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HiPER Ring – Network Redundancy PowerPoint Presentation
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HiPER Ring – Network Redundancy

HiPER Ring – Network Redundancy

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HiPER Ring – Network Redundancy

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  1. Click to continue HiPER Ring – Network Redundancy 0 How does HIPER-Ring redundancy work? ...and how can you build a redundant and secure network Hirschmann‘s RS2-FX/FX Fast Ethernet Rail Switch using Hirschmann‘s managed industrial Ethernet switches (RS2-XX/XX and MICE Series)?

  2. Click to continue The Situation... 1 Let’s start with four areas of a typical industrial Ethernet network.

  3. Click to continue Fiber optic or twisted pair backbone 2 Hirschmann switches can interconnect the four areas via twisted pair or fiber optic cable.

  4. Click to continue Is this network resilient enough? 3 If only one of the three backbone connections fail, communication will be lost to one or more areas.

  5. Redundant Link Click to continue Solution via HiPER-Ring! 4 Creating a redundant ring prevents communication loss should one of the backbone links fail.

  6. Click to continue Enabling HiPER-Ring! To create a HiPER-Ring, activate the Redundancy Manager on one of Hirschmann’s managed switches via integrated DIP switch. 5

  7. Watchdog Packets Ethernet Traffic Redundant Link Click to continue HiPER-Ring Watchdog Packets Watchdog packets pass through redundant link while normal Ethernet traffic cannot. The Redundancy Manager sends out watchdog packets to test the integrity of the ring. 6

  8. Watchdog Packets Ethernet Traffic Redundant Link ON STANDBY Redundant Link ACTIVE Click to continue HiPER-Ring resiliency All switches on the ring re-learn their connections and communication is re-established within a maximum of 300 milliseconds! If the Redundancy Manager does not receive the watchdog packets, it immediately activates the redundant connection. 7

  9. Redundant Link ON STANDBY Click to continue Restoring broken link As before, the network switches over within a maximum of 300 milliseconds and continues to monitor network integrity. When the broken connection is repaired, the Redundancy Manager sets the network into it’s normal operational mode. 8

  10. HiPER-Ring structure benefits • Hirschmann’s HiPER-Ring Structure • Optimized resiliency for today’s Ethernet networks • Redundancy Manager standard in all Hirschmann’s RS2-XX/XX and MICE switches • Fast learning in a ring is guaranteed by sending “clear address table” messages • Max. reconfiguration time of 300 ms – reducing machine/production downtime • Exchange of devices and network extension is possible during operation • Simple and clear topology • Up to 50 switches in a ring • Plug & Play (with or without management) 9