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PHASE 2!. Look out! Here comes…. Each morning: work on MAGAZINES (putting the magazines together as well as writing submissions for the magazines). Each afternoon: work on INDEPENDENT PROJECTS. First Due Date This Coming Monday, 27th. By this date (or by 1:00 on this date), you should:

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  1. PHASE 2! Look out! Here comes….

  2. Each morning: work on MAGAZINES (putting the magazines together as well as writing submissions for the magazines) • Each afternoon: work on INDEPENDENT PROJECTS

  3. First Due DateThis Coming Monday, 27th By this date (or by 1:00 on this date), you should: • BE SURE ABOUT what discipline you wish to work with; • BE FAIRLY SURE ABOUT what specific subject within that discipline you are attracted to; • be actively formulating some real questions about that subject—questions you really want answers to; • be imagining different forms your final product might take.

  4. Project information and assignment is located at: www.ndsu.edu/pubweb/~cinichol/GS2011/MajorProject.htm Feel free to email me or any of our instructors over the weekend!

  5. To help you shift gears and begin considering possible project ideas…

  6. Just stew for a bit on what you’ve been learning! • Freewriteabout the disciplines and special topics you’ve learned to-date. Just blab in writing for a few minutes. • What is it about those topics that you find: • most difficult; • most potentially useful in your future plans—at home, out in the world, in your future education, in your future profession; • most fun. • Formulate a list of 10 questions about one or more of the disciplines or topics--questions you would genuinely like answers to.  These can be very concrete, practical questions as well as broad, theoretical or philosophical questions. What are you curious about???? What do you want to know?????

  7. By Tuesday, June 28th , 1:00 • Your working proposal/prospectus should be pretty much complete. • You should be ready to begin initial steps, if you haven’t already. • For today, June 27th …

  8. Writing Your Prospectus • What is your DISCIPLINE? What FOCUS or subject-area within that discipline are you working with? • What final PRODUCT are you envisioning? • What QUESTIONS are driving your interest in the subject? What do you want to know? What do you want to experience? • What RESOURCES will help you to answer your questions and create that product? (You really can’t do this step without consulting one or more of our instructors.) • How do you find & access those resources? Try this: • Take the NDSU library tutorials online. • Carefully read through and explore the CRLS Research Guide: http://www.crlsresearchguide.org/00_Introduction.asp • Follow the CRLS research steps, in conversation with our instructors.

  9. Remember… • The research process is not always LINEAR. You may wind up doubling back partway or even all the way in the steps you’ve taken. You may wind up re-thinking your thesis, narrowing your focus, re-conceiving the final product somewhat, etc. • Don’t bite off too much. You have most afternoons, 1-4:00, to work on your project, but only 2 ½ weeks total! Also, you’ll be somewhat preoccupied with the magazines every morning, so keep in mind the energy demands of the project.

  10. Also remember… Davin, Steven, Landon and I have posted sample ideas in our wiki. (You have to scroll way down on the left-hand menu, click “Show All” and then “Show More.” (Landon’s is actually on the assignment itself.)

  11. CRLS Research Guide: GOOD http://www.crlsresearchguide.org/00_Introduction.asp Outline maker: http://www.crlsresearchguide.org/NewOutlineMaker/NewOutlineMakerInput.aspx

  12. Where do you go for information? • General sources. • Books. • Magazines and Journals. • Newspapers. • Interviews. • The surface web. • The deep web.

  13. Tomorrow, June 29th Who would like to do the closing ceremony presentation on July 15th? • Work on mags in the a.m. in Ehly. • Work on projects in the p.m. in Ehly until 2:00. • Probably tomorrow: a brief presentation on spoken-word or performed poetry, for those who are interested and to help you with your Friday morning presentations to the rest of GS!

  14. Tomorrow, July 1 • Again in Ehly.

  15. Tues., July 5 • Back in Library!

  16. Wed. July 6th • Project drafts due!

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