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IVE Values:

IVE Values:

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IVE Values:

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  1. IVE Values: Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Safe ISD Mission Statement Our students will be prepared for and eager to accept the academic, occupational, personal, and practical challenges of life in a dynamic global environment.

  2. What Is Title I? Title I provides federal dollars to supplement educational opportunities for children who live in high poverty areas who are most at risk of failing to meet our state’s challenging achievement standards. The primary focus is to ensure student access to scientifically based instructional strategies and challenging academic content. The goal of Title I is to improve student achievement through….. *Effective Instruction *Professional Development *Family Involvement Title I schools develop individual improvement plans with goals and strategies based on the specific needs of the students at that school. An essential component of these plans is the inclusion of parent involvement activities because research shows this is crucial to student achievement.

  3. READING EXPLORERS AT IVE Our reading program is called Reading Explorers. Because the term Title I does not have any significant meaning to the students, we named it Reading Explorers. In partnership with families, we will explore the world of reading together.

  4. Reading Explorers is meant to give students a “Double Dip” of reading instruction. Therefore, every student who comes to Reading Explorers receives reading instruction from their classroom teacher as well as from me. ISD implemented a new assessment system last year called Fountas & Pinnell. Circled on your child’s Individual Student Learning Plan was your child’s reading level according to this new assessment system. We use this assessment system to find a child’s “Good Fit” book. A Good Fit book is one your child can read with at least 98% accuracy.

  5. What do we learn in Reading Explorers?Comprehension: Through reading, discussing, and answering questions Accuracy: Using “Word Work” to look carefully at words and how they are constructedFluency: Through repeated readings of familiar texts at our levelExtend Vocabulary: I know, find, and use interesting words

  6. This additional small group reading support will take place in the classroom. This is different than previous years, when I met with students in my own classroom. Research shows this “push-in” model to be more successful with both short and long term results for students. Each student’s reading progress is closely monitored and shared weekly with their classroom teachers. Periodic newsletters, Connect blog, and progress reports are sent out each year.

  7. Extended Day Kindergarten / Reading Explorers Schedule: • Lunch and recess from 11:00-11:40am for all students. • Class from 11:40-12:30pm Mon - Fri for AM and full day kindergarteners *Transportation home provided • Class from 10:00-11:00AM for PM kindergarteners *Check with the office for free and reduced lunch eligibility Curriculum: • Fountas& Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention *Intensive supports for serving students to reach grade-level competency • Zoo Phonics Letters names & sounds through a kinesthetic approach

  8. Setting the Stage for a Reading Home: • Find out your child’s interests and suggest new books by a favorite author • Leave all sorts of reading material in conspicuous places • Get a library card and use it often • Let your kids see you reading for pleasure • Share your reactions to what you read • Read to/with your child every day, even into high school! • Limit your child’s TV viewing

  9. Buddies, Books, and Bags Heidi Jones and Julie Enyeart were awarded a Kateri Brow Big Idea/Biggest Need Grant for this school year. We will be sending home two books with your K-2 grade students. They can keep the books for up to a week and can bring them back to exchange for new books any time. Look for the bright green bag to come home soon! We purchased: Buddies: Books: Bags: Many thanks to the Issaquah Schools Foundation !

  10. Coffee House • 8:30-9:00 AM • Our principal, Diane Holt, hosts an informal coffee house each Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. during the year. All parents are invited to come ask questions and hear updates on school events. She has a special focus for our Title 1 families on dates that will be advertised. • Come help plan our Title 1 program!

  11. Contact information: Julie Ann Enyeart, Title I Teacher 425-837-7217 Stephanie Stoeck, .5 Title I/.5 LRCI 425-837-7639 Principal, Diane Holt 425-837-7200 Principal’s Secretary, Jill Doherty 425-837-7503 Secretary, Wendee Fowler 425-837-7505 Director of Instructional Support for ISD, Jerry Miller 425-837-7043