welcome to uconn n.
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Welcome to UConn!

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Welcome to UConn!

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Welcome to UConn!

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  1. Welcome to UConn! New Employee Orientation

  2. Before we get started… exit | restroom | refreshments | cell phones

  3. Agenda Day 2 Introductions Working at UConn 9:00 Payroll / Forms 9:15 Parking Services 10:30 11:15 Benefits Presentation 11:30

  4. Working at UConn Our Community • A Great Workplace • UConn Nation • UConn’s Workforce • Univ. Communications Administration • University President • Board of Trustees • Academic Vision • University Growth Getting Started • New Hire Paperwork • Technology Resources • HuskyOne Card • Emergency Alerts Standards • Respect & Civility • Rights/Responsibilities • University Policy Website • Personal & Job Support

  5. University Administration president| board of trustees| university leadership| academic vision | university growth

  6. University Administration Thomas C. Katsouleas, a leading plasma scientist, engineer and university administrator began his term as 16th president of the University of Connecticut on August 1, 2019. Thomas C. Katsouleas President, University of Connecticut Ned Lamont Governor of Connecticut and President of the UConn Board of Trustees Thomas E. Kruger Chairman, UConn Board of Trustees Andrew Agwunobi Executive Vice President for Health Affairs and Chief Executive Officer of UConn Health

  7. Academic Vision What makes a great university? The University of Connecticut, at this transformational time in its history, aspires to join the ranks of the greatest universities in the world, while simultaneously serving our region and our nation… INNOVATION ENGAGEMENT CORE VALUES LEADERSHIP DIVERSITY

  8. UConn’s Growth Next Generation Connecticut - Building Connecticut’s Economic Future Through STEM Hire Enroll Build Upgrade Expand 259 new faculty (200 in STEM disciplines) an additional 6,580 undergrads students facilities to house related STEM disciplines upgrade aging infrastructure digital media and risk management programs Innovation Partnership Building

  9. Workplace Standards respect & civility | rights & responsibilities| university policy website| personal & job support

  10. Workplace Standards The University is committed to creating and maintaining a climate that encourages cooperation and mutual respect on all our campuses, and an inclusive community that celebrates diversity and promotes civility. • UConn employees are both University employees and State of CT employees. • All employees must adhere to University policies and State of Connecticut employment statutes. • All employees must also adhere to Federal Laws, as they apply to their position. Respect Communication Understanding Responsibility

  11. Workplace Standards General Rules of Conduct • Guidelines • General Rules of Conduct establish behavior guidelines and expectations for all employees. • Expectations • Awareness • Your department may have additional rules of conduct of which you should become aware. Employees may face discipline, up to and including dismissal, for violation of any of the General Rules of Conduct.

  12. Workplace Standards • Compliance Support policy.uconn.edu Human Resources policy.uconn.edu/department-of-human-resources policy.uconn.edu/office-of-faculty-and-staff-labor-relations University Policies policy.uconn.edu HR Office of Institutional Equity policy.uconn.edu/office-of-institutional-equity OIE Environmental Health & Safety policy.uconn.edu/division-of-environmental-health-and-safety Information Technology Services policy.uconn.edu/office-of-the-vice-provost-and-chief-information-officer ITS EH&S University Compliance Office Office of University Compliance policy.uconn.edu/university-compliance

  13. Additional Policies • Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting • Pursuant to State Law, virtually all employees of Connecticut Higher Education Institutions (excluding student employees) are mandatory reporters of child abuse and neglect. • Your Role - If you know or suspect that an individual under the age of 18 has been abused or neglected, you have a legal obligation to report this directly to the Department of Children and Families or law enforcement. • Please note: If you witness child abuse or if there is an imminent or ongoing threat to an individual or the community, immediately call 911. Incidents of sexual assault to a child must also be reported to OIE as soon as possible. Link to Policy

  14. Additional Policies Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act In accordance with the Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act passed by Congress, the University of Connecticut is required to provide enrolled students, faculty and staff with various pieces of information regarding the unlawful use of drugs or alcohol on University property. The policy notification describes legal sanctions, health risks, available assistance and treatment avenues as well as University imposed disciplinary standards for the Storrs and Regional Campuses. Any employee violating this policy may be subject to discipline, up to and including termination. Concerned employees are encouraged to contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Link to Policy

  15. Additional Policies Annual Security & Fire Safety Report The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act) is a federal mandate requiring all institutions of higher education (IHEs) that participate in the federal student financial aid program to disclose information about crime on their campuses and in the surrounding communities. The Clery Act affects virtually all public and private IHEs and is enforced by the U.S. Department of Education (ED). Campuses that fail to comply with the act can be penalized with large fines and may be suspended from participating in the federal financial aid program. Link to Policy