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  2. Group Members:- • Imranuzzman.Md……………………..08-11471-2 • Hasan Mohammad Mehedi…………..08-11498-2 • Islam Md Farhanur……………………08-11436-2 • Kazi Hafijur Rasid……………………..08-11852-2 • Shakawat hossain jewel………………08-11414-2

  3. Presentation On SUNPOWER COMPANY Marketing Plan

  4. INTRODUCTION • Purposes • Objectives • Scopes • Limitation • Sources

  5. Vision & Mission • Company History • Uniqueness of the service

  6. We are dealing with electricity in our marketing plan. But it’s a great matter of sorrow that this electricity sector of Bangladesh is not in a good position that’s why we need to upgrade our production of electricity. The present condition of Bangladesh is like that. Current Scenarios in Bangladesh The rural people suffer most due to lack of access to clean, efficient and affordable energy. More than 80% of the rural people are forced to depend on cow dung, poultry wastes, crop residues etc which not only provide very low energy, but also pose environment & health threats

  7. Labor Supply • Sources of Raw Materials • Suppliers/Transportation factors

  8. 40% of our people have access to grid electricity and 3% of our people have gas salvation. So, 57% people deprived of power Situation Analysis Now, can we depend on our present situation how our energy sector is controlled? No, we can’t followed by high systems loss and poor management power supply situation is continuing to deteriorate

  9. Market Summary Our first consumers will be the people of Badargonj area as well as the people of Rangpur. Then our plan is to expand our network and to provide electricity to all over the North Bengal. At first we will make an agreement with our govt. to segment our distribution channels. The areas we will provide electricity will not enter in that zones. In this way we will help our govt. to reduce power lacings of energy for ensuring the country’s long-term electricity security. Also, independent power plant should be encouraged to generate electricity without any disruptions.

  10. SWOT Analyses • Strength • Weakness • Opportunity • Threat

  11. Competitor Analysis Still now we don’t have any competitors in that area as sun power plant is the only company which will deal with solar Energy Moreover we will be in assistance of government and PDB, So actually we won’t face any abstanckley or problems. But some company like solar pack and other are doing there business in other place in this country

  12. Marketing Strategies • STP Analysis Every business has marketing strategies and to ours business marketing strategy is basically STP analysis bared. The marketing strategic of our business are given below: • Segmentation The prime theme of our business is to provide electricity to remote villages and in the industrial areas where electricity supply is short reducing our electricity problems. That’s why first we will supply electrically to some portion of our country is. We have made this regimentation mainly for the remote villagers who are sufferance for not having any and to the industrial areas which electricity supply. With the help of our project they will be able to lead a smoother life.

  13. MARKET POSITIONING • Advertising • Advertise Through Newspaper

  14. Our main target is to provide electricity to the people who are willing to use electricity but do not have any source. And also to make available electricity to industrial areas, helping them to continue their industrial works more effectively without consuming so much of country’s electricity or natural resources. Target Market

  15. MARKETING MIX ANALYSIS • Product Identifications • Leaf – Letting • Using bill- board and hoarding • Public promotions through camping

  16. Financing plan and Loan Required Sun power” company plans to contribute taka 164,00,000 covering the cost of the land, building and Equipment cost, A loan with be required for the rest of the project cost. Owner’s Equity Loan

  17. Risk Analysis Kazi • Potential Problems • Obstacles and Risks • Alternative course of action

  18. Any Question?