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Data File Corruption PowerPoint Presentation
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Data File Corruption

Data File Corruption

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Data File Corruption

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  1. Data File Corruption

  2. Overtime the .qdf data that stores the Customer's data becomes large or corrupted. This can cause erratic behavior in the software and irresolvable error messages. • Symptoms: • Unresolved error messages or connection issues • Transactions are suddenly missing

  3. Resolution: • It is critical that you tell the Customer to back up the • data file before attempting file validation, If • something goes wrong, there is a way to get the • original file back. • Confirm the data file issue by connecting using a new data file and then downloading activities in it. • if the new data file is without error, it means that the issue is with the old data file. • Perform a file validation. • *Important: Customers need to contact Intuit for data recovery into the new data file

  4. How to do a back up Click on File-> Back up

  5. Customer will get this window, He/She now needs to click On the Back up button and select the path

  6. How to create a new file in Quicken Click on File-> New Quicken file

  7. Now on the New Quicken File Option And Click OK

  8. Now save the file in a desired location

  9. It will Show like this once saved

  10. Now the Customer need to download Information on the new file to check where the problem persist. He /She can do that by clicking on The ‘One Step Update’ button on the Software for Direct and Express Web connect Customers and Web Connect Customers can do it through the Web site. Direct/Express Web Connect Web Connect

  11. After downloading the activities if the Customer is getting the same message, then the data file is not damaged. The Software is damaged and the Customer needs to contact Quicken.

  12. If Customers don’t get the same error, this means that data file is damaged Try file validation. Lets See How to do a File Validation

  13. Click on File->File Operation

  14. Click on File Operation->Validate

  15. If Quicken can validate (Repair) the file then it will validate the file.