scholarship award ceremony may 12 2010 sbvc auditorium n.
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Scholarship Award Ceremony May 12, 2010 SBVC Auditorium PowerPoint Presentation
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Scholarship Award Ceremony May 12, 2010 SBVC Auditorium

Scholarship Award Ceremony May 12, 2010 SBVC Auditorium

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Scholarship Award Ceremony May 12, 2010 SBVC Auditorium

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Scholarship Award Ceremony May 12, 2010SBVC Auditorium

  2. Keynote Speaker:

  3. Joel Lamore Scholarship Committee ChairHonors Program Ruben Bautista Julia Garcia Gabino Gomez Scott Goll William Hearn Marissa Hernandez Cedric Henry Leurell Jacobs Daniela Perez Stephanie Rameriz Christina Sosa Steven Trejo

  4. Todd HeibelAdvisorAlpha Gamma Sigma George Alcala Ruben Bautista Julianne CatrenWynee Collins Richard Contreras Breanna Dancy Tracie Foster Julia Garcia Marissa Hernandez SusanielKesling Michael Kinder Lisa Lobo James Masoner Pauline Masoner Cuauhtemo Nunez Tina O’Brien Diana Raygoza-Oporto Michael Sans Goll Scott Gordon Scroder Corey Stewart

  5. Applied Technology DivisionDivision Dean: Gary KellyFaculty Member:Mark Williams

  6. Culinary Arts Scholarship Ernie Duarte “This SBVC Scholarship will help me by making my Culinary Arts journey come true. I want to be able to have the money to complete all of my classes required to receive my AA degree in Culinary Arts.”

  7. Carah Durell Lockheed Commercial Aircraft Center Scholarship “My goal is to help others. This scholarship will help with getting into the proper classes to do so. “

  8. Community Foundation Scholarship Osher Foundation Scholarship Eugene “Gino” Eadus “This scholarship makes my goals and dreams possible and the hard work very rewarding.”

  9. Richard SalesHuntoon-Ferre TextbookScholarship“I would like to thank SBVC and all the staff for this scholarship. The entire amount WILL be used for my education!”

  10. “This scholarship will help me earn my Associates degree as an Automotive Technician” Steve TapiaChuck Obershaw Scholarship

  11. Wingate Air Conditioning Scholarship Francisco Flores “This scholarship will help me prepare for my career in refrigeration engineering.“

  12. Juan Flores Caduceus Scholarship “The scholarship will help me to afford the textbooks for my pre-medicine courses.”

  13. Culinary Arts Scholarship Juan Garcia “By receiving this scholarship I will benefit by having the opportunity of going a step further into my education.”

  14. Distribution Management Association Scholarship Mike Gorman “This scholarship will help me with all of my book problems. Not having the right book in class is one of my biggest problems because money is so tight.”

  15. Joel Greene Lockheed Commercial Aircraft Center Scholarship “This scholarship will help my family and I out financially. To be able to pay the mortgage as well as afford books and supplies for myself and my children.”

  16. Kevin HughesLois Carson Scholarship “This scholarship will benefit me greatly because my grants have not been able to cover the full cost of my tuition, textbooks, and other school expenses. The scholarship will enable me to get everything I need for my classes and thus be more successful and productive as a student.”

  17. Culinary Arts Scholarship Charlamagne Leach “This scholarship can help me in so many ways. I’m a student in Culinary Arts and the program is very expensive. I don’t receive financial aid so this can really help me pay for things that I need to become a professional chef.”

  18. Richard Phillips “This scholarship will help me pay for my tools that I need for my trade as a machinist. I want to continue my education and this will also help towards a laptop to aid me in doing my assignments at home instead of having to do everything on campus.” Marjorie Jones Textbook Scholarship

  19. Averill Career & TechnicalEducationScholarship SBVC Foundation ScholarshipKelly Family Technical Scholarship David Rodriguez “This scholarship will help me to achieve all of what the college has to offer for a bright and successful education.”

  20. Ian Webber Culinary Arts Scholarship “This scholarship will help me pay for books and other equipment to continue my education.”

  21. “With this scholarship I will have more of an opportunity to get a degree in automotives and pursue my career as an automotive technician.” Marlene Rodriguez Sandra Marquez – Men & Women in Technology

  22. Tiffany Rykbos “This scholarship will help me with books, culinary supplies and living expenses. I am a single parent and a full time student, so with the economy being so bad, any little amount will help me survive.” Culinary Arts Scholarship

  23. BridgestoneFirestoneScholarship Desmond Shelby “I think this scholarship will help me reach my educational goals, because no matter what type of amount it is every little bit helps.”

  24. Culinary Arts Scholarship “I was awarded a scholarship! I hope to use this money to buy a new chef cart for the Culinary Arts program.“ Veronica Silva

  25. John Villanueva Distribution Management Association Scholarship “What a surprise! This scholarship is for my dream and will help me to pursue my future job in the Warehouse field.”

  26. Molly Adams Scholarship Tommy Walker “This scholarship will help me to pay for my books that I need to finish up my classes to obtain my AA degree. It will also help me to purchase the tools that I will need in some of my classes. This will relieve the stress that I have had on me. “

  27. Distribution Management Association Scholarship “This scholarship will first of all help me out with furthering my education and secondly will help make me stronger out there in the real world. “ Darrell Walter

  28. Bill Johnson Diesel Mechanic Scholarship Michael White “The scholarship will enable me to develop intelligence and character, which is the true goal of my education.”

  29. Sandra Marquez – Men & Women in Technology Scholarship “This scholarship will help me in pushing forward to get my degree. It makes things run smoother and opens up my future classes.” Stephanie Winters

  30. Edward Woods Culinary Arts Scholarship “I feel this scholarship will help me with books, supplies and my tuition. I am pursing a degree in Culinary Arts where this scholarship will help me to complete my goals and to continue my education.”

  31. Dr. Bill Clarke AdvisorDave AstonAdjunct Faculty Jonathan Morrison Elton Roberts Christian Gonzalez Matt Harlow Brendon McCarty Richard Phillips Javier Hernandez

  32. Criminal Justice Division Division Dean: Gloria Fisher Criminal Justice Division

  33. Alpha Gamma Sigma Community Foundation Scholarship: George Alcala “Receiving a SBVC Scholarship will afford me the ability to concentrate on my academics and not on my financial burden.“

  34. Molly Adams Scholarship “This scholarship will help me continue my education and achieve my goals in becoming what I want to be.” Elizabeth Course

  35. Gwendolyn Hart Molly Adams Scholarship “I need this scholarship for the benefit of my education and to help me succeed in getting my AA degree in Law Enforcement. This will really help me to pay for books this summer and for transportation expenses. Law books are expensive!”

  36. Marjorie Jones Textbook Scholarship “This SBVC Scholarship will help me by covering some of my school expenses such as tuition and books which will allow me to focus more on school and less on stress.” Anary Landeros

  37. Jonathan Menezes II Dorothy Inghram Scholarship “This scholarship will aid me with completing my goals to obtain my AA degree in courses for Administration of Justice.”

  38. Humanities Division Division Dean: Dr. Kay Weiss Faculty Member:Nori Sogomonian Humanities Division

  39. Frank Caraveo David Lawrence Scholarship “This scholarship will help me in many ways. It will help me buy books for the summer semester and help buy essential needs like food and clothing. “

  40. Sigma Delta Mu Scholarship Alfa de California Chapter “This scholarship will help me pay for much needed school supplies like books and a new computer.” Brittany Contreras

  41. Andrea Galicia George Iwanaga Memorial Scholarship “This scholarship is going to help me continue with my education, continue with my dream of becoming a teacher, and help my community in the future. In addition, it would allow me to continue with my commitment to educate others. “

  42. Abelardo Villarreal Memorial Scholarship “This scholarship will help to offset the costs of continuing to further my education as I work towards earning my Bachelor’s Degree.” Valerie Gonzalez (Tapia)

  43. Alpha Gamma SigmaAssociated Student GovernmentRussell Baldwin Memorial Latino Faculty Staff & Administrators Association Estelle Heydenfeldt Memorial Marissa Hernandez “I am currently looking for a job because my work study is ending. This scholarship could not have come at a better time. Thank you! “

  44. Alberta Ramirez J. Hal Walters Memorial Scholarship “This scholarship will help contribute to my dream of becoming a high school English teacher, which can now come true!”

  45. San BernardinoValleyIndependentInsuranceAgentsAssociation Ana Rodriguez “This SBVC Scholarship will help me achieve my goal of furthering my education and one day becoming a journalist.”

  46. Jeffrey Berry MemorialMasako Hirata ScholarshipDr. Juanita H. Scott MemorialCommunity Foundation Rocio Romero “Being an AB 540 student, these scholarships will really help me financially and I will be able to continue my education.”

  47. C. Dale Robbins Memorial Scholarship “This scholarship will help pay for my books and other educational costs that may come up in the next school year. This will then help further my educational goals and studies in music.” Avei St. Pierre

  48. Antonio Vidal MEChA LeadershipScholarship Gabrielle Velazquez “This scholarship will help me further my education to expand my mind, so that in the future, I will be able to help my community.”

  49. SBCCD Black Faculty & Staff Association “Receiving this scholarship will assist me in reaching a higher level of my college education.” Devin Whiteside

  50. Learning Resources & Communication Media Faculty Member:Dr. Diane Dusick Learning Resources & Communication Media Division