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Welcome to our powerpoint presentation on PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to our powerpoint presentation on

Welcome to our powerpoint presentation on

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Welcome to our powerpoint presentation on

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  1. Welcome to our powerpoint presentation on MAMMALS

  2. Lets learn about Mammals This is a Abyssinian Colobus monkey. This is a Rothchild Giraffe This a Sumatran Tiger.

  3. What is a Mammal? Mammals are warm blooded animals with backbones whose young are fed on mothers milk. They grow hair, and the young are usually born alive.

  4. Do you know that you are a mammal? This is us eating ice creams at Paignton zoo.

  5. This is a Sumatron Tiger The Sumatran Tiger lives in the tropical forest and mangrove swamp. Name:Tenang is the male. Name:Banda is the female. It eats antelope, wild pig and other small prey. During the hot season the Tigers spend most of their time near streams and rivers.

  6. It eats: Leaves, Shoots of trees, Shrubs, Climbers, Vines, Some herbs, Flowers, Seed pods and Fruit. Giraffes It lives in the dry savanna and open forests. To find out who was boss they take part in a neck wrestle. Name:Paddy is the male and Kizi is the female.

  7. The Elephants trunk is an extension of the of the nose and the lip. Elephant Name:Duchess They live in the Savannah grassland forest. It eats grass, tree foliage, grass, herbs, leaves, shoots, twigs, roots, crops and fruit. Its trunk is a helpful thing because it helps it eat from the ground.

  8. The cubs names are called Sohan and Indu. Lion The Asiatic Lion lives in the forest. A male Lions mane makes him look bigger and more powerful and it also a protection from other predators. They eat wild antelope, mammals and sometimes domestic livestock.

  9. Hope you have enjoyed our show. Goodbye