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ProTeam’s Residential Cleaning Vacuum System

ProTeam’s Residential Cleaning Vacuum System. Why ProTeam?. Productivity. Staffing. Efficiencies. Cleaning For Health. Ergonomics. Green. Family Wellness. Healthy Homes. Improved IAQ. ProTeam’s products provide its customers with quantifiable cost savings and productivity enhancements.

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ProTeam’s Residential Cleaning Vacuum System

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  1. ProTeam’s Residential Cleaning Vacuum System

  2. Why ProTeam? Productivity Staffing Efficiencies Cleaning For Health Ergonomics Green Family Wellness Healthy Homes Improved IAQ • ProTeam’s products provide its customers with quantifiable cost savings and productivity enhancements. • All of the company’s vacuum cleaners are designed to be highly efficient, “green cleaning” solutions that clean more area in less time, significantly increase productivity, decrease cost and dramatically improve indoor air quality (IAQ).

  3. A Focus on the Environmentand Better Indoor Air Quality • According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air inside is up to five times more polluted than the air outside. • ProTeam vacuums have earned Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) signifying the vacuum system meets higher standards for carpet cleaning effectiveness and IAQ. • Using extreme suction and a unique Four Level Filtration process, ProTeam’s vacuums are 99.9% effective at capturing particles at 1 micron and larger. • The American Lung Association and ProTeam partners in a national program to educate the public about the benefits of healthy IAQ and ways to promote lung health.

  4. Filtration • ProTeam vacuums capture soil and safely contain harmful particles • The improved air quality is the result of ProTeam vacuum’s unique Four Level & HEPA Level Filtration system • A Four Level Filtration system captures 99.9% of particles 1 micron or larger, including hair, pollen, dust mites, bacteria, pet dander and other floating particles—which can cause unhealthy air • A HEPA Level Filtration system captures 99.97% at .3 microns

  5. Owner Benefits Reduced Down Time & Repair Time • Commercial grade durable product made for the cleaning professional • Fewer moving parts Better Return on Investment & Cost Savings • With regular maintenance ProTeam users enjoy use of their vacuum for an average of 6+ years • 1 unit vs. 2 unit system. Versatile units for carpets, hard surfaces, blinds, stairs • Rarely encounter repairs in the field, and fewer repairs overall Reduced Employee Injury • Less stress and fatigue on muscles and joints • Easy to maneuver on stairs, under furniture, around fixtures

  6. Owner Benefits Competitive Advantage • Commercial grade vacuum system • Professional marketing materials Service and Support • Best in Class Customer Service • Live assistance M-F 7:30am – 5pm MT • Downloadable media for training • Maintenance check sheet for use in lockers, break rooms and repair areas • A list of common wear items for quick replacement • Best practices guidelines for long life • Can be repaired in house Client Satisfaction & Retention • Reduce repeat calls • Leave owners a clean and healthy home

  7. Return on Investment • ProTeam backpack vacuums clean more than 3 times faster than a traditional single motor upright • 69% time savings and up to $29,500 annual savings by using a ProTeam backpack instead of an upright.* *Assuming 180K sq. ft. area cleaned per week and $10.25 avg. hourly employee wage • ProTeam backpack vacuums clean 52% faster than a dust mop • ProTeam backpack vacuums are 43% more efficient than a commercial upright vacuum in removing soil • ProTeam has 24+ years of experience providing high quality performance, low maintenance & long-lasting commercial vacuum cleaners

  8. Employee Benefits • Use less than half the energy and effort to clean the same area as an upright • Results in less body stress due to the use of larger muscle groups • Vacuum upright instead of hunching over • Less weight for transporting units - carrying only 1 vacuum vs. 2 vacuums • Reduces dusting over time by removing more soil without stirring up dust • Improves productivity allowing more area to be cleaning by a natural walking motion and reduces repetitive cleaning actions Source- Battelle Memorial Institute, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 1998. Jim Fullmer, Certified Human Factors Professional, 2009.

  9. Employee Training Materials • How To Videos: Set Up, Operation, Demonstration • ProTeam’s Website Video Library: • http://www.pro-team.com/pt/vacshops/?id=167 • http://www.youtube.com/user/proteamvacuum?feature=g-upl • Educational Literature – hard copy and electronic pdfs • Cleaning Worker Benefit Card • Backpack vs. Upright Quest Report

  10. Customer Benefits • Improved Cleanliness – a system that cleans not only what you see but what you don’t see • Better Indoor Air Quality – reduces allergens that trigger allergy/asthma attacks • Professional Equipment for Professional Clean Customer Materials: ALA Partnership, Filtration Sales Sheet, Customer Tent Card

  11. ProTeam Customer Service 866.888.2168 customerservice.proteam@emerson.com http://www.pro-team.com/pt/vacshops/

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