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  1. FTHS TRAVEL AGENCY • Welcome to FTHS travel agency we have tours of many countries this is our tour of Brazil.

  2. History of Brazil • In the mid-1980s, Brazil's economic miracle, supported largely by loans from international banks, petered out and the military handed power back to a civilian government. In November 1989, Brazilians had their first opportunity to elect a president by popular vote in almost 30 years, and elected Fernando Collor de Mello, ex-karate champion, over the socialist Luiz da Silva, by a narrow but secure majority. Collor gained office promising to fight corruption and reduce inflation, but by the end of 1992, the man who had once reminded George Bush of Indiana Jones had been removed from office and was being indicted on charges of corruption - accused of leading a gang which used extortion and bribery to suck more than US$1 billion from the economy.

  3. More History • Vice President Itamar Franco became president in December 1992 on Collor's resignation, and in November 1994, Fernando Cardoso was elected president. Cardoso has reduced the inflation rate significantly since taking office, but this has been offset by the loss of two million jobs between 1989-96 and ongoing problems with agrarian reform - now being treated as a national security issue. According to a 1996 United Nations report, Brazil has the world's most unequal distribution of wealth. Still, that didn't stop Cardoso from comfortably winning a second four-year term in 1998.

  4. BRAZIL • Brazil is a beautiful town it has the amazons, and many wonderful beaches. • There is one really big event called CARNIVAL it’s the greatest party of the year.

  5. TOURS • We offer many different tours one for example takes you through the Amazon jungle and up the Amazonian river, a seven day, six night stay in the best hotel of your choice, three meals all day long. All this for only $1,756. Sound like fun? Come to brazil and experience the best brazil has to offer.

  6. CARNIVAL • Carnival is the biggest event that happens in brazil beginning at midnight on the Friday before Ash Wednesday and lasting for five days. It is by far the best thing that happens in brazil when you are there. We offer a tour that goes on during carnival so you can be there to enjoy all the glitz and glamour of carnival.

  7. CARNIVAL TOUR • Want to take part in the best tour of the year? Well come to Brazil and celebrate in CARNIVAL. We have a tour that takes you to carnival and other places. If you want to get away from the all the people you can go to all the beaches that are in Rio and tour the city.

  8. CARNIVAL TOUR • A seven day six night stay at paradise inn at Rio, carnival tour, trip to the beaches and around the city, three meals a day at any diner you choose, all airfare and hotel accommodations are all provided in one low price of only $1,536.00* * price is per person only

  9. Come see The True Brazil • This trip involves 6 days and 5 nights at the tree major cities in Brazil • Some of the hotel s that you will be spending time is the Cesar Park in Rio de Janeiro • Another hotel that you will be spending time at is the Inter-Continental Hotel .

  10. tour the Iguazu falls for only $300 a tour ride lots of different shops for whatever your style! • If you like excitement stay at the beautiful Tropical Bahia for 3 days for only $350..00 a night.

  11. HOTELS • Extravavgant Hoteis Transamerica for only $400.00 a night