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Valorisation Centre

Valorisation Centre

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Valorisation Centre

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  1. Valorisation Centre The Valorisation Centre supports, stimulates and facilitates scientists and faculties in the valorisation of its knowledge by means of: • Cooperation with companies • Protection of Intellectual Property • Business development, spin-offs • Lifelong learning • Acquisition of external funding (strategy, training, advice, management)

  2. EU funding Benefits: • Team up with European scientists, building networks • Visibility in Brussels • Image building, branding of TU Delft’s name • Wide range of complementary funding programs • Advantageous funding characteristics

  3. Directly, through Committees or at Member state level TU DELFT Strategy VAL. CENTRE EU Implementation Rules & regulations for Participation and funding

  4. Effective strategies Strategic level • financial level; first identify your targets: what are your financial sources now, and where will you be in 5 years? • scientific level: what are your scientific competencies, can you identify a few areas in which you want you excel on a EU level? Also, build your competencies, first as partner than as applicant/coordinator, or first individual grants, than multipartner research grants • Appoint strategic staff and train them to get to know Brussels: • Policy documents – also for EuroMed region • Framework documents, rules of participation • Lobbying groups in Brussels • Management information systems (nr of bids, nr of grants, etc)

  5. Effective support structure Implementation level Define the right support structure for legal, financial and managerial support for those scientists that are busy acquiring EU funding. • Centralised or decentralised? • What kind of staff needed? Legal, financial and managerial • Training of staff, invest! • Financial accountancy system in place, FP proof?

  6. Overview EU-support structure TU Delft Centralized: • Board & Deans strategic choices based on MIS • Central services: • Finance & Control (F&C) financial accountancy system, time registration, direct/indirect cost • Legal Affairs (BJO) EU grant agreements, consortium agreements, IP protection • Policy & Strategy (BMO) MIS De-centralized: • Faculty: • Faculty Secretaries Implementation of EU programs in the faculty • Technology Transfer Officers (TTO) Scout for relevant calls • Contract managers first advisor for scientists (legal & financial info • Project Administrators draw up declarations, arrange for auditing • Department • Dep. Secretaries helping contract managers in large faculties Valorisation centre- project management

  7. Research FP7 CIP DG specific calls and tenders Education (Life Long Learning) Erasmus Mundus MSc & Erasmus Mundus Doctorate Individual training Marie Curie ITN, IEF, Incoming, outgoing Bilateral DG external relations: EUROMED and EU NEIGHBOURHOOD PROGRAM (ENPI) EUROPEAN GRANTS

  8. Building up experience and capacities Junior staff can be steered to individual scholarships 1-5 years, than network to become partner another 5 years Senior staff should network to become partner, after 10 years- coordinatorships and ERC.

  9. Example of support of Valorisation Centre in case of a specific FP7 project • ACQUISITION: • Advice to scientist on the FP program, work programs, call info, laise with NCP, Brussels • Advice on consortium building • Advice on writing a competative proposal • Advice on budgeting • Registration of proposal , • Part A and B submitted • CONTRACT NEGOTIATION: • Negotiation meeting, NEF, • Grant agreement(s) • Consortium agreements • IMPLEMENTATION (project management) • PROVIDE TRAINING to scientists and support staff

  10. Thank you Theresia Twickler EU grants advisor and Sr. Project manager +31 15 2782127