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Top VFX Indian Movies 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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Top VFX Indian Movies 2018

Top VFX Indian Movies 2018

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Top VFX Indian Movies 2018

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  2. VFX (Visual Effects) • VFX (visual effects) is the process in which a imagery or special effects are created or manipulated through using online tools & computer programs as well as with the help of animation and graphics effects which is generally not possible in live action in films, theater, videos and televisions. • The special effects (VFX) are the illusions or visual tricks which are created or depicted in a event & story so that it can become easy for the viewers to imagine the story or the virtual world which is not possible in the cameras.

  3. VFX in Film Making • VFX are widely used in the film making, video production, product launch, video games and cartoon series animation in the Indian industries to convey the story or message or event in the very effective manner and entertaining way which can't be possible sometimes in this real world but it is really helpful to create imaginary or virtual reality.

  4. VFX Artists • But past for some years, VFX are widely used in the Indian film industries with the help of VFX Companies in Delhito create very high quality visual effective, 2D/3D animated and motion graphics movies, videos & cartoon. • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) that VFX artists are referred as multimedia artist or animators which have a variety of liabilities as per their job position but some of the common duties are animation & motion graphics through using computer programmae and tools.

  5. Top 5 VFX Indian Movies in 2018.

  6. This is one of the great example in the top visual effects movies in which there are top main characters Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson and Rajnikanth. Total cost to make this visual effective movie is around 500 crore • For this special effects, VFXStudios& 3D Animation Production Studios play an important role for this visual effects and tricks.

  7. It's another great movie if you are looking for great VFX movie. It is based on the Indian Space Research Organisation who recruits Vasu, an escape artist, and his team for their special mission. • However, you must know that these special effects is not possible by the camera. for adding these special effects, you need a good 3D animation production studio in India.

  8. It's another good Indian Bollywood movie w.r.t special effects, In this movie, Shahrukh Khan & Katrina Kaif are playing a main role. this story is based on the character of Bauua Singh (Shah Rukh Khan) who faces lots of challenges in his life due to his short height but later he finds his purpose of life. • But apart from this story, you can watch some really good special effects, animation and motion graphics in this movie.

  9. Stree is a horror movie based on the story of a women who attacks on men during festivals. • However, it's a horror movie and people are going to watch this movie for fun but you can watch this movie for fun as well as to see that how VFX (visual effects) making these movie so entertaining because without these animation and motion graphics, it doesn't attract that much attention.

  10. Parmanu becomes popular after coming into the box office & cinemas. It's based on the true event of strikes of Indian soldiers on terrorist in POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). • Apart from this, you can find here how VFX are playing a great role to depict & convey the message through this movie.

  11. Conclusion • So now you can predict that how VFX are revolutionizing the film making, video gaming, television and cartoon industries. • Although most of the people knows that it's very essential for their business but problem comes when they have to think how they can do this animation & VFX. In these case, Citrus Inc Studios comes into the role which is highly recognized for the best services of VFX, animation, motion graphics and 2d/3d animation.