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Welcome Secretaries! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome Secretaries!

Welcome Secretaries!

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Welcome Secretaries!

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  1. Welcome Secretaries! Reality check! I wish it was like this.

  2. SECRETARY: I am the club’s primary note-taker and record-keeper. I manageclub files, handle club correspondence, and take the minutes at each club meeting and each executive committee meeting. I am also in charge of updating and distributing a roster of the current paid membership, and keeping the club officer list current at World Headquarters. (Though some clubs combine the secretary role with the treasurer, it’s best to have a dedicated secretary who can help reduce the workload of the treasurer and occasionally lend a hand to the vice president education as well.) I will stay current on all new developments via the Leader Letter and the announcementspublished on the Toastmasters website. I will order supplies for the club as needed.

  3. What Do I Keep? How Long Is It Kept? Minutes of all meetings Forever Club Constitution and the Standard Bylaws for Clubs of Toastmasters International(including amendments) Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of Toastmasters International Club policies Club charter Distinguished Club Program performance reports Club rosters Forever Legal correspondence Controversial correspondence Important correspondence Forever

  4. What Do I Keep? How Long Is It Kept? Meeting minutes and attendance records 7 years Cancelled checks Bank statements Financial statements Journals Audits 7 years Internal reports (including officer and committee reports) Routine correspondence 3 years

  5. What Else Do I Keep? The Calendar of club events Quorum requirements TI online filing requirements Club dues schedule Members’ birthdays

  6. New Officer Reporter & Secretary Checklist Report new officers to World Headquarters. After new officers are elected or appointed, update the club officer list online at: Before Club Meetings Prepare for the president a list of actions to be taken during the business meeting, including unfinished business, announcements, and correspondence. Post the minutes of the previous club meeting online, and notify club members that the minutes are available for review. Update the club’s officer list online when necessary. If you need help, call Toastmasters International - membership at 949-858-8255 or Michael Joseph at 210-696-0991.

  7. New Officer Reporter & Secretary Checklist Upon Arrival at Club Meetings Circulate the club’s attendance sheet and guest book for members and guests to sign. During Club, Business, and Executive Committee Meetings Read the minutes of the previous meeting, note any amendments, and record the minutes of the current meeting.

  8. Secretary TLI Q & A

  9. Final Words Secretaries: Take note… You are the driving and guiding force behind a successful club president. You are the heart and soul of the club. Driving force because you are a taskmaster! Guiding force because you help him keep his eyes on the club goals and responsibilities. Heart and soul because you remember the little things that keep us together. Presenters: Michael Joseph, DTM and Lisa Park, DTM