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Clarian Health Partners: Committed to Enhancing Research PowerPoint Presentation
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Clarian Health Partners: Committed to Enhancing Research

Clarian Health Partners: Committed to Enhancing Research

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Clarian Health Partners: Committed to Enhancing Research

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  1. Daniel F. Evans, Jr. CEO, Clarian Health Partners Clarian Health Partners:Committed to Enhancing Research

  2. To improve the health of our patients and community through innovation and excellence in care, education, research and service. Clarian Mission

  3. Simply stated: To be above the 90th percentile performance levels in everything we do. (Objectively measured; transparently reported). Our core competency is to be simultaneously innovating, caring, & learning. Our Vision

  4. Education & Research at Clarian: Key Features Hosting 1035 IU post-graduate trainees, in 25 residency and 51 fellowship ACGME-approved programs Clinical training sites for IUSM medical students Hosting over 2000 active IRB-approved clinical studies • The affiliation with IUSM, 2nd largest US medical school & a national leader in medical education & research • Education partnerships, e.g. 30,000 sq. ft. Simulation Center

  5. Research and Education at Clarian Annual support to IUSM for program development and strategic recruitment Hospital partner in CTSI development and operation Alignment of Methodist Research Institute clinical trial unit with CTSI Clarian Values Grants for Research and Education ($1.2 million/year) - focus on young investigators and pilot studies

  6. Research & Education at Clarian: Recent and Next Steps Enhanced joint strategic planning with IUSM Participation with IUSM in recruitment of new investigators and programs, especially as they relate to jointly-defined clinical centers of excellence Extension of clinical trial activity and medical education system-wide

  7. Statewide Impact • More than 20 hospitals, health centers, partners, affiliates & joint venture operations • More than 19,000 employees • More than 1 million admissions & outpatient visits • ~ 4,200 patients participating in ~ 2,600 IRB-approved clinical studies • ~ 60% of Indiana doctors trained at IU School of Medicine, and thus experienced Clarian.

  8. Aim of “Systemness” To assure every Clarian patient receives preeminent standard of care, safety, service & value, wherever & whenever served, through a unique integration of clinical care, service, education & research.

  9. Preeminence Framework

  10. Active IRB-Approved Studies (2009 Clarian Research Pillar Goal)

  11. 2010 Education & Research Goals #1:Increase opportunities, resources, & participation of IUSM med. students & post-graduate trainees in Clarian hospitals outside the AMC. #2: Increase by 10% the number of Clarian patients in IRB-approved clinical trials.

  12. Clinical Trials Goal: Challenges Enhance up-to-date communication about available active trials Innovative mechanisms to Identify potential candidates for relevant clinical trials at point of service

  13. Additional Near-Term Actions Include: • Collaborative effort of Clarian IT, IU IT, and CTSI to enhance communication and data about active clinical trials, and to establish point-of-service information for providers and investigators about relevant clinical trials. • Continue to work with IUSM and CTSI to provide competitive hospital research service costs for patients in clinical trials.

  14. So…Why is Clarian Committed to Enhancing Research? It is a core component of our mission It is a requisite for providing preeminent quality care for our patients It extends the benefits beyond individuals, to also include the community and the next generation

  15. Thank you