans Contact with the European Commission's Central Library VM18 - Rue Van Maerlant, 18

  50. MULTIDOC - Multilingual Virtual Library(internal)