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Don’t All Religions lead to God?

Don’t All Religions lead to God?.

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Don’t All Religions lead to God?

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  1. Don’t All Religions lead to God?

  2. Professor of Eastern Religions at Oxford, R.C. Zaehner said… “To maintain that all religions are paths leading to the same goal... is to maintain something that is not true... The only common ground is that the function of religion is to provide release; there is no agreement at all as to what it is that man must be released from. The great religions are talking at cross purposes.”

  3. Worlds main Religions • Christianity 31% • Islam 21% • Secular/Non-religious 15% • Hindu 14% • Buddhist 7% • All other religions 12%

  4. #5—Buddhism #4—Hinduism #3—Secularism – Nonreligious – Atheists #2—Islam

  5. Recite the shahada. (“There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.” • Pray [salat] five times a day facing Mecca. • Give [zakat] alms to the poor. • Fast [sawm] during the month of Ramadan. • Perform a pilgrimage [hajj] to Mecca at least once.

  6. #5—Buddhism #4—Hinduism #3—Secularism – Nonreligious – Atheists #2—Islam #1—Christianity

  7. Four Solutions The Isolation Solution The Repetition Solution The Exertion Solution The Relationship Solution

  8. Which Religion is Right? Because they’re all different, they could all be wrong, but they can’t all be right.

  9. Hinduism • Many gods • Nirvana • Multiple lives and death

  10. NonReligious None or unknown None or unknown None or unknown

  11. Buddhism • An Impersonal Force • Nirvana • The Eightfold Path

  12. Islam • Allah • Paradise • The Five Pillars

  13. Christianity • One God • Heaven • Grace

  14. Think about it this way: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and all other religions require that you DO certain things in order to make it to their afterlife. • Christianity is the only faith system that believes that God has already DONE what is necessary for His children to reach Him.

  15. Since all of these religions are different, we have to make a choice. • According to each of these systems, whichever religion you choose will determine your eternity.

  16. Which of these systems matches the description of how life seems to work on earth? • Which of them offers the most believable description of God?

  17. Which of them matches what your heart tells you is true? • You alone have the choice and have to decide!

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